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NanoWriMo is here!!

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It is November 1st and National Novel Writing month is now here! And also 11 of my novels are being looked over so I can redo them and make them better. But this year I’ve decided to try it again with My Vampire Savior it will be fun to write since there is Discord and Twitch and streams in my books. I will have the main character as the Vampire Witch hybrid since they are fun to write. Life hasn’t been easy so I wanted to throw myself into writing again and try to make it a habit. You can’t edit a blank page! But it needs to get done so the best way to start is pick a view point whether it is first or third. Then pick a genre like something you read a lot or wanted to write. You don’t wanna write something you don’t enjoy this is for fun and to say you wrote a 50,000 words novel by the end. Write a little or as much as you want. Write everyday heck find out of you can write in the morning or at night. You can even write on your phone on the toilet. Use music or writing prompts to get inspired. Have a favorite drink near by when writing and if you finish a huge milestone drink to celebrate. Writing is not easy and if you think that then think again there are highs and lows. Some days will have you happy and feeling like you are on top of the world the other will have you crying in the shower wondering why you are even doing this shit in the first place. Outline or give a paragraph or 2 of stuff and then you might chuck it and it will go in a different direction like this book. Heck it even has cat shifters! I had no idea what would happen once I typed and it showed. Do a ritual to get in the mood heck it was hard for me to write romance since I was going through a break up and now that I found someone awesome way easier. Also read a shitload of books to learn plotting and books to help you describe stuff like emotions, scenery, do research if you are writing something in a different town or come from a different area. Fill out details like the characters and build their back story and structure it. Books like Emotion Thesurus will help heck any kind of thesaurus so your words wont get boring. Put on a favorite TV show or movie, read a good book, and do fun writing prompts but above all have fun since it reminds me why I started writing in the first place to be read and have fun!!

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