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Long Distance Relationship

I can say some of my relationships are long distance and some weren’t easy one of them ended since he said time a part when really it was a break up and the other couldn’t handle a relationship. Now I’m in another and it is easier. He is in the same time zone and country which is awesome. It is way easier since I can call him or text him whenever I’m not working. Communication is my first tip since it is important to be able to communicate if not then might as well not try. Next is plan a time to actually meet up since it is easier knowing you have a time set to see the person. Like dating someone who didn’t tell you an exact time or date to meet was the worst. Schedule time to call each other or video it helps you get through the day knowing you will talk to your favorite person. Trust is also a big tip you have to trust the person you are with or else why are you with them in the first place? Another is find something fun you both enjoying doing together like we play Stardew Valley, Minecraft and Star Wars the Old Republic. And another awesome thing about him is he is a streamer like me so I can stream with him and mod for him when not streaming. Keep things interesting and above all know that in the end it is worth it!!

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