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Hey people Afterlife is out and available to purchase at various retailers. I should have made this post sooner but between working and watching streams I’ve been busy. So here is the stuff about afterlife!

What would you do when the fate of a realm lies on your shoulders?

Lilly finds herself in pure chaos while the realm gets corrupted by evil. Only a few months ago her mother passed away and on top of that Agatha, the new leader of the coven made it her goal to harass her for her ancestry. 

Unable to stand up to these challenges, she lets herself get consumed by her grief til the day her father gives her a new purpose – to retrieve the magic stones so she can save the realm of the ever consuming evil. Her vampire soulmate Malachi stands by her side while she learns the shocking truth about her mothers death. Out now!


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Chapter 1:

I HAVE everything I want now. My mom won’t come back to life, but at least I have a place to belong among the vampire Witches. Something evil was coming and we will stop it but it wasn’t always this way, in fact I was lost and drunk. The new Witch leader was a bully, and this is my story of how I stopped her and got my powers even stronger to help my mom’s soul rest.  

My mom got sick at an early age, and that was unheard of in Witch history. It all started when she got a headache. She kept getting them and it didn’t stop. She was also losing weight, and no one knew why. She went to the Witch doctors since this was some‐ thing odd no one has ever heard of. It also drained her magic too, another odd thing since we are given unlimited powers over various elements. We never run out ever so this thing must not have been a normal illness. Even curses weren’t this bad. She had it so bad she was admitted to the hospital and stayed there.  

The plain hospital beds and ghosts still haunt me to this day. I will never enjoy the smell either since disinfectant won’t be the same. Luxor hospital had its share of ghosts, creatures and spirits passing through. Spirits still are around here though I can feel them on the edge of my consciousness. I could feel but never see since it requires a special stone that I needed in order to even see which will give my powers a kick. I’m powerful but I could be even stronger.  

 They had a Witch ward that I stayed at with her. They have a separate area for di erent creatures. The Witch ward was my friend since they told me they couldn’t do anything to save her. She was placed in hospice care, and I cried for days. And since I was good with potions and she needed a ton of help, I was one of the only ones helping. Dad helped when he could since he had vampire business to attend to – not the other members though. My phone was never texting stu , but some of the people who bullied her had the nerve to visit. Luckily, one had an alcohol problem and I was able to get her barred from visiting.  

I lived in our Witch house while I cared for her and spent the night there. There was a certain useless warlock and his Witch  fiancée who didn’t bother. She was also appointed leader since Mom was too sick to help with coven duties. I gave her meds to help but watching her power draining slowly and wasting away was the worst feeling in the world. To make matters worse the ugly bitch leader began throwing her stuff  away and never even bothered to ask if I wanted anything. Just took over like she owned the place even went through Mom’s good stuff  and kept it for her own. She never even bothered asking me at all. All this was like watching a train wreck right before my eyes. It was discouraging trying spell after spell and having everything fail. I tried every‐ thing and at one point I was afraid of hope. Nurses were there too, and their dark uniforms weren’t reassuring since she was placed in the wing for Witches preparing to die. No one will know how badly it feels to have their mother pass unless it happens to them. Also, as the days passed, she barely moved, barely spoke and barely ate. She even developed bed sores and they smelled horrible when they changed her wounds. They looked and smelled like rotting zombie  flesh and the skin looked like candle wax. I even had to help give my mom shots and I hate needles. It was one of the worst times in my life. And yet things were progressing worse and worse until that one day.  

The thing about me is I’m also a Witch with an a nity for death. I can tell when someone is dying. And that day I knew it was time for her to go felt like yesterday. I woke up groggy since I stayed at the hospital more. I didn’t see any point in going back to the house because the bitch Agatha was there.  

Mom’s blood pressure was dropping, her heartbeat got slower. She was progressing fast and it made my gut wrench even more just watching her fade. And I could feel her soul preparing to leave. Her powers were almost nothing now. Time ran out. I held her hand and so did the rest of the coven too since I called them to see their leader for one last time. Even dad was there crying red tears. Even Vampires cried because they were a bit human.  

Her last words to me were, “I will miss you. I’m sorry. I love you. You are the best thing me and your dad had since you were part everything. You have the powers to see the dead. And Vampires will bow to you. The spirits will guide you to avenge me. And the one who did this will pay.” She said before she passed that someone is coming who will change my life. For me to wait until he strikes. I have no idea where to look. She also gave me a special necklace before she passed. A black opal  re which is a stone to help with zombies and Vampires. I got it from her hand and the weight of it made me sure. I cried and vowed to avenge her. Rage took over since there was something bugging me. Even during the early days before I poured through books, websites, went to Witch shops to stop it but nothing helped. At all. She was getting skin reaction too and had hives her skin looked itchy and  rushed a lot. Her blood pressure was constantly low. And she kept having trouble breathing and wheezed a lot with a swollen tongue and throat. Her pulse became weak and rapid over time, and she was constantly nauseous and would vomit a lot and use the restroom all the time. It kept getting worse and worse each time.  Then she passed away after her breathing stopped completely. She looked at Agatha with such hatred that I wondered if it was an illness like they said or something worse. Agatha looked smug and my rage for her burned.  

Dad was even surprised to see it and he was also helping me here and there with her care. He was busy with leader stu  and I don’t blame him. I was taking care of mom watching her slowly die and everything was on hold. I did wonder if it was really an illness or just bullshit they used to cover something up.  

That week was a blur since we had the funeral. My mom’s money was given to me and dad which was a good amount. Then it got worse since the new bitchy leader was o cially introduced to the coven. Agatha Harold was the o cial leader.  

Things were good for a bit. Then it got worse since some of them hated my abilities. They all heard how di erent I was. One coven member close to the snobby leader forced me to move my car and got in my face about it. The bitch Helen couldn’t under‐ stand. And I didn’t want her blocking my car since she would park behind me even though she parked in a di erent spot. I didn’t want to ask someone to move their car every time. The bitchy snobby Witches were trying to slowly bully me. The dumb Witch even got in my face and yelled at me saying it was my fault the trash people couldn’t get the trash out. Spitting in my face as she yelled at me trying to make me feel horrible. I even moved the car somewhere else. She got mad over that too just looking for a way to make my life hell. ‘Oh god why did you move it there?’ Well, you were the bitch bullying me over a parking spot. She had an evil sister named Helen Zaas and she was ugly. Dull black hair and glacial blue eyes. She thought she and her sister were hot shits just because of their family and it made me sick.  

Then the dumb bitch leader Agatha marries the loser warlock who has no car and no license. Her parents put together a snobby Witch wedding since she is a spoiled bitch who always gets her way. She has it a month later after my mom passes and says she did it all for her like I cared. I was already at my wits end with grief and these Witches acted like it didn’t take a long time to heal from something traumatic. They were insensitive and went out of their way to bully me during a shitty time. They made me feel like absolute shit and anything out of her ugly, volatile mouth would be petty drama. 

Not like anything worked. When the dumbasses had the wedding for the horrid leader who was slowly introducing dark magic to the coven like it was no big deal they put the good witches outside as a punishment. At least they gave free booze. It was also done like a warlock wedding as if the witch’s side didn’t matter. Some of the Witches in the coven were already having a slowly dark tint to their magic like a disease. I wasn’t happy over the way they treated the older members either since they tried to put one of them outside and it was hot. Those dipshits even forgot my name there like I didn’t matter. And I got mad and cried since those assholes brought back all those feelings of not being wanted. No one ever understands unless it happens to them. They were so insensitive to me that I went home since I couldn’t stand to be there. 

Agatha texted me since apparently according to her I was ruining her wedding. She was bitching about me crying at her reception and that it is the  rst thing she sees ignoring the fact that my mom just died. She tried to turn it on me and claimed I stressed out her family. She is lucky I even went since the last thing I wanted to do a month after burying my mom, is to go to a wedding of an evil bitch of a leader. The ugly bitch even had the balls to tell me to move out or leave her alone like she owned the place. Now looking back, I should have killed her before she became an issue. 

She was treating me like I was the one causing issues when she was corrupting people’s magic one by one. I feel sorry for the warlock she married since she isn’t cut out for Witch politics, always trying to look strong at my expense. I was also dealing with a sick cat dragon who is now my guardian and always with me and needs my care. Her dumbass husband didn’t drive and he claimed it was because of anxiety. The bitch bullied me just because I live there to pick him up when it wasn’t my job to take care of her husband. One of the days I took him there and that same day the bitch sent me a nasty bitchy text asking why I can’t pick him up when he never asked me in the first place. The husband is a bully too. She called me lazy and selfish because I didn’t want to go out of my way to help her with her husband. She thinks she is all that just because she took my mom’s position as leader. I think she wanted to take her position for a while, and out of all the coven members I was one of the only ones who didn’t kiss her ass. And she threatened my pet’s life by saying she will take her outside. Her husband even stepped in as if I should be nice to his ugly wife and asked me to apologize to her for calling her names. The douche took my work and witch stuff  and held it over my head like a douche. That day I almost set his ass on  re since he was dangling it over my head since the bastard was taller than me. I wanted him to die. He had no right to touch my stuff . Only took another member for the ugly bully to listen. And his pants were set ablaze since I couldn’t control it. He  nally backed down and looked at me with fear.  

I called her names since she was threatening to put my cat dragon to sleep this time. And the ugly Witch even laid a hand on me The last straw came when she took my mom’s herbs and the stuff  I paid for and did not even bother to ask me if it was okay. I had to leave the horrible place since they were wrecking my already fragile mental health. Ever since Mom passed things haven’t been the same. She was my rock and voice of reason now she is gone. Her passing means the coven members thought they could just bully me without consequences. Agatha even has repeatedly said I was the issue and I should stop starting stuff . They are the worst witches I’ve ever dealt with. I moved to a Witch apartment away from them. They tried to act like victims one too many times and will do anything and everything to bring someone down. The happiest moment was me leaving for good. She was a low level Witch anyway. My cat dragon has to be put to sleep since the bitches’ pet carried  fleas and it killed her. She took the creatures body, too after she passed. I wondered why since I thought she was a good but lazy Witch. There are the bad Witches and there are the good ones and some in the middle. Bad ones use creature parts or blood. Another reason to leave since I had a shitty feeling Mom’s death was no accident since Agatha constantly went against everything mom tried to do to steer us in the right direction. After she passed, a lot of the members would gather with her to perform secret rituals I was excluded from. It wasn’t looking like a normal coven but about the bitchy leader and her drama. I  nally left the coven at age 22. I was done with them bossing me around and all the  ghts made me sick. I caught Agatha trying to steal my mom’s spell book and blasted her for it. This book couldn’t get into her shitty hands

I’m going to be working on book 16 which is the last AngelWitch book in the series and after that is out I plan on releasing a boxed set of AngelWitch books 1-6 and it will even include Vampire Witches Mina and Lilly! I want to make the boxed set a hard cover so there is plans. I still have the Scarlet Summers series and a few other projects in the Queue!

Stay tuned!

Jessica Samuels

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