Save a Cat Story Cards Review!

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Save the Cat!’s

About Save the Cat! Story Cards

Introducing Save the Cat!®Story Cards, consisting of Save the Cat! Beat Cards and Save the Cat! Scene Cards, all designed to outline and develop your story. 

Save the Cat! Beat Cards 

Crack your story from the “Opening Image” to the “Final Image.” Save the Cat!® Beat Cards provide writers with the 15 key plot points to map out your script or novel. Every set contains 15 individual index cards with helpful explanations of each beat to form the foundation of your story. 

Save the Cat! Scene Cards 

Every scene of your story needs to communicate “place,” “basic action,” “emotional transformation,” and “outcome.” The Save the Cat!® Scene Cards help writers nail the purpose of every scene. Each set of cards contains 40 color-coded cards broken down by act, with 10 extra cards because we know you’ll need them. 

My Review!

Once Save a Cat had these story cards I knew I had to try them out. I love using them for stories since it has all the points discussed in the book. I loved the book since it went over how to plot a story and for my example I use the hero/heroine arc more than anything. They have beat cards where you can write down all the various beats to your novel and they also have the scene cards. Both are helpful for outlining your novel. It is actually fun to use these cards since it is like using them to outline your novel. They are very helpful in helping you plot out the story since it goes through these various beat cards: OPENING IMAGE,  THEME STATED, SETUP, CATALYST, DEBATE, BREAK INTO 2, B STORY, FUN AND GAMES, MIDPOINT, BAD GUYS CLOSE IN, ALL IS LOST,  DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, BREAK INTO 3, FINALE, and the final image. They also have scene cards with location, moment, the emotional change and you can even put the conflict with the good guy and the obstacle. These are very helpful for breaking down a novel and I loved using them to help me plot Afterlife. These pretty much lay the foundation for your book and help you outline using the Save a Cat book plan. For a more detailed review I’ll link the book review here:

I suggest you use them both to help you outline your novel. I would definitely recommend them since they help you thoroughly outline your book. Everything you ever need to write and outline a novel is in these cards. I definitely plan on using them for future books when I plan my novels. I’ve finished two chapters of Afterlife, and I’m trying to take my time with this. I hope you enjoyed the review and I will see you in the next post. 

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