Writing Afterlife the beginning!

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Live Writing Stream 1 Talking about my books and working on Afterlife – YouTube

I did my first writing stream on January 29th and it was fine. It was harder then I though to type it up but I had no issues planning it out and talking over the worlds. However, the writing flows better when I write it by hand so if I do another stream it might be me typing it up since to stream I have to have more to talk about since writing isn’t exactly interactive. It will also be a rough draft which is the first part of the process. Finishing is another story but in order to do that I’ll need to carve out time to write. I want to do this full time and stream full time. This is my journey unlike any other. I’ll be streaming the process here and there and writing about it on my website. The concept of Afterlife came about since my mom passed and you will see the character going through the grieving process. No one will really understand unless it happens to them. When I wrote more it also took a life of it’s own since I recently learned about Dungeons and Dragons and Minecraft. So this book will be more fantasy then others. This is hard work really and something few people understand. There will be more articles to come!

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