Marina Book 5 of my AngelWitch series is out!!!

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Marina is an Air witch with the power to call dragons, and the last AngelWitch. She is forced to flee her witch mansion when one of her own coven members attacks her coven. She teams up with her mate Draven, who is half vampire and half dragon. Together they will stop the evil witch and the evil vampires attacking his dad’s peaceful vampires, by having the key to summon the ultimate Elemental dragon. All together the AngelWitches have the power to stop the evil since war is almost here! Good versus evil and the final showdown will be Book 6 AngelWitch.

It is finally out! And it was hard to write with all the stuff going on since my mom passed away last month. I figured keeping busy with writing will help so I will be working on Book 6 in the meantime it will have all the girls and you get to catch up with what they are doing. It will also be in third person so look out for that!

Chapter 1:

I never thought I would actually have a place to belong. I always thought I would be an outsider since the coven never liked my powers. I was promised to someone not out of love but out of necessity. Instead of that, I was cast out. I have the love of my life now and I couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t always like this though. And I complete the circle of a coven more powerful than my mom’s to call the ultimate Dragon. It wasn’t always like this either. And my mate completely changed my life for the better. 

It led me to a journey of self-discovery since there was a war going on and the ones who could save the realm were five Witches. They weren’t ordinary ones, but half angel and half Witch like me. And this is how I met my AngelWitch coven and even found my soulmate along the way. 

I was in my room in the WitchFire coven mansion. Mom was done with the lecture about me being the next leader. I learned history, spells, rituals, and I even practiced Dragon magic on the side. Something I never asked for was to be a leader since it wasn’t part of my plans. It wasn’t in my plans at all, but they wanted me to take charge. Unlike most Witches I can call upon Dragons which is really rare. I sat in my room to think about what I truly wanted. I wished I had a Coven who would accept me. Honestly, I am different than the rest of them. I have powers they don’t have. My abilities are rare and I can even summon Dragons to help me fight in battle. I wish I could use them and have a coven full of fierce fighters.  I have a cool theme to my room since it is about the sea with a high-powered desktop and cool gaming chair. It was fine out today so no need to wear a sweater inside. I relaxed on my bed with my phone in hand scrolling through social media. I thought being a Witch involved spell casting and fun times, but it is a lot of boring meetings at times. 

The Luxor realm was built for Supernaturals to live in, yet it was becoming more than a joke. What I wouldn’t give for some action. Something that didn’t involve a meeting or discussion, but action and magic. 

Things are rocky right now ever since the Luxor realm went into chaos. There are creatures attacking the good covens. The bad covens are trying to take over since an evil is growing you can see it everywhere. The good Witches just want to pretend it doesn’t exist, but I see it. The Dragon goddess herself even said that things are going to happen like good covens being attacked by bad as a new evil tries to take over. Something is here and I can feel it and there is also going to be a gathering of supernatural creatures soon. 

Something must be happening to warrant that.  It must be and I am not the only one who feels it. The goddess herself of the Dragons Malinda said for me to look out for the one who calls to me and me to him. I am an AngelWitch and it means there is a mate out there that is mine and he is my everything. He will help me come into my full power and give me wings. They are called Protectors and they are there to be with you through everything. Unlike the dude who only cared about himself and was very fucking controlling. He didn’t even want me to have guy friends and thought I was sleeping with anyone that moved; I wasn’t. I needed to get out of that failure of a future marriage before they are stupid enough to make me be tied to the abusive asshole. I needed to find a guy more powerful who I love to be by my side. Someone from a powerful family, too. He needs to be worth breaking the powerful alliance and someone who will help more than an idiot. 

The abusive guy’s name is Wade Johnson, the golden blonde Warlock who has everything going for him. Looks and all and he was even excelling in Luxor academy; but someone I had to be tied to since he came from a powerful line of Warlocks and their alliance means we can forge a powerful coven. Bullshit politics. Not love but bloodline and I was sick of it, really I was. Scrolling through stuff took my mind off things until another boring meeting took place. But I was done after a little bit. Bored. Life isn’t the best and it is better to forget about it. And just move on. Move on from a time when I liked meetings and boredom. 

A knock at the door, and I called out, “Come in.” 

The door opened and there was a girl standing in front of me. She had black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. She wore black jeans and a nice black shirt. She is also smiling at me. I wondered why.

“My name is Angeline, and I have been looking for you since you are the last AngelWitch to complete the circle,” she said.

I smiled at her. “And why should I come with you?” 

“We need you since you are a powerful Witch, and you are the last one we need to form a powerful coven to stop evil. And it isn’t safe for you here once a Tracker finds you. You see, being an AngelWitch means you have a Protector who will help you come into your full power. You will even have Trackers trying to kill you or turn you. And the only safe thing for you is being with a Protector or a coven, and a lot of the girls came from broken covens or covens who cast them out.” She said.

I thought about it some and I do want more than just meetings. 

Then a girl came behind her and she had dark red hair and green eyes. She also had pale skin and wore a green top, and blue jeans. She smiled at me. 

“And I am Ember, and you look like you need a drink lets go to the bar across the street to talk.”

That sounded like a good idea, and I could use a good drink. I smiled at them since they seemed nice and approachable. I needed to get out anyway this place was starting to bore me with all the shit going on. I gathered my stuff and headed with them to see what they had to say.

“I will go with you and it’s better than sitting in my room being bored out of my mind with the same shit,” I said. And I followed them.

I walked with them through the mansion and some of the Witches looked at me curiously. The coven members probably wondered about them, too and the coven house was all I knew. But I let them take me to the bar by us since it was a place that I liked going to as well. The place they were talking about is Rockie’s Blood and I knew the owner all too well since he was a major player here. He was a Werewolf leader that actually helped us out from time to time if there were wolf issues. I enjoyed staring at him, but he was taken so I wouldn’t even do that. 

And then my mind wandered to that bitchy Witch Lisa some more who just loved to go out of her way to make my life miserable. She would always have something to say about what I did. She never liked the fact that I could summon Dragons and show her up when it came to magic. Yet she never wanted to lift a finger or do real spells. She loved being a Witch without the effort it took to cast spells.  Joke is on her since her husband left her for another woman. And she even tried to say that I wanted her husband when I didn’t even care. He was taken and I don’t go after married men. She was my friend at one point even best friends, but all I heard about was their marriage issues. And she was always stuck in the past. I got sick of it and when we got into a fight it was the final straw and I didn’t bother answering her texts. She was bitter, but it doesn’t matter anymore. 

We got to the car Angeline was driving and two guys were already in with them. Angeline smiled, “This is my Angelmate Felix, head of the Protectors in the front and in the back is Embers Syphon.” The guy in the front had short, dark blonde hair spiked and blue eyes. He wore a nice shirt and jeans. There was a guy in the back with brown eyes, and tousled brown hair wearing a shirt and jeans. Wow. This was something I can definitely see myself being a part of. Maybe. I just didn’t know what to do at times. I got in with them and we made our way to the bar. 

I didn’t need to worry about much except the meeting life which was boring and something was missing in my life. The coven members never did anything fun either and it is such a hassle to just even do one simple spell for them. They need to talk about it first. So, I do some in secret and even practice summoning Dragons and even look up mythology. I wanted to explore more than just my coven walls and belong to something that matters and makes a difference. The way there is easy and close by and before I know it, we pulled into the parking lot of the bar.

Rockie’s Blood is a popular place and every creature goes there: Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, everyone pretty much. It is also a no fighting zone and a place to relax and discuss stuff. It is a pretty nice place and has a lot of tables, chairs and booths. It is a place to even have a drink, and I wasn’t driving so I can definitely order one

We got to the hostess stand and she sat all of us at a booth. The place was busy for an afternoon and it was a happy hour. Perfect time to kick back, have a drink and bitch about how shitty the day was. I sat down next to Angeline. Felix was next to her then Ember and Syphon. They had a way different feel to them. All connected not disjointed or broken. Something I wished to be a part of since my Coven is different and they don’t like to get their hands dirty thinking spells and rituals are beneath them.  Everyone is like a complete unit and no bickering like the coven I am used to where they argue about stuff and can’t make up their minds. It took forever for them to decide how to handle a simple ritual that would be completed in five minutes. 

The coven is split into two: my mom’s side, and the evil rival side. Lisa does have power, but she isn’t nearly as strong as me. I look at the menu deciding what I want to get and a lot of it looks good. There was a weird feeling of being watched so I looked around the room only to see this sexy guy staring straight at me. My god was he sexy, chocolate brown eyes, brown hair to his shoulders, tan, and wore a nice silk shirt while drinking from a blood glass. A Vampire and something else. Something different that called to me and said mine which is weird since I don’t even know him. And he is muscled with a blue Dragon tattoo. He looked like he came off the cover of a romance novel. Wow. Vampires are definitely really sexy. I am definitely thinking of jumping him. He is such a sexy sight.

“Marina?” Angeline said. I looked at her, and she smiled.

“Sorry I got distracted.” I said looking at the menu and ignoring my raging hormones telling me to jump him. This night calls for a drink. I got a burger and a Jack and Coke. I wanted to relax and not think about meetings for once. If something was happening, I needed to be a part of it especially since I know something is up. The bar is nice with creatures all around us joking, laughing and having a good time. There were some drinking blood, and some even eating creatures’ parts. Eww. 

The waitress came up to the table and we all ordered what we wanted. It was nice to sit down, and to get away from all the coven politics. Since I was the next in line or was if Lisa doesn’t try to do anything. I had to navigate everything. I want to be a part of a powerful coven and help people. 

Angeline looked at me.

“We have needed your help for a while and finally found you by tracking you down from our compound. We have a place just for AngelWitches and you are the last one so we can perform the ritual with the Dragons. It was also a shock when my Protector found me for the first time since I was living in Crystal Crest not even knowing my heritage, and I adjusted after a while. I worked retail and hated where I was at. I was happy to find a coven of my own. I was even able to meet my mom and dad. You’ll also be able to fly once we help you come into your power and join us. ”

I thought about it some and it’s not like I felt welcome at my coven anymore with one side hating mine. There were members that treated me like an outcast since I have the powers over the Dragons. But I have never seen a Dragon yet; I just see the one in my mind. 

“I have always been in this realm all my life, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I know what it is like to not know your place. We have a coven split in two: one side opposes my mom the other doesn’t. Instead of taking action or doing spells they just sit in meetings to discuss stuff.  I dread the day when they are in actual danger since they will probably just meet about it, too.  I do like the feeling of it being a family and being part of a coven who takes action. Do you actually do spells?” I asked.

“Yes and we explore places getting artifacts of power if needed to help each other. We helped the Spiders and even Mermaids, too. We love adventure,” She said.

“I love adventure as well,” a voice said. We all turned toward it and in front of the table was the dude I was staring at. He was taller than I thought, and even sexier with that bad boy edge. He held the glass of blood in his hand. I suddenly wondered what it would be like to be bitten since we are like energy drinks to them. A part of me really wanted to find out and have him take me…wow. There was something there that I have never felt before since he actually gave me butterflies. 

He smiled at me.

“Sorry to interrupt. I couldn’t help but overhear it and adventure is everything. My name is Draven. I am her Protector, and I have been watching her for a while so she will be protected by me at all times,” He said.

Everyone was shocked to see him

“We were just talking about having her in our coven since she is a powerful Dragon Witch and we are the AngelWitches; I am the leader. We have finally found the last member to help us in defeating the dark angels. We have been waiting for her Protector to show up since we knew one would be nearby,” Angeline said.

“I’ve no doubt. She is unique…as am I. No one has ever heard of a Vampire Dragon before. My mom was a Dragon and she is in the Dragon area, dad was a Vampire. They had no idea it would happen. Yet I am here and I have never had someone call to my Dragon half like she does. I could feel her as soon as she entered the bar – she calls to me,” He said. His look made my heart beat faster since he’s soo hot. Damn Vampires are sexy and one was focused right on me. But I had other things to think of and it was nice to see someone as sexy as him.

And a ding on my phone made me get it out. It could be an important text. It is the latest phone and it even allows me to play fun games. I open it and I get a text that shocks me.

It was from my mom. 

Don’t come back, some stuff went down with Lisa and she even took Wade to join her along with some corrupted of the members to the dark side. Not safe to come back until she is gone. And she even mentioned something about if she catches you then she will give you to Zack as a present since he promised her dark angel powers. 

I froze, my eyes went wide and thank god I have alcohol since it makes me calm.

Angeline looked at me worried and I showed her the text. “Who is Lisa?”

“My rival and the one who wants to take the coven from me. She hates the fact that I got the dude since she is always trying to steal my boyfriends from me. I don’t even want him though and I even told him I didn’t want to be with someone I don’t love. She can have him and my old life,” I said.

It looks like I have no choice now, but to leave.

And that bitch finally did something right since now it allows me to be free of everything and start a new coven.

I even showed them the text from my mom.

Angeline’s eyes went wide after she saw it, “Zack is Felix’s Dark Angel Brother, he was imprisoned… we will protect you and once you come into your power…She can’t touch you since you have us. Zack will never get to touch you,” Angeline said.

Felix smiled. “We will keep you safe or Draven will and since she mentioned Zack then we have bigger problems than a Witch Tracker. He must not be where he is supposed to be so I will find out and text you as soon as I can. We must also keep watch on Draven with him out since it means Marina is in danger.”

Draven smiled, “And you have me and now we can bring the wrath of the Dragons on her and make sure she isn’t a threat again. She can’t get away with threatening you at all.” 

I smiled thinking of the thought. “I now have no choice but to go with you since I can’t go back now with her threatening my life. I want to join your coven as an AngelWitch.”

Angeline smiled, “Welcome to the team and we can even gather the girls so you can come into your power with us all.”

The waiter brought us a round of drinks and I was happy over it. My shot came and I downed it. I was ready to take a chance and I needed magic not meetings. Action. However, I still needed my stuff and mom and I do have a spot we share just for emergencies. I needed all my arsenal since she is clearly a threat like always but now threatening my life? 

The bitch is going down. 

I texted my mom.

I need my stuff and my magic items. Meet at the special place and I will tell you about where I will be going. The AngelWitches found me here.

Mom texted back. 

Will do! I hope you are safe!

“I texted my mom to get my stuff and meet at the special place,” I said. 

“We will go with you since we want to know the full story too,” Angeline said. 

The bill was paid and we left. Even Draven came with us and I had a feeling he was there to stay. There is something about him that says mine and safety. I was at that point where I was coming up with another plan and I hope mom grabbed everything I needed. Also, at my secret spot was my Dragon Daxter. He was a strong Dragon and very tall with blue scales and the power to set things on fire. He came to me when I first got the ability to summon and even transform into a Dragon. It was fun when I did since it allowed me to set fire to my enemies. I can use that gift when people are in danger and it allows me to be strong enough to break through anything and ups my reflexes.  One day I will go to the Dragons since I can call them and meet their leader. It was rare that a Witch had this power. We might even have to tell Daxter’s leader and he will have questions when Draven shows up since no one is technically supposed to know about it. Luckily, the car fit everyone and Draven sat next to me. I wanted him to anyway since there was something about him that screamed mine. I also could tell there was something there and spending more time with him will make it clear. Maybe I will be happy once everything is settled since a lot is happening and we need to be all together instead of divided. I was going to try to do something to prevent Lisa from becoming an issue in the first place. She is bad for the coven and would make a lousy leader if she is ever allowed to take over. 

Everyone was silent. I told Felix where the hideout was since he needed to know in order to keep me safe here. I had to tell them since they do seem like they can be trusted. I couldn’t wait to go back since it was like my second home and a place I go to in order to think. The drive there was quiet which gave me time to think. There was one particular thing that will actually be able to stop Lisa and make the coven respect me more which is the artifact that will call the ultimate Dragon. I was doing research on it since it requires a certain kind of Witch and a half undead counterpart…Draven. I start to smile since a plan is forming. He can help me summon the Dragon since he is half Vampire. 

“So, there is an artifact that I have been researching and it will allow me to summon the Ultimate Elemental Dragon but it can only be done once I come into my full powers and it requires a Witch like me and a half Vampire. I was going to use a spell to find one, but now I don’t have to and you can be the key to help me summon the Dragon. Something is happening since I keep hearing reports of other covens being under attack by evil beings – Dark Witches,” I said looking at Draven. 

Draven’s eyes went wide, “Oh wow…Then you are the one we need to help us win. The Vampires and Dragons together will be a force to be reckoned with.” 

“There is a Dragon that helps me with Dragon magic where we are going called Daxter and he can get to the Dragons easily,” I said.

“Then we do have a chance to unite everyone,” Angeline said.

For once I was okay with everything, and my mom will be too, I hope. We arrived 30 minutes later and the place was a cave in the woods. I needed something far away from everything in case I wanted to do high level spells. There were even spells I can use to throw electricity or lightning balls and I needed destructive spells just in case or ones to summon stuff to me.  We got there and the car is parked. I got out eager to see mom and get to the bottom of things.

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