AngelWitch book 5 is Complete!!!

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I finished book 5 yesterday which means once it is published 14 books. It wasn’t easy to finish since I was writing it through taking care of mom, and she passed away July 22nd. So after she passed I was a wreck and I still am at times. Watching someone you love slowly die just kills you. However, I finished the book yesterday and it came up to 17,344 words. A novella which is okay, and I will make a boxed set out of it too once book 6 comes out. I have already decided on the covers for some of it so I will put in the cover for that as well. The cover to book 5 is being worked on and the story is with the developmental editor. It was definitely hard writing when you want to cry but it kept me busy..I will post when I get the cover and more posts are on the way!

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