Raven is outtt!

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Jdsamuels25 f

Book 4 is here!

And the Kindle version is live, and now I am waiting on the email for the paperback!

This is the description and link: Raven is an AngelWitch, and she turns to dating apps to ease her loneliness. No one ever warned her about fake profiles, and it leads her on a journey she will never forget. – Is Lucas real or is he a scammer? Is Aiden the one she is looking for all along? Will she find the love that she is looking for?


I created this as a way to entertain people and show them what it is like to be a part of a dating scam too. It even has a list of tips to stay safe. Also those scammer texts are real ones, and the events except the ending are real. It was a fun way of getting it out there and the next thing I am working on is Book 5 and Mina’s Vampire Mate when it is done!

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