Why I Self-Publish


Fountain pen on an antique handwritten letter

This is weird that I haven’t even written about it, but I will do it now since I have at least 11 books under my belt. I also finished Mina’s Vampire mate so it looks like a good time to tell the story. I have been publishing by myself since 2011. I decided to forgo the traditional route and I already tried to do a query letter to get an agent. I even had a query letter but around that time self-publishing took off. Also, after doing research agents get a cut of your royalties. And even if you have an agent it can take time to find a publisher. Of course, even without an agent I got a publisher of a small press. I even went to Ruth Chris to celebrate my first book contract. It was a nice feeling. In 2015 Write More Publications picked up my book The Killer Contract Agency. And in turn I experienced what it was like working with a small press. When it was accepted there were book blitzes and a cover reveal. It was fun. Sadly it closed down in 2017. The rights reverted back to me after they closed. I got a new cover and reuploaded it. I love having control over the process of it. I choose my own editors and cover artists. I get them from Fiverr.com. The royalties are bigger when you self-publish too, and I couldn’t keep track of daily sales unless I publish on my own. I upload and format my own books. I decided what projects to work on. I decide the deadlines. I only pay for cover art and editing. It is fun to be able to do this on my own, and I love the creative control. Of course it can be hard at times not having deadlines. The marketing is something I am trying to figure out. I even got writing books to help with that. It is a learning journey, and there is always more to learn. I am trying to write more than I used to since I have a steady schedule now. I enjoy publishing myself, and I need to build a backlist to take off. Sometimes review sites can help, some don’t. I love finishing projects and even better is holding the books and signing them and giving them to people. Writing is something I have to do in order to function, and in the coming posts I want to write ones on each book and talk about the inspiration behind them. I am also going to write posts about my worlds and the various creatures and stories. 


I hope you enjoyed this post. 

I will see you in the next one.

Love Jess


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