Cut out Bits 

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Some stuff never made it to the book, and here is all the cut scenes since some were too repetitive or didn’t belong in the final stuff:  

A guy was giving me shit over the online return being at another register, and said, “This is customer service isn’t it?” Yes, but it has to be returned at the fragrance counter since it’s a special item. Customer service doesn’t mean we return everything here. There is also a few customers that try to return fragrances at other departments since some of them buy the item to sell it online or ones they have tampered with.  

Then another bitched about the coupon not working. Again, since it’s my fault they don’t read the exclusions on the back. All my fault.  

I was told twice I could use the customer return label, and said I should know how to do my job, and she said I should keep an eye on my area. What the fuck ever you stupid idiot.   

So get this bitch I told her that she will have to go to shoes for her return. And that we can’t take it there and tell her yes they can ring up the stuff she has since she has a dress. And I tell her have a nice day she said you didn’t have to drag it out since I replied back I will. How is me replying back I will have a nice day dragging it out? It’s not my fault you wanted to argue with me because you didn’t want to walk your lazy ass to shoes. Keep walking bitch, and take your stupid shoes with you! 

.One lady demanded she get the items for $8.95 even though they rang up for $9.99. Whatever, I’ll give you it to shut you up. Whatever will make you stop arguing with me like an idiot. Since you are so right just because it came in the old packaging that you are entitled to it.  

Already have a lady bitch over panties since it rang up wrong. Apparently it is all my fault since I make the prices. 

A guy was being an asshole about his last act items not working with a coupon. He thought that because it said clearance it meant last act applied and it didn’t. And then dipshit comes back after leaving his crap with me reading the coupon to me like I can’t read and don’t work here every day. I grabbed the coupon from him, and told him there are exclusions, and it’s on the back of the coupon. Quit arguing with me when it said it excludes you aren’t always right just because you argue with me. In fact I’m treating you like a dumbass because you obviously can’t fucking read. We cannot magically make a coupon work on a last act item at all. We don’t have that power at all no matter how much you bitch at me about it.  

I don’t know if you need this chapter. You talked about coupons in two other chapters. Nothing pisses a department store worker off then coupons. People don’t read the fine print either since some coupons have exclusions. Exclusions means the coupons won’t work like specials. Then no coupons will work no matter how many times you ask the selling person they will still say no. Nothing will work and asking if another coupon won’t fucking work at all. Bitching about it to them doesn’t make them magically able to make it work.  

Then an old couple was being an idiot over specials not working with the coupons and couldn’t understand it was a no.  

And we can definitely read I even have some idiot ask me if I can read. I hate these things since they can give you so much trouble especially with the exclusions since I am pretty much blamed for it not working. All I do is ring shit up.  

Also don’t be rude to us either if we can’t do something that goes against the policy. We don’t make the policies dumbass.  

A lady wanted me to show her the jeans, and have me hold it for her and display it like I’m her personal shopper. I’m not.  

An old lady even brought in underwear she wanted to return and a list of reasons of what was wrong with them.  

I hate to say it – you’ve said a lot of this in other chapters: I can’t believe I even get to write this chapter, and it’s awesome to finally leave retail for good. There are some things I will miss like the employees and some of the nice customers. Also the hours weren’t too bad, and I loved the short shifts. But there are some things I will never miss! Such as: 

Angry customers 

Answering stupid questions. 

Bitchy customers 

Entitled people 

Ringing since I hate it 

Long ass lines that don’t seem to end 

Cleaning up after people who should know better 

Coupons with exclusions. Customers yell at us about it all the time.  

Blamed for everything even stuff I can’t control. 

Not going to miss being yelled at. Period.  

Hearing about people bitching at how understaffed we are that isn’t even my fault.  

People saying they feel sorry for me since God forbid I have a job! 

This is new stuff: 

I will never missed being bitched at since there is no one to ring them up.  

Repetitious Closings and opening sucked. 

Or blame me when the floor is messy yet it’s their fault since they don’t clean up after themselves. Idiots.  

And they blame me since they have coupons and the item they want isn’t eligible for it. Not my fault they can’t read.  

Crazy schedule especially during the holidays 

Nasty attitudes for any reason 

People blaming me for the signs coming up wrong 

People blaming me for the small selection 

People blaming me for the messy floor 

People blaming me for their card not working 

People blaming me since we can’t order their stupid order online.  

Repititious And I will never miss people arguing with me over the price since they act like I made it when I didn’t. I also didn’t make the signs or what the website did. They treat me like I can’t use my brain over stuff I don’t control.  

I get blamed for a lot of stuff I don’t control.  

And that is something I will never miss about retail. It seems like everything is the employees fault, and the customers treat it like it is. It’s not and I will never miss any of it.  

I will never miss giving up holidays to work 

They wanted to know why it wasn’t free, and it was only free with the rebates that they had to mail in. 

Your retail worker doesn’t care about some complaints, especially if they can’t control it. I love getting off early knowing I have the rest of the day to myself.  I also don’t get paid enough to be bitched at over everything. I can’t control your coupon not working, and I am not going to give you a discount for being rude. I get shit on daily by assholes who don’t have common decency. I also get gawked at, made fun of, and treated like an idiot just because I work a retail job.  

We aren’t personal shoppers either besides a register we actually clean stuff up and put it away.

I hope you enjoyed some behind the scenes and I will post when the links are live!


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