Uber Eats Review

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Oh the beauty of the internet since you can have apps that deliver food to your door. I decided to try out UberEats since I was hungry, and wanted Sushi, and it even takes Paypal which is awesome! So the app is pretty easy to use. Choose the restaurant you want, get the food, and someone will deliver it to your door. It even notifies you every step of the way from the time you place the order, to the driver getting to the place to get it for you. 

I placed an order with Hibachi & Sushi Grill since I have been craving sushi for the longest time. I ordered the Eel Cucumber Roll and the Rainbow Roll. The cool thing about the app is it tells you the drivers name and even the car they are driving unlike Door Dash that just tells you the Dashers name. It even lets you know when the driver is heading your way, and it takes less time for this. It even has a cheap delivery fee. It also tells you the estimated arrival time too. It even tells you when the driver is almost there and to meet them at the door. 

The food came out fast, and nice! It’s a good service, and everything was nice and tasty!

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I hope you enjoyed this review, and I will see you next time!

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  1. Yes good luck with door dash… Check out my door dash blog too.

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