How to Tell if Mr.Right is Really Mr.Scammer:

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In order to not let this happen again I will make a list of stuff to watch out for to make sure you are talking to a real person and not Mr.Scammer. They can be smooth talkers too. Here is a list:
They use the word Am…like am grateful to god….am washing the dishes instead of I am.
They can’t video chat or they make excuses. I gave him stuff to get a phone thinking that would be the end, but nope…One excuse after another to avoid video. So get their phone number to talk to them, video chat them, or even invite them somewhere in a public place. He will declare his love for you fast, even though you have never met in person. He will also switch up his story. The dude said stuff about living with his partner when he lived alone. He lied about his age, and there is another thing….Research the shit out of them since if they are a real person there must be some traces of them somewhere. Don’t forget to use the reverse image search to make sure it doesn’t pop up anywhere else. Hell, this dude stole a real picture of a soldier, and pretended to be one. And if they ask for money DEAD GIVEAWAY!! Don’t do it no matter how much they promise it is for your future because they will lie….And be careful since fake profiles are everywhere so I doubt you can get away from these dudes. If you are dealing with one then block them since they aren’t worth the time, effort, energy or money even. Never do anything they ask with giving them your info since if they give you checks then they bounce and you have to pay it back. There are a ton of scammers out there so it’s best to be wary….No platform is safe from these fuckers…And on the other hand it gives me a book idea to play with, and I have been watching Youtube videos which give me an idea as well. Also dealing with a Scammer and an Abuser just reminds me how much I need to write more books with The Killer Contract Agency since they are needed to take out these assholes! Expect them! The Scarlet Summers series, AngelWitch series and a few other of my projects. I also have just one website now, and one Youtube channel after having to take down everything to shut down my google account. My Youtube channel will have everything writing videos, gaming and military ration reviews. I needed a new start….

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