Nina Stone’s Story:

Tears fall down my face for the last time, and I have been tired of this dead end relationship for a while now. It wasn’t the same between us, and we would always fight. It’s been building like this for a while, and he has told me countless times what to do. How to act, dress, and even got mad I put away my own trash since according to him I don’t do it. He was supposed to put it away. He didn’t, and there is countless times he has kept track of the time I showered like I was cheating on him when I wasn’t. It felt like a death sentence not like a relationship.
I’ve had it with Oliver at this point. I could still feel the welt he left after he pushed me into the wall, and banged my head. It didn’t help that we were both drunk but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. No matter how drunk I got I would never do that, and I could still feel the throbbing of my shoulder when he jerked me around like I was a rag doll. He fought with me the first time since he was trying to fight his family. The stupid, hot headed jerk gets wasted and fights everyone. I don’t deserve it, and he shouldn’t have done it. I guess I blamed myself because I suggested a drink, but I didn’t push him or yell and call myself worthless. He even slammed the door in my moms face too. She was just trying to help me… Mom was trying to help me since he kept belittling me. He kept belittling me over the fact that I lived with my mom and that I don’t want to move out of my house. She paid for my stuff and car. She paid for my updated realm working phone. I needed it for everything, and to keep in touch with friends. He wanted me to dress a certain way too, and act my age. I mean the coven is nice to me and I feel safe there. I just graduated school in Lavender Fall university too. And I still remember him trying to accuse me of cheating on him with my partner who was a guy since I was staying out late trying to finish an assignment, and I wasn’t even doing anything except school work too. He kept trying to time me on things, and he didn’t want me having guy friends. I have a bachelor degree in elemental spells, and asshole is lucky I didn’t light his balls on fire. Of course, thanks to warlock blood I can do more. Oliver of course hates my warlock blood, and that’s yet again another reason to leave. I need someone to accept me for the hybrid that I am.
My mom owns a witch shop and her name is Ginger. She is one of the best witches in town. Dad is a powerful warlock with the Wolf Dragon clan and he got me a dragon to help with my warlock abilities. I am faster than a full witch. And my dad’s name is Leo Stone. He met my mom when he needed a spell to get rid of an ex lover harassing him, and then they fell in love and had me. I grew up learning the ways of both.
It was a bad relationship all around he wouldn’t let me have guy friends, and his trust issues were so bad they would go through my phone. It was annoying I had to constantly prove I wasn’t cheating. And he also had anger issues especially when he drank. I was afraid at times. And he was fighting with his family calling his mom a piece of shit since she didn’t take him in, and he was so hard to console at times that it wasn’t even funny. The first time he was being rough with me it was because I had to woke up a relative of his since his mom asked. He was fucking drunk as fuck, and wanted to start a fight with his relative. Told him to not come to my dinner, and the dick took the bait and was coming over. His mom called and I answered even though he didn’t want me to, and that is when he got mad and jerked the covers off me when I was staying with him. He was mad I woke the relative up. I wanted to leave because of how terrified he made me feel, and it wasn’t worth it being called names. Worthless….apparently working in my moms shop and having a degree is a throw away job. He apologized to me. And he said, “I will not do it again…” And I believed him. Until he did it again, and for the last time. I left him that night…Even the Angel police were called, and he kept blowing up my phone to the point where I handed it to them so they can deal with it. I am not going to be with someone like that. Even the police told me I could do better. I stayed in my mom’s room with the spare bed that night since I didn’t want to be alone after he got in my house and the door was locked.
The next morning I was working in her shop, and everything was normal as usual until Oliver walked in…Sober and smelling like shit he came back to apologize. I’ve had it at this point, and I was tired as fuck since I was recovering from going to the Angel police court house to fill out a protective order so he can stay the fuck away and be stripped of his powers.
I gave him one last kiss and hug and told him, “I loved you but I can’t be with you anymore.” He was sad and didn’t understand it. I also had to get my dragon to chase him away since he kept begging me to forgive him. The throbbing in my head told me to never forgive him since he pushed me into a wall, and I’ll never forget the thump of my head hitting the wall either. He was lucky he didn’t push me that hard since there was the possibility of having a concussion. It didn’t stop him from calling my mom’s work saying it’s an emergency. Like hell it was, and I went home since I couldn’t take him harassing me and bugging the shit out of the people who help my mom. Mom had to put a binding spell on him to keep him from calling the store anymore…
That didn’t stop him from going after my friends, and those closest to me. Like an asshole psycho path. He went to one friend, no dice. And then the other, “Tell Nina I love her and want to be with her. And to hurry up and decide if she wants to be with me before I move on.” That was fucked up. He even got his fucking family involved since I was nice and already got them something and the text read, “He made a mistake. He is a good person and everyone deserves another chance especially if you love someone.”
“I already gave him another chance, and I’m not going to do it again because if you loved someone you wouldn’t touch them like that in the first place.”
“I understand but people do stuff when they are drunk. He doesn’t want to drink anymore and he never hit you.”
“He pushed me into a wall so there is no way around it at all.”
“Okay that is your decision. He shouldn’t have pushed you and he said ya’ll were both drunk. He told me there are a few things he is going to change if you take him back and come to an agreement. He really does love you…”
I will never take him back. Ever…Seriously? How fucked up is that? You don’t push people when you love them. And you don’t threaten them to open their mouth one more time….Or tell your partner to say something again. There were times where I was afraid for my life. He was a fucker up individual. He had his powers taken away, and he can’t hurt anyone. He should have never been allowed to try out for the angel police after that. He claimed he was a hot shot who sold and did drugs like he was cool. He claimed to have been on the streets and maybe I believed him. The stalker even left a note on my car trying to say the same shit and said it was a minor thing taken to the extreme like trying to minimize the fact that he pushed me into a wall and that he jerked my arm out in a casual way. Men like him make me sick. He was an asshole psychopath and I was over it already. I just wanted to be left alone and I was tired of his drama. I am in my room in the mansion. I love it and it’s my escape from the world. Half water themed, and half fire with various paintings of dragons and some wolves. I even have a wolf themed pillow and cover set with the latest high tech laptop to game and read. It’s been one hell of a day since I was tired from not sleeping due to the break up. It also messes with my appetite and I wasn’t too hungry. I didn’t feel like a snack, and I just wanted to watch my favorite videos on Luxor’s video network…I power up the computer, put in my password and clicked on the Luxor web explorer. I went to my favorite website and clicked on a funny video….
Want to win the heart of two of the hottest men alive and undead? Then keep watching….
A sexy guy pops on the screen and he is so gorgeous it is not even funny. Curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an eye brow ring. He even has an industrial in his left ear and a sexy scorpion tattoo on his left forearm. Dreamy. He wore a muscled shirt to show off his sculpted body. He has a trim waist and his legs are encased in leather. A dreamboat in my eyes. I really want him and he is a werewolf. Yummy!
“I’m Zephyr and I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to stay with me and rule by my side. You could have me if you win the challenges, and we can rule together in the Scorpion Moon pack. If your out there I’ll be waiting…”
Then another guy pops up and he was sexy too. A surfer with sexy hazel eyes, brown and blonde hair the blonde tips are spiked. He has a sculpted body too and wearing a sexy silk black shirt and legs encased in leather. This guy is a vampire since his fangs are jutting out of his mouth, and instantly I’m turned on. I love vampires.
“Hello ladies. I’m Hyperion. I’m looking for a sexy vampire, werewolf, witch or creature to rule by my side. I need a woman who has a wild side, and can help me rule the Wolf Fang clan. If you are her then come and fight for me don’t forget you have to win challenges and dates to win my love.”
Then it gives the information for the place to audition and I write it all down it starts tomorrow and ends in a week. The Fang and Fur of Love auditions were happening soon.
I can try for love and piss of my ex in a very public way. He claimed I wasn’t pretty compared to everyone else he has been with. A lot of jabs about how he can get anyone, and that his ex was the best and he dumped her for a stupid reason. Those guys dwarfed him by comparison especially the vampire. They were sexy. Hyperion in particular too. He was sexy for a vampire, and I wanted to run my hands all over him. So was Zephyr and there was something else different about them that I couldn’t put my finger on too. I’ll see if I meet them in person. I love vampires more than anything else. I couldn’t wait to try out. I even talk to mom about it. During dinner I get the chance, and maybe she will be on board after the shit I have been through….We eat at 7 and have the kitchen to ourselves today, and I was ready to talk to her over the news. And it’s usually over a big family meal. Meanwhile I began blocking asshole off everything, and while I’m trying to block him from the video uploading platform so he can’t see my posts I accidentally hit sub when I was trying to hit the block button….That didn’t stop him from sending me a nasty email: Idk why you subbed to my channel, but I have a girlfriend and I don’t want to hear from you. You are childish, and are a horrible person for what you did..” Excuse me? You pushed me into a fucking wall, and called me worthless. You did it to yourself, and that just goes to show how fucking pathetic he is….if he really do move that fast he was never in love with me in the first place. Now I really needed to move on and forget him. If only for my own happiness. He made me miserable too, and he wasn’t as compatible with me as he should be. I guess I stayed with him since I was afraid to move on, but I shouldn’t have been. I deserve better, and it will be cool to compete with a sexy vampires heart. I hope he treats women right, and won’t hit them like my ex did. I chose to walk away so I can find my happiness. I am so excited I just hope I do well.
Tomorrow they start with auditions, but I choose to wait instead. Before I knew it the day was tomorrow, and I chose to pick out my best outfit. I just have to get my mom’s blessing for it. I was happy over the change, but afraid she would say no…She was the opposite. I dressed some for dinner in my black dress that looks like it came out of a morticia adams closet. I wore my red hair down, and my green eyes are done up too. I’m pale with red lips.
Mom is a more grown up version of me, “Maybe you can unite the vampires and witches together and we can get them on our side…” She said.
I smiled at that, “Maybe and it would be a good way to get over Oliver and his bullshit. And I’ll be able to give someone else a chance to make me happy.”
She smiled, “Yep, and then he will realize what he had lost, and beat himself up over it.”
Mom understood the pain, and after the drama Oliver caused she was more than happy to let me go after someone in the food chain. Someone actually worth fighting for. Yes, I’ll be competing with other girls but at least it’s something I know I can do. I also need to get a suitcase and pack if I do. The next day I dress to the nines, and take my car to the audition. The drive had my heart jumping at the thought of meeting Hyperion. It was crazy experiencing these feelings all over again. I have never felt this excited in a while, and maybe it was my chance to get a do-over. I pass by cars in the Luxor realm, and the sights too. It’s hard to think there is a ton of creatures in a realm for creatures. I’m not human, and I couldn’t be more happier too. I do wonder if they will allow humans there. I know we have some who can go in the realm thanks to a creature who let them in, or a vampire that needed them for sex and blood. Vampires do that too, and they can take humans as lovers, donors, and whatever else they need. It was exhilarating moving on from a bad relationship. I was ready to find love too. Before I knew it the place was in front of me, and it was crowded with people. Girls in particular. Girls of all sizes, shapes, species, and all trying to audition for the show. Luxor has never had something like this at all, and they probably modeled it after the Crystal Crest realm came out with The Bachelor. All species can try out. Girls were talking amongst themselves and holding numbers, some girls were filling out forms on clipboards. Everyone waiting for their turn to try out.
I saw a table with creatures sitting behind it. Below the table was a sign that said: Fur and Fang of Love Audition Registration.
I went up to them and said, “I would like to audition for the show, my mom Ginger said it would be good for me.”
The one on the left is a witch, and she is the leader of a powerful coven of witches. The firestorm one. Red hair to her shoulders. Green eyes like magic fire. Pale skin. Emerald was her name. The middle is a vampire, and a female one. Carolyn, and she is one of the ones that can wield magic. She has long black hair, grey eyes, and pale. Lastly, the one on the far right is a werewolf. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and she is a white wolf. Rayne. The middle one said, “Take a number and then have a seat, and fill out the forms as legibly as you can.”
They gave me a number and I filled out a shitload of forms as I sat in a chair waiting for my turn. The forms were a mile long…too long and number after number was being called. It was nerve wracking doing this and I even got the sweats. I wanted this and I definitely hope to be chosen. I want to fall in love. I want to be with someone way better for me then my ex. He was toxic. I want be with someone who won’t push me or bring me down. He destroyed me and my self-confidence. He was so paranoid over cheating and asking me if I’ve already showered, and that if I had showered that morning then I won’t need one at all. He treated me like I was some cheating whore, and it was exhausting.He even betrayed me by asking my friend to date him, and lied about it.
“Nina Stone…” A person called out. I walk up to them as if I was in a dream. They take me back to the audition room. The person opened the door and there were more people sitting behind the desk. The one in the middle smiled he has brown eyes, short brown hair and tan looking like he saw a lot. Werewolf by the looks of him.
He smiled, My name is Cedrick Wolf. I am one of the producers of the show. So why are you auditioning?”
I smile at him…Time to turn on the charm.
“I want to audition to see if there is something there between Hyperion and me.” I said.
The director thought about it and asked, “Okay, and what was your last relationship like?”
I sighed, “Well, he pushed me into a wall so I ended it. He also verbally abused me and called me worthless. He treated me shitty and would talk down to me. He would even tell me what to do. He made me miserable and had trust issues. He would go through my phone to make me prove I wasn’t cheating on him. He lied about trying to get with my friend. I hate his guts and hope he is miserable the rest of my life. That’s why I need to be here…” and I was in tears. The stupid things kept falling yet again. And the producer actually came over to me and said, “You’re in! Just don’t tell the others, and we do know your mom who has helped us numerous times with spells and potions. It will also make great ratings, and I can tell there is something special with you.”
I nodded and for the first time in a long time I smile a genuine smile since it means I could possibly meet the love of my life. “I won’t thanks, and you have no idea how much this means to me.”
And after that I leave and head to moms shop. I’m happy…It’s exciting! I’m in, and I get to meet the possible love of my life. I get to the shop, and open the door. Mom was there cleaning behind a register, she looked up at me and said, “How did it go?”
I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer, “I’m in! And they also asked about Oliver, and I told them what happened…they also said I deserve to be happy.”
“You do and this will be a good experience for you. Make sure to stand out, and get time with the guys. In fact, don’t be afraid to get some alone time with him. I don’t want you to be kicked off, and he isn’t abusive either.”
“He isn’t. I don’t think, and witches can be addicting to vampires. There is that.” I said.
“You might be even more so since you have warlock blood.” she said.
“True, and we have to see what happens, and in the meantime I got to go find everything I need.” I said.
Then I left after that. I went to the store to get a luggage set since I have to pack enough clothes for a while. And the week passed by, and before I know it filming will be done soon and I finally get to meet Hyperion.
I was finally ready to move on, and be happy. I’ll just have to go through 14 other girls to prove it.

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