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I just tried Instacart for the first time since I wanted to get some groceries. I love technology these day, and having this app helps. It helps since it saves me the trouble of going to a store and shopping with people. I love the fact that technology allows us to deliver items to our home. All you have to do is sign into an account, and choose the store. I chose Wegmans, and then I got to choose the items I want to buy. It also has a two hour delivery, and with free delivery for orders over $35.00. Of course, I got the trial to see if it was worth it. And when picking out the items it was easy to navigate the items since they have it in categories. I just had to pick out what I needed, and then when I was done placed an order. You can even do promotions too in the app and add your loyalty cards. It’s pretty cool, and it even lets you chat with the person shopping for your order. It updates you in real time letting you know which item has been picked up. And it lets you know when your order is on the way. It’s a good service to have for people who don’t like shopping or driving. Even the elderly and disabled can benefit from it. I love using it so I can pick out my items in my pajamas and not worry over anything. Try it out and it can even be used for busy moms too! I love it! It lets you choose some substitutions and it’s cool how it send you updates to your phone every step of the way. You don’t even have to leave your house either.
If you don’t believe me then follow the link:
And use my code: JSAMUELS2DE128 to get $10.00 off your first order. You won’t be disappointed. No more crowds and fighting angry shoppers, and you can even be in pajamas when you shop for groceries. It’s easy!
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