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Not everything word wise makes it to the final product, and revisions mean cutting words. It means chopping sentences to make the words flow.   

Today was a bad day, getting yelled at by the boss, since a customer complained about my attitude again. All because I would not watch her stuff while she tried on things. Am I really supposed to stand in place, and stop what I am doing to help her? Please, like I care about a stupid complaint like that. The managers run you ragged to the ground making you watch multiple departments at once, and I hated every minute of going to that shitty store. I hate it with a fiery passions since I could be doing more with my life.

It was not out of energy the bitch did not know how to work it at all. Dumbass.

They yell at us for not getting everything done when we are doing everything we can.

I have to deal with the idiots berating me and treating me like I’m stupid.

Miserable and trapped in a dead end job. Human brains can be too much in a crowded store, and with wall to wall people it can be straight up hell. Misery even.

Very snobby and expect discounts since they exist and we should all bow to them.

I hate the 2:00 shape up since it’s a time when everyone is pulled to the side to straighten everything up. I have no idea why since the terrors mess it up hours later.

I take deep breaths as I pass by people, and nearly get hit by an asshole not paying attention to where his cart is going.

Whatever. Fuck you too. I hate this place.

I make my way through the crowd ignoring the customers dumb enough to bug me when I’m not even on the clock. Fuck that since I can get fired for working off it anyway.

“How much is this?” a dumbass asks.

“Does it say a price?” I ask wondering how stupid this customer is.

He looked at the item in question, “Yeah, it says $5.”

“Then that is what the price is.”

I really wanted to say beats the shit out of me, but it is against company policy.

I pass by all the departments to get to the fitting room to clock in for work, and I begin the next stages of hell…I mean my shift to work at this lovely establishment.

The first thing I do is find out what is going on since there is usually a supervisor to tell me what to do. Forget about some of the workers they don’t know what is going on, anyway. Neither do the supervisors at times they are just as clueless as the workers themselves, and even the managers. The black tape that was keeping the products in its nice safe packaging is removed leaving zombies…I mean customers to get whatever products they want their dirty hands on.

They grab enough to fill their shopping carts not leaving any for other nice shoppers to buy it. $5 for 5 shirts. $1 for 1 item, some grab enough to clothe a family for four years, and then return it the next day just because. Greedy bastards in my opinion buying stuff they don’t need all because of a stupid store sale that comes once a year.I make my way through the flood of people crowding the store like fish in a stream, or more like zombies in a horror movie not after flesh. It’s a nightmare.

The questions I get asked on the way to the tables are laughable. Is this for sale? Is this discounted? Is this really the price? No, it is just a random number we put on there to confuse the shit out of you. If it was on sale there would be a blue sticker if not it’s obviously not on sale.

No, you can’t get a discount since you want to be an asshole about it.

It is the price what else would it be a dildo?

I directed another customer to an item when it was right behind him.

I finally get to my station only to have a huge pile of reject clothes no one wants to buy. Ones they have tried on but it did not fit. Or they just leave clothes in a random spot because they are too lazy to put it back where they found it. Great! I sort through the wonderful piles of shirts, shoes, socks, underwear, and other articles of clothing to make it easier on everyone. Some awesome person took items out of the packages, and left them on pegs. Bastards. 3 carts worth and even more at the day goes by, and even more in the days after it. Days like today I actually wish I didn’t have to hide. Anything but this shit…

A customer comes up to the fitting room desk who is an old lady who looks like she could bake cookies, and then poison you with it all in one shot, “Do you have this item in green?” She asks as she holds up the item in her hand.

I look at the item a plain black shirt, and one of the black friday items. I take the item from her and search for it for her amidst all the grabbing while trying really hard not to hit people with their own stupid full carts. I find the display with it in hand, and search for the item it is not going to be there since it’s sold out. OUT! It has been out for sometime.

I tell her the dreadful news, “Nope, no green all that is left is black, red, and pink.”

Her face falls then she smiles, “Well, can you check in the back because maybe not everything is put out yet?”

I sigh, “The items in the back are all on the sales floor.”

She glares, “Thanks anyway for being a lazy employee.” She walks away.

It makes me tired to hear that people think we have a magical back when we don’t. Our backroom is filled with overstock items which are binned. I continue folding clothes at a table ravaged by customers. I got half a side done.  A few minutes later I see a lady come up to the side I just straightened, and she took a shirt unfolded it and left it there she was looking for her size and wrecking everything else in the process. She did it to every single shirt on the straight side, and did not have the decency to put it away.

I grudgingly refolded the side and finished the other side wanting to strangle the lady with the shirts. They were in a messy heap on the floor and I fixed them like a good drone would. Giving a glare her way.

Kyle walked away to bug someone else, and get on their ass about something stupid. And it ends like that sometimes, and sometimes the customer is not an asshole about it.

The first thing I hated about being register trained was being called to the front because people there suck. It is too fast, and there are too many brains for me to handle. Not to mention they are rude to the cashiers, blame everything on them, and treat them like they are stupid.

 Fuck this day! I’d rather deal with Next Star then deal with this shit…But no I have to anyway.

The register everyone always goes to because they are too lazy to go to another one. Joy! I take a deep breath, and walk to the registers ignoring the glares the people waiting in line are giving me. In my head the death march is playing in my head because I fucking hate it. It sucks because the people in line usually snap at you over stupid stuff. The shoppers eyes narrowed at me since they have to wait in line with their carts full of crap they don’t need.

It adds up bitch, especially when you don’t  keep track of the money you are spending. Dumb fucks…

Then I deal with another dick that made me wish I could program them to jump off a cliff.

I scan his items, and tell him the total.

His eyes narrow at me as if I offended him by the total, “Wait, that’s supposed to be 2 for $2.00 not $4.00.”

One of those guys…Kill me now.

I give him my fakest smile even though I wanted to wring his neck, “No problem, sir I can fix it.”

I meant to hit the void button but I accidentally hit the enter. “You charged it again.” Thanks asshole for pointing out my flaws. Dick.

“I told you I can fix it sir you don’t need to treat me that way.” I tell him since he is being a real dick about it.

I think on how to make it so it shows up that way, and shit head is giving me looks like he doesn’t think I can do the job. And that I’m an idiot who can’t do math.

“Aren’t you supposed to know how to do your job?” he asked me, and I felt like shooting the shit right in the face. I had to add it up and math is not my strong suit. I put it at $1.25 since that’ll work, and tell him. “$2.56.” he gives me change and I put it in the register.

“You’re supposed to give me back $8.00.”

“I know that, you rude shit head.”

I give him his change and say, “Thanks for the attitude when it’s not my fault the register never showed the adjusted price.”  

He glared at me, “Watch your mouth or else I will have your job.”

“Take it asshole being fired is better than dealing with idiots like you.” Then I fucked with his mind to make him be nicer to people behind the counter. Dicks like him make this job harder than it should be.

She trails off, but I know how she feels since I hate it too. I continue to fold, and go back to the fitting room to get more all clothes to put away. I no longer have to worry about getting pulled to the front. Days like today make me wish I was not register trained. I fold and hang till my break is here, and I can finally have a rest to calm my nerves when dealing with idiots.

I take off my nametag and head to the back.

A customer pulls me aside like usual since they have nothing else better to do then to annoy the shit out of me.

“Do you work here?” He asked in a confused tone not realizing I’m not wearing a nametag anymore.

I look at him dead in the eye with my eyebrow raised, “Am I wearing a nametag?”

“No, but you are wearing the uniform…so I thought you did.” he said.

“Then I’m on break, and I don’t work here till I put back on my nametag.” I told him.

“Then can you get someone not on their break so I can find the price of the item?” he asked like he didn’t just hear I was on break.

I look at the item in question, and it clearly has the price labeled on it. “It says it right here…use your eyes and stop being lazy.”

He glared, but I don’t care. I don’t even bother hearing his reply since I’m so hungry. I just want to eat instead of listening to this asshole bitch.

Bitchy Veronica treated me like a dog. I hated her, and I wish I could burn her hair off her dry soulless head.

Old lady customers are the worst. They treat you like a servant, and expect you to do everything for them. It was a struggle for one of the jewelry girls to tell an old lady her order was not there since she kept not understanding it. Then an old lady tells one of them to take the plastic holders keeping the watches in place off. Then there is the old man who yelled about having to take his non Kyle brand watch to another store after yelling about getting a manager as if they can solve everything.  I hate retail, and I hope to God the witch thing is actually true so I can get out of this awful place.

I continued straightening the racks, and making sure everything is off the floor.

A customer flags me down, “Do you have anymore of these in the back?” She holds up a pair of shirts exclusively for Black Friday.

“Are those the only ones in the area?” I asked her wanting to hit her for being so stupid.

“Yes, there isn’t anymore left, and I need it in a size medium 8-10.” She said as if I can make them appear by magick and I can’t.

I gave her a sympathetic look, “I’m sorry since we only get a limited amount of those shirts for the event once we run out then we are out.”

Her look turned to one of hatred, “So you won’t check in the back for me?”

“No, ma’am since this is all we have for the event everything is out.” I told her since we are all out, and I can’t pull anymore out of my ass.

“Thanks for nothing.” She spat making me wonder why I can’t slap her because of how rude she is. Stupid bitch it’s not my fault we are out yet it’s still taken out on me.

I’m quitting and finding something that does not want to make me hang myself every time I come in.

You really can get discouraged working here since it shows you how horrible people can be toward retail workers.

A better environment then Kyle’s since half of the customers are miserable pieces of shit. I hate going to work dealing with them because by the time I’m done with my shift I’m depressed. Finding out I was an angel witch is the best thing that could happen to me. I will never have to deal with the miserableness of Kyle’s general store again.

I get asked enough at work where everything is, and I can find it myself instead of asking a sales associate for it since I’m not a lazy asshole.

I hate the customers that come through Kyle’s since they yell at you over things you can’t control. Don’t get me started on the supervisors since half of them don’t know how to do their jobs. I hate it one even made sure I went to the zone by asking my coworker if I went even going as far as getting another supervisor to keep track of me. I hate it. There is a reason why I’m leaving it all behind me.

“I’m constantly overworked by Kyle the evil store manager and his bitchy assistant does not help either. Yelling at me to do things when we are so short handed and I’m running different departments. Me having to fight the customers service manager to not get on the register since a few people have to have breaks, and I’m watching phones and another service area. Being cross trained in different departments when there is no one there to cover it. It sucks. I though I’d be stuck where I am till college, and it’s a different story now.

No doing two departments or more at once with stupid demanding customers, and I can be happy…

I can’t stand Penny either since she is a shitty manager. I was done with being treated like shit there, and Megan was a pain since she punished me twice for a mistake I made. I mean come on it was an accident. I didn’t deliberately break the watch…I’m tired of being worked to the bone for a company that doesn’t care. Sometimes doing phones, fitting room, shoes, jewelry and accessories is a pain in the ass. It’s a pain when I have to watch them all at once.  Then if you do one job right you get yelled at for doing another. I was watching the phones and fitting room but got yelled at for writing work stuff and not zoning shoes since I hate it…I don’t like being in charge of multiple things since we are so short staffed. Then don’t get me started on the bullshit favoritism. This cunt pretty much tried to accuse me of sleeping with her ex, and it wasn’t even true. She ignores me one day, and the next she gossips about me to her coworker saying I bet you she wont even admit to it. Come on…I hate her ass. I can’t wait to leave her behind. I have to act like I like her even though I hate her and hope she dies. Everyone around me hates her too. She just walks around doing nothing, and she acts like she owns the place. I dread seeing her but at least I don’t have to deal with her for very long.

Then I can move on to something more important than picking up after idiots and answering their dumb questions. I’m also sick of being treated like shit by people who can’t even shop for themselves. Kyle is irritating as fuck and Megan needs to go away.

At least retail will go away for good, and I’ll be better off without it. Retail sucks on a day to day basis. Just the thought of going to Kyle’s is enough to make me sick. The people working there are idiots and one tried to get me fired over his stupid watch breaking on me. He just had to get me to adjust it instead of letting a professional do it. Then the fucker had the balls to take it to someone else while she was watching the counter. She didn’t even work there, and the fucker had the nerve to tell the manager too. Fuck this place. And don’t even get me started on dealing with the customer service people some of them. I especially hate the asshole Travis since he called a manager because I didn’t want to go on register since I had to relieve my friend for break. They act like they own us, and there are like 3 of them that won’t fight me on the keys. Since I’m one of three jewelry people I hope they find someone else to replace me.

It’s a long process when I’m there. The customers treat you like you are stupid. I’m sick of it and I’ll be happy when I’m done with it. Just need to get through the weekends. I’ll finally be done. I sigh and sit down at a nearby chair. It’s comfortable. I stretch out and feel the muscles straining. Tension went away. I was ready.

I hate the thought of going back to that store dealing with Kyle, and dealing with the idiot customers. A feeling of dread hits me everytime I go to that horrible place. Kyle is an asshole, and I can’t wait to be done with his shit. It sucks the managers can’t schedule you and have a computer do it instead. They also under pay you too. I’m done with it all. And I never have to see douchebag with his ugly pig since he is dead. I can’t wait to move on from Kyle’s and start my new life.

I hate the thought of going back to that store dealing with Kyle, and dealing with the idiot customers. A feeling of dread hits me everytime I go to that horrible place. Kyle is an asshole, and I can’t wait to be done with his shit. It sucks the managers can’t schedule you and have a computer do it instead. They also under pay you too. I’m done with it all. And I never have to see douchebag with his ugly pig since he is dead. I can’t wait to move on from Kyle’s and start my new life.

We need all the help we can get, and I was ready to get my two weeks over with at this point. I was sick of all the gossipy idiots at work, and thankfully I don’t have to see dead asshole and his pig. People at work used to point him out, and they want to see me bothered by it. I have better things to do then to be at a job that doesn’t give a shit about employees. They are cutting hours and treating overworked employees like dogs. I was ready to go. At least it’s over. No shitty hours, coworkers, customers or managers. No Kyle stuffing me on the front end when he knows I hate it. No bitch telling me to move faster and stop talking.

My uniform will be destroyed and I will gladly give them my nametag. I no longer wanted to work retail, and I won’t be back either. No running two departments at once, and no angry customers mad over watches. No more customers who get mad and blame me over breaking their watch because they just had to have a battery. And bye to idiots who treat me like I’m stupid and don’t know how to do my job. It’s boring and I can do this job drunk.

Kyle will run you ragged and the scheduling is shit. They will put as few people as possible to save money and run them to the ground. I’ve wanted to rage quit, and I drank after my shifts too. It’s a wasteland where dreams go to die. I hate it, and the scheduling is done by drunk monkeys. I grab my shit, give Felix a kiss, and head out the door. I stayed at my apartment and I’ll stay till I quit then move.  I get in my car and put on the seat belt then turn on the ignition. The car starts up, and I make my way to Hell..Kyle’s I mean. I hate the drive there since people suck at driving. I make my way there less crappy by playing music. I flip off a person driving like grandma since it’s 45 and she is going under the speed limit. Then once I evaded granny a person rode my ass speeding. I get out of their way…

It’s a better use of my time then retail. I feel like it’s mostly walking people to items in front of them. Or teach them how to use their own card. Today is also slow as fuck. It doesn’t pick up till the weekends.

I hate answering questions about items too since I don’t control it. I don’t control products. I also don’t have any idea when the items come in since the companies make it and send it to us. Same goes for prices since I don’t make them.

I hate him for it and he is a lazy piece of shit. He makes me do his work on top of mine, and sometimes I end up cleaning after him. I’ll be happy to leave. Everyone knows it and some are jealous since they are stuck.

I see the ones where it was only me and another person. I also got a call that day where the customer wanted to know if we carried a certain item. I asked over the walkie and they said no, and she also sucked at describing the item to me which didn’t help. I told her we didn’t and she said she will look anyway. Okay, and the bitch calls back to point out she found it, and she has worked for Kyle’s before.  Okay, but I don’t work in the area, and I don’t know where everything is either. You can’t expect me to memorize all the items either. When I don’t know where something is I tell them I don’t know it, and even offer to find someone who does.

The entries even point out the fact that customers count items to us like we are stupid. They even ask us about items and why the companies stop carrying them when all we do is stock. I keep wanting to direct them to the company website since complaining there is more helpful than bitching to me.


I hope you enjoyed this, and I will post the links when it goes live!




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