Sh!t Retail Customers Say to retail workers on Black Friday!!!

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Retail is not for everyone, and Black Friday is something every retail worker dreads working on. They are required to work it since it’s a major retail holiday, and everyone is rushing out to buy the latest gadget, clothing item, cookware, or even game amidst all the crowds. And working there today you come across a lot of interesting people, and some can be rude too. Even annoying! Here are the things retail customers say to retail workers on Black Friday!!

Where is this item?
Will this coupon work?
Are you sure it won’t work?
This doesn’t say special on it…
It will be a long night for you…
I want a gift card then if you can’t give me cash…
Do you know where a coupon is?
Do you have the ad with you?
Have you seen the item that is $9.99?
It was supposed to be $5.99 not $7.99…
Line is long…going to be a long night for you…(Thanks for reminding me..)
Oh well I just want to see how much it is. I don’t know if I want it yet…
Is there a coupon you can use to take it down?
What is the price of the item….
Do you have anymore tvs yet?
Do you know off hand where a certain item is even though I didn’t tell you the brand?
Do you work here? (Why am I wearing a nametag?)
You’re so short….(I get it I look like a kid but come on why comment?)
Enjoy your thanksgiving! (Even though it’s your fault we are working…)
How much is it with the rebate?
How do I do the rebate?
How much was it before the special?
Do you have a trash?
Is this the only one you have in stock?
Are you sure you are out?
Where is the item you have in the ad even though I’m standing right in front of it?
Is this the item that is $79.99?
When will the sale end?
But she told me you can pick up the items on Black Friday…
Can you check to see if the item is scanning up at that price? And this one? And this one? Sorry to be a pain.
Oh, and can you give me a box?
Can you give me a gift receipt?
I’m sorry you have to work instead of being home with your family?
Did you enjoy your thanksgiving?
Do I have to use the store card to get the discount?
Do I get a discount if I use the store card?
Do you have to be a store member to get the discount?
What do you mean you are sold out of the very popular item?
Phones rang all day over items and customers get mad we are out…Really?
Ma’am you check out for Black Friday at 6, and yes you can check out with normal stuff too!
Oh too bad I can’t buy lip gloss since stuff is blocking the way….We don’t have a good sale like last year? Thanks…
Thanks ma’am for yelling at me because you could not get a soda when it was roped off, and thanks guy for being rude since someone said you could….
One Black Friday people went over the tape and complained about being stopped. The ropes are there for a reason…

So there you have it since it’s a crazy day for retail workers, and I hope you enjoy your day. Good things are coming including me trunking the rough draft of the first Scarlet book, and reworking it!


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