Venom Movie Review

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I went to see the movie Venom starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams was Anne Weying, and it was a good movie. I loved the action scenes, and there was even humor. The opening scene started with a ship transporting Alien goo for this guy named Carlton Drake a rich tycoon who wanted to find ways to save humanity. First it was animals and the goo was an alien symbiote who needed hosts, and it was cool seeing the movie progress. The beginning of seeing someone lose everything, and then slowly change into Venom was a good transition. Tom Hardy played Eddie Brock who was a journalist with his own show. And I loved how they slowly showed his transformation. In the beginning I didn’t know what to think then it became clear why Venom was here on earth. There is definitely going to be a sequel in the end since it showed what is up next. I definitely recommend the movie so go see it!

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