Bye 2016…

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I’m glad 2016 is almost over since it’s been one of the shittiest years ever. I haven’t published anything new yet, and it sucks since I did not meet my goals of getting novels done. I was hoping to have the first three Scarlet book, Tales from Behind the Counter, and AngelWitch done. Tales from Behind the Counter is at the beta stage, and I need to finish the drafts of the Scarlet series and AngelWitch. But some of it might go on the back burner during the Fall and Spring semesters since I only have two left then I graduate. It’s not an easy time either since I have to retake classes since I had no idea how heavy the workload is…These last semesters are going to be hard since I am taking Capital News Service, and Ipad Journals in the Fall. I’m also excited about it, and at the same time I’m interning at The Odyssey Online as a content creator. An internship is required for my degree and it is exciting to have one that I can do at any time. It will be a better year I hope, and I’ll finally get my degree at the end of it. I want to move out soon, and get a full time job after college that will be awesome, and hopefully write and publish more books since I have to do something after college is over. It was a long road, and I can’t wait till it’s over.

I hope to get more Youtube videos done since that is another thing I haven’t been keeping up with. I will keep up with it more during the summer, and hopefully get more novel writing done during the summer. School is a priority and I want to get my degree. I also set up a different Twitter account and Facebook Fanpage just for my journalism articles since it’s way different from my novel writing ones. My retail problem tweets are funny to some people, but I don’t want it to collide with my journalism one since I’ll be covering the General Assembly, and legislators might not have the same humor I do. It will be a fun year, and the classes are challenging which I am excited about since I loved the thought of Capital News Service, and it will help grow my journalism career. I hope the betas get done soon with my Tales From Behind the Counter book. I want it out soon. I do hope to finish AngelWitch by the end of the break, and knock out some videos for Youtube.


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