Up, Up, and Away….

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The semester is going to be over December 8th, and I could not be more happy. It has been an interesting semester since I went to some U.S District Court cases, and even the Supreme Court too. It was interesting at times, and some were boring. I even went to a council meeting for the first time, and it wasn’t bad since there were people there opposed to the resolutions. I did an interview with Madelyn Smith head of the Gluten Intolerance Group of Richmond, and even did a few articles on Celiac Disease. Not bad. My last two are about the stresses of working retail, and the holidays are here which means more craziness in everything. Not much on the writing front since I didn’t concentrate on my National Novel Writing Month project. I finally have my own domain for my website. It’s awesome, and I hope to finish AngelWitch soon. I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want, and I want to write full time and get out of retail. I want to write more of Fang and Fur of Love, and NightWatch Superntaural Store. They are going to be put up on the blog chapter by chapter. Hell, I’m even coming up with a newsletter, and sending out that too. Hopefully. The next semester should be interesting since I’ll be interning with Odyssey online, and taking Capital News Service one of my journalism capstone courses. It will be good to be finally done next Fall. I can’t wait.


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