Updates for October…

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It has been sometime since I’ve posted an update, and this is what I’ve been up to. I go to school Monday-Thursday and work Friday-Sunday which is keeping me busy…Not that I’ll be busy for long since I don’t have that much longer till this semester is over. My last day is December 8th…I can’t wait since I don’t like going to school 4 days in a row, and next semester is one class only. I’ll of course have to find an internship before I graduate next fall. No worries there since I need to step it up. I’ve been working on Tales From Behind the Counter and AngelWitch the most since I need to get those out soon. I plan on having a 6 book series for AngelWitch, and it will be self explanatory when AngelWitch comes out why it will be six books. Of course this year I want to attempt National Novel Writing Month again, and use the book A Witchy Beginning which will be set in college instead of high school. I want to include elements from The Killer Contract Agency in  it, and it will tell you what happens after Salina and Carter took over. You’ll even get to see it play out differently and I can’t wait. All my books are going to involve soulmates since I believe there is someone for everyone. I read a lot too lately and I can’t wait till school is over since I want to write full time instead of work retail which will be a goal of mine. I’m also going to be trying out Kindle Select for the first time since sales aren’t good for me with other outlets. I have 90 days then I can go wide if I wish to. I just want to get through school to have more time to write, and I might want to try other things with the blog too. I just haven’t had time to do much, but once the holidays hit I can write, edit, and publish more…Just need to hang in there and get through school.

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