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So in case my followers don’t know I work retail, and have been for almost five years. I’ve created several books because of it: Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks, Angel Witch is heavily involved in retail, and Tales From Behind the Counter…All in an effort to make fun of a job because of how crappy it can be. Being a sales associate is not easy, and if you think it is you try working it for a week or on holidays to see how crazy it can drive you. Sometimes it’s just you doing several departments at once, and when you do them at the same time it will drive you to drink. Dealing with customers, coworkers and managers is a lot since people can be rude, nasty, and down right hateful toward you. I’ve been getting fed up with it all since half of the time I’m yelled at it’s not even my fault. There is no need to be rude to someone trying to help you. If I can do it I will, but you don’t need to be so nasty to me. People can be horrible to retail workers treating them like they are the scenery instead of a person. I’ve had a guy whistle at me to get my attention like I’m a dog instead of a person, and I said nothing but I was very tempted to say thanks for whistling at me to get my attention jackass. I can’t stand it. Also people treat me like I’m stupid, and then talk to me like I’m a child. I get it but I’m 25 don’t ever treat me like a child.

It’s not easy, and the phone people are worse since one guy was being an asshole when he wanted me to get insulin off the sales floor. It’s refrigerated and apparently you don’t need a prescription but you still have to get it from the pharmacy. He was such a jerk about it saying can you look for it for me…Yes, sure. Before he said well since pharmacy is closed it would do no good to transfer me. Duh. I’m not stupid. I told him we did not have it on the sales floor, and he got mad asking me if I looked. No, since he can’t get it unless the pharmacy is open, and then asked for my name. Please, complain on me since I can’t perform miracles…Also if I say hi to you when I’m working don’t fucking ignore me. I’m trying to be nice to you, and when you do that it shows that I should not say anything. And if we can’t do something we can’t do it. Phrasing the questions differently is still going to be met with the same answer. Begging me for the item and wanting me to have it when I don’t is not going to make it magically appear. Is it any wonder why some retail workers are miserable? They are because they are over worked, picked on, and treated like dirt. But I don’t want to just tell you. I want to show you which is why Tales From Behind the Counter will show people what it’s like to work retail. It’s not all good, and there are times when I want to rage quit because of some asshole customer, or a retarded policy change. If we are out of an item it’s not up to us to afford it but to the company instead. We don’t know when we will get something in since they don’t tell us when we will get it in at all. I’m sick of people who try to guilt us into pulling an item out of the back since it’ s not there….
I could go on and on about it which is why I wrote Tales From Behind the Counter. It is a collection of stories from me working retail, but I’ll be using Angeline in my place and Kyle’s General Store as the place since I can’t use the real name of me or the store I work at. It will tell people the good, bad, and the horrible. People can be rude and horrible to retail workers, and I want to show just how rude and stupid they can be. From getting yelled at on the phone to people getting mad that we can’t pull the items they are looking for out of our ass. It will have it all. It’s not for everyone and if you have not worked retail then you might not understand it at all, or thinking I’m rambling and ranting while using too many curse words. It was fun and I hope to have it out in the future. The other book is called AngelWitch, and we return to our favorite loud mouthed sales associate that can feel people in her head, and she is still at Kyle’s. It’s coming to an end though once she finds out who she really is and I’m still in the process of writing her last two weeks. Then the rough draft will be done of book 1…Here is an excerpt for the stuff in store for the next books since it’s a series:
As soon as my skin touched the stone I was whisked away. I could feel all four of them in my head. 4 girls with 4 different stories and backgrounds.
One girl in her room looking for that one special guy to spend time with. One having an Obsession Spell on her because the guy who wanted her is a psycho. One witch running from an evil witch coven. One lost her way in the Crystal Crest realm after her twin ruined her life. I see it all and each of them has the power to help me stop the evil threatening this harmony I came back to myself.
I hope you enjoyed this, and I can’t wait to release these books to the world.

Until next time,

Jessica Samuels

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