Scarlet Book 1 A Witchy Beginning Updates…..

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I finished writing book 1 a few years ago, and then gave it to a few beta readers which was a huge wake up. I have the makings of a good story I just need to add in details and descriptions in the story. I need to make the characters more believable and make the story really shine. I’m going to add cell phones, and even include her adoptive parents. Luxor and Crystal Crest History is thrown in as well, and Scarlet is a researcher at heart. Hell, I have a whole collection of metaphysical book and creature books to bring my worlds to life. It’s a lot and in doing all the movie watching, television shows, and life in general I’ve made my world more believable. I’m reading more writing related books too in order to develop my craft more since you never stop learning. I recently finished typing a stack of stories going in Tales From Behind the Counter and I put that aside to focus on the rewrite of Scarlet book 1. I need to get that off the ground and into the hands of readers since book 1 is the foundation for book 2. I will include a prologue or something to catch readers up on the book 1 events. I’m learning the importance of branding so you will see cool covers, and the retail one will be updated too. I hope to make this full time instead of part time. I love interacting with readers, and I hope to have more books out in the future.

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