Scarlet Book 1 A Witchy Beginning Update:

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Book 1 is finished and I was waiting for the beta readers to get back to me, and it took time which was understandable. I have all the feedback I needed now to revise it, and that is what I’m going to do. I’ve printed the entire thing out, and even the reader notes. I looked over it some, and the relationship between Scarlet and Nathan needs to be developed more. The powers are going to be scaled back. Nathan is a vampire with a dark magic obsession, and Zion is a powerful vampire that is enslaved by him. I put this off for the longest of time because of the work required, and me thinking I couldn’t do it because of the fact that I was overwhelmed. Now I know I can because I wrote this a few years ago, and I’ve grown more confident since then. I’m going to rewrite the entire thing, and develop the relationship to make the readers see why he is such a bad person. He has a history and a past. I want to show people it, and then they will understand. I also want to show the effects of someone in an abusive relationship too since it’s something people can relate to. The possessiveness and controlling behavior is enough to go insane over. I also owe it to my readers since I now have sold copies of book 4 and The Killer Contract Agency. I’m sorry for putting it off since I’ve been working on different projects and not focusing on the ones the most important. The Scarlet book 1 is the closest to being finished since the rough draft is done. All I need to do is revise it, and give it to more readers before getting it revised. Then copy edits for grammar and stuff then after I get the cover art I can hit publish. I actually have people reading my book, and I want to get something published since I have not been pushing things out, and the last book I released was a few years ago. I want to make this a full time thing which means writing and publishing more books. Well that’s enough for now. I have to get back on it…

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