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SPhotos 3366School is over and I kept my 2.5 gpa which is great, but the bad news is I’m behind a semester. Long story short I didn’t get the grade I wanted which was a C, and I have to take the class over again. I guess you can say I chose the wrong thing to write about, and I got distracted…It happens though, and maybe it was for the best. Whatever. Shit happens. Anyway, school is over until August and I didn’t change my availability at all. I’m off Monday-Thursday and I just work Friday-Sunday which is good since it gives me more time to write, read, and film more videos. I also wanted to take a break this summer…I want to focus on writing and reading more, and I really need to get back into my writing and publishing. I seriously want to make a living doing what I love which is writing. It’s been some time since I’ve had free time due to being busy with school.

I do plan to publish a book called Tales from Behind the Counter since I have all of those notebooks that I’ve filled with thoughts from work. Notes on policies and procedures, and I can make a pet peeve list, and a few other cool things I’ve learned. It’s been an uphill battle for me at this point since the school stuff left me in a depressed funk, and add my boyfriend getting deployed for a year it’s been hard. I’m still getting my degree just a little later then I’ve planned next semester is my last full time one, and then it’s just two classes and then just one my last semester. Stupid capstone courses cannot be taken simultaneously….Oh well. I’m just going to do my best to get through everything. I’ve heard back from the betas, and I’m going to also make the first Scarlet book a priority too. I need all the time I can get in order to finish it all. I love being able to publish whenever, but I’m the worst at getting motivated because of it all. I’ll stop rambling…

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