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WIP Wednesday Excerpt from AngelWitch Unedited…


A customer flags me down, “Do you have anymore of these in the back?” She holds up a pair of shirts exclusively for Black Friday.
“Are those the only ones in the area?” I ask her wanting to hit her for being so stupid.
“Yes, there isn’t anymore left, and I need it in a size medium 8-10.”
I gave her a sympathetic look, “I’m sorry since we only get a limited amount of those shirts for the event once we run out then we are out.”
Her look turns to one of hatred, “So you won’t check in the back for me?”
“No, ma’am since this is all we have for the event everything is out.”
“Thanks for nothing.” She spits making me wonder why I can’t slap her because of how rude she is. No wonder why I hate working here the customers are just rude pieces of shit. Stupid bitch it’s not my fault we are out yet it’s still taken out on me. It’s not a big deal since I’ve dealt with it for two years. I begin straightening out the area near the jewelry department cleaning the racks when this happens.
“Get me a manager then this is ridiculous. I paid $5,000 dollars for this watch, and you won’t even do it. That is disgusting. You won’t do it because you won’t carry it? I have had it done here twice already.”
I look over to see Jasmine the jewelry sales associate explain why, and the guy is not having it. This is not the first time. She leaves to get the dumbass a manager, and that is when I have a little fun. I say fuck it because if I really am that special I’m not wasting anymore time at this shitty job. I’m quitting and finding something that does not want to make me hang myself every time I come in.

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