#MREReview Mondays Menu 17 Pork Sausage Patty

For this weeks I’ve decided to review Menu 17 Pork Sausage patty, and it seems like a breakfast MRE since sausage is something you eat for breakfast mostly. Let’s dig in!

Pork Sausage Patty
Toilet paper
moist towelette
coffee and creamer
maple muffin top
nut raisin mix
cheese spread
table syrup
orange beverage base
flameless ration heater
hot beverage bag

Nut Raisin mix—-nothing special just the kind you buy at a store. It didn’t taste stale.

Maple muffin top- actually quite good.

Cracker-tastes good especially with the cheese spread.

Sausage patty—-not bad just add the syrup with it.

Overall, it’s a pretty good breakfast meal for soldiers on the field…

I’ll do another MRE next Monday, and post more blog posts in the meantime.

Until next time,


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