Obsession Spell

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I look at Jerry, and I’m now sad to let him go. I used to love him till he hit me. I don’t deal with it even if he was joking. It’s a serious matter, and I’ll leave in a heart beat since I hate guys like that.
“I really don’t want to date you anymore. You treat me like a toy, and you never let me make the decisions anymore. It is all up to you!”
Jerry was a jerk of a boyfriend, and I had to free myself from him since he slapped me the angry red welt is proof of that.
His eyes widen at my comment, “I cannot believe you are acting this way, and you love me. Why are you breaking up with me? I let you make the decisions too you don’t have to do this to me.”
“Your going away, and I need someone close by. Leave me alone you already slapped me once, and I don’t want that in my life. I will get a restraining order on you if you don’t leave me alone, and called me verbally abusive no one does that to me at all. I hate abusive men.”
He storms off seeing I am not budging, and leaves thankfully I hope this is the last time I see him.
I wasn’t going to take Jerry’s crap anymore. The last straw is when he called me verbally abusive. No one calls me that at all. I guess standing up to an asshole and calling him names is considered abuse. Whatever. I don’t have to be with him, and from now on he will mean nothing at all. I’m a witch, and the first thing I do is a cleansing spell to rid me of his influence. The spell gets rid of everything shred of good feeling I have for him, and leaves an empty hole inside where his love used to be. I’m in my apartment in the Luxor realm, and its just me and my dragon Thorn. I’m a dragon tamer witch, and I need to find someone like me to continue my legacy. It cannot be an ordinary witch either, and that is what Jerry was just a an ordinary witch. I was happier without him, and I didn’t need him in my life anymore. I tried to move on, but the magic he possessed made it crazier.
It has been a while since I’ve felt this way about anyone, and I want her to notice me. I’ve been with her for a while now, and she is all I think about. I want to be with her for the rest of my life. Jenna Michelle with her sexy long black hair down to her back, and grey smoky eyes like she has a storm cloud raging behind their depths. All I ever wanted, but she was with someone else. I had to have her all to myself. She is a witch like me, and she is obsessed with dragons too, and a dragon tamer the rarest witch of them all. I had to have her, and I need to put a spell on her so she will fall madly in love with me and not that asshole. I’m in my apartment in Luxor a realm exclusively for supernatural creatures. The creatures had to be separate from the humans. I don’t blame them since they would freak if they realized they were living next door to a witch. Or a dragon, vampire, or werewolf.
I love her, and I want to be with her the rest of my life. I had to have her to the point where I need to put a spell of obsession since that is the only way I can be with her. The only way to get her attention is too is to make her be so obsessed with me that she is all over me. We broke up after I hit her, and now she is going to be mine again. She threatened me with an order, but I’ll go to a witch and make her mine all over again. She will be mine. I get up off my ass, and go to the shop to win my love back.
He gets to the shop which has black walls on the outside, and a blue roof. There is a red sign with the shops name in fancy script, and it lights up.
He goes inside nervous since he had never been in a witch shop before, and he hated seeing Jenna use magic. This time desparate time calls for desparate measures. He opens the door to the shop noticing the smell of incense assaulting his nose, and the shop is a nice place too. It has everything a witch, sorcerer, or magic user needs to craft their spells and rituals. There is a woman behind the counter, and she is pretty in his eyes with curly long brown hair, and wide brown eyes like she has orbs instead of regular eyes. She has pale skin, and is wearing a long, flowing blue dress with a corset top. She smiles at him, “Welcome to my shop my name is Diana is there anything I can help you with?”
He smiles back at her, “There is something I need help with, and it involves a girl. I want her to need me to the point of obsession. I want it to be like she cannot stop thinking about me, and needs me the catch is she is a witch.”
Her eyebrows rise, “Are you sure you want one of those? Witches can be volatile when they are obsessed with something like that.”
“Non issue I will take it, and how much will it be?”
She smiles, “Okay just a moment?”
Diana went to the back to pick up the ingredients for the boys spell, but she knew who he was the moment he walked in. She knew him from her sister Jena, and she really did not want to put her sister through the spell. She made the spell so she will realize how horrible he was to her, and it will break the moment she realizes that. Her sister needed to be taught a small lesson, and she hated Jerry to the point where she will play along only because he will get the consequences of his actions back to him. She hopes it will end in death.
She finishes gathering the ingredients, and writes the spell on a piece of paper. Then returns to the front to see the boy.
“Here you go that will be 10 dollars, and it needs to be done on a full moon.”
Jerry pays her the money, and leaves happy to get what he wanted. Luckily it is already a full moon the day he gets the spell, and he waits until midnight to perform the ritual. He has a big black pot surrounded by rose petals, and candles are lit in his room. He took the picture of Jenna he needed for the ritual, and got out a lighter.
“By the powers of earth, air, and fire grant me the power to make her desire me. Make her love me to the point of obsession so she will think of no other. “
Then he took the lighter and set the picture on fire, and put it into the pot. The spell is complete, and Jerry got a call from his cell.
He picks it up, and hits talk. “Hello?”
“Hey, Jerry it is Jenna. I have been thinking about you, and I miss you lets get back together?” She replies in that cute way he loves, and he can tell she was the same Jenna he fell for.
He laughs glad the spell has worked. “Yes, I think it is a good idea.”
I’m finally happy now! I missed her and its good to have her back.
A few months later I met someone. A human in one of the vampire bars I was going to for fun, and suddenly getting Jenna did not seem so important anymore. I think it wasn’t supposed to work out with Jenna because of her. We began talking, and talking until finally we kissed. After that I broke it off with Jenna because Dawn was better even though she was a human she had a strength I needed that Jenna never had.
I broke it off from Jenna to be with Dawn, and I hope it all works out Jenna did not take it well, and I had to get a restraining order.
I still want him. He broke up with me for another woman. It is stupid because he is a great guy. He could have been my soul mate, and the ONE, and he fell in love with a human too. A pathetic whiny human. I want him back even if he is with someone else I do not care. I will get him back even if I have to kill her…Ahh…that will be fun considering she has a drug issue. Bitch! The new girl does not deserve him the way I do, and a vampire toy. My dragon Thorn is always by my side, and gives me a boost of his dragon magick when I need it.
But you’re with another, and you belong to Thorn these are not your thoughts.
Yes, they are I love Jerry and I want him in my life.
No, you don’t something is wrong here.
No, its fine.
I think about my beloved with the cutest smile I have ever seen. I cannot wait until the other bitch is out of the way. I get out of my room. Walk out the door, and turn on the street my true love Jerry is at. I bring my binoculars, and I spy on him through the window every day. Every night without fail. I love him that much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He is everything to me, and I cannot wait until we are together.
But you don’t love him he was abusive to you remember? He hurt you by calling you verbally abusive and hit you. Or have you forgotten already?
No, I didn’t it was just a one time deal he loves me.
We go to the same school, and have the same classes which means I get to see him everyday. I dream about us being married and having kids. I wrote Jenna Michelle Stevenson several times in my notebook. I have fun watching my soul mate eat, sleep, and brush his teeth. I even take notes and observe what he does in my Jerry Funnel Stevenson diary notes to know what he likes. I call him seven times a day then I hang up. He does not know it is me since I use *67 to hide my number. To make him feel someone is watching him with love like he is my world, and if I could just have him my day is complete.
Jenna use your head you’re acting crazy! Stalking him? There is something wrong with you. Normal people don’t stalk someone they love. You’re acting crazy, and the guy is an abusive asshole.
Go away Thorn I know what I’m doing.
His parents will love me when I marry him. I stare at his room for several hours only to get mad. His slutty girlfriend Dawn Road is there. She has dull brown hair with no soul. Dead muddy eyes like a fish in the supermarket normal and average. Not a witch like me. Size DDD like she has a watermelon stuck to her chest. A cheerleader normal boring… I am better looking long flowy dark red hair, green eyes, pale like a ghost. I love wearing cherry red shirts with blue jeans and combat boots. Tall, curvy, wavy better than her period. Yuck. Gross.
She cheats on him constantly, and I keep trying to tell him. He threatens me with a restraining order I can’t tell him.
I will spy on the bitch then sending him the tape in the mail.. I see him and his girlfriend talking, and having a good time. It makes me want to grab my rifle, and take her out right now. I would do it from this height too, but the court took my rifle with them the moment an order was placed on me. I am trying to have it repealed though . Bitch! She needs to be eliminated, she does not deserve him like I do. He is mine, and not hers.
I smile, leave, and make it to my room to plan my next move against her. The bitch has to go either way alive or dead.
The first step in getting rid of her is to follow her. I will need to videotape her with another guy to ruin their relationship. Luckily, I know where she lives. I go to sleep knowing I will have fun making the girl’s life a living hell. She took someone from me, and now she is going to pay.
The next day I wake up, and it is a Saturday no Witch School that left me the whole weekend to spy on her. Goody. . I have to ruin their relationship period he does not need a woman like her. He needs me he will not admit it, and I’ll make him love me even if I have to tie him up in a basement until he loves me. I can use an unbreakable love spell to hook him on me forever.
I dress in all black, wear glasses for a disguise, and cast a small appearance spell to disguise myself. I doubt she will recognize me now. I smile happy about my plan. I am following her to wherever she goes. I brought a camera to record everything, and a notebook to take notes on her. I want to get all the information I can on her before I take her out. I need to take her out period. She is not good for him at all that woman is a horrible piece of trash. Icky…
I head out to her place, and I wait until she gets out of her trailer. An ugly trailer that no one, but a hobo will love. A dirty lawn full of crushed beer cans and cigarette butts littering the place. My…My…even my house looks better. He could do so much better. She does not have a porch, or a convertible only a rusted poor car. An old car that looks like it has been hit so many times it needs a ton of body work to get it working again. I see bitchy Dawn wearing a low cut top that makes her boobs pop. Maybe she thinks the shirt will make her blue eyes stand out? They don’t she only looks like a tired out hag that loves to pick on girls for breakfast, and wearing too short shorts and come fuck me heels.
She is in her car. I conjure an invisible dragon, and get on his back. My pet dragon named Thorn on who has red and black scales with yellow eyes. He is capable of turning into a human at a moment’s notice. He is my friend, and he can talk to me mind to mind if he wants to.
I am talking to you now stop this nonsense and think about what you are doing. You are following a guy’s girlfriend to interfere with a relationship that is not going to work out anyway.
Oh don’t be silly you know I have to stop them from becoming a couple permanently.
Think for yourself! Stop this madness, and don’t let thoughts about him do this to you.
I tune out not wanting to pay attention to it. He has no right in getting between me and Jerry. We have a bond no one can break. I cast a spell to cover me and the dragon, so people will not see it. I love flying, so this part will be fun. I love feeling the wind on my back, and I wish to show Jerry the beauty of it. Following someone is easy as long as they do not know you are there. I laugh, they will not know what is coming to them.
The car stops at a tanning place no surprise there because I doubt she could get her color out of a can. Uh.. Really? She took a few hours there and left came back burned an ugly red.
I kept following her, and she stopped at the mall. I said screw it, and follow her in. The mall we have called Parker’s Place a mall decked in black and gold with various shops and boutiques places where you can buy clothing, accessories, toys, and shoes. There are even perfume and bath and body shops.
She walks into a place called, “Minnies” a lingerie shop. The thing that made me happy is she met a guy there, and it was not Jerry. It was her ex-boyfriend Tommy! She has been cheating on him then. Like she will again and again because I doubt she could give him what I could give him. I doubt women like her are faithful anyway.
I recognize the guy too. Jerry’s archnemisis: Tommy Rock a blonde haired surfer boy with blue eyes, tan wearing a t-shirt and jeans with blue sneakers . Well, well, if I can get this on tape on my camera then they will break up. Hopefully, at least. I get out my camera, and hit record.
She is flirting with him too, and rubbing up against him kissing up on him. My blood boils seeing her treating Jerry like shit by being unfaithful, and cheating on him. Cheating on him with someone ugly and not attractive at all considering Jerry is better looking.. I recorded it all. I finally got the footage I was looking for. I record her spending time with Tommy a little bit too close to him with her hanging all over him like he is the best thing in her world. Watching them run errands together and flirt, laugh, joke, and she seems to be having more fun with him right now then Jerry.
I follow her all the way to Tommy’s house to see her hang with him, and spend time together.
Don’t do this to her let him find out on his own. You’re acting crazy all for a douchebag not worth your time. Not even worth the air he breathes.
Thorn says not getting that I don’t care what he has to say. I don’t care since it is my destiny to be with Jerry. This is the proof I need to make him see how much of a cheating person she is, and how unworthy she is of him. God I feel like throwing up now how could she do this to him? I am more worthy of him because I will never treat him like she did. A cheating bitch like her deserves to get her heart broken by him.
I made up a package especially for him, and put a note on it, “Watch it because it is about Dawn.” No return address is there.
I put it in his mailbox even as I break the stupid restraining order since it is for a good cause.
I sit in my room, and wait until 3 when he is home from his guitar practice. I walk over to spy on him, again and see his reaction through the trees. His eyes widen in disbelief. He sees her making love to someone else, his rival, and a guy who he hates more than anything. I smile evilly. Victory. He looks at his cell phone texting words. He puts it to his ear.
I could hear some of the words he is saying:
“How could you do this to me?”
“Why would you do this with my rival, and the one I hate?”
Then he said the words I really wanted him to say,
“It’s over, and you are a cheating liar. I have had enough. I do not want or need you in my life ever. Stay out of my life, or die for all I care. I did not deserve to be treated like that you heartless bitch. You are an emotionless bitch and dead inside, and you will never find someone as good as me. It does not matter who you marry or have kids with they are not me at all, and you will never have that again. Then again you did set me free, and I thank you for that. You can try to find someone, but really they cannot fill you like I can because I was your first love. You never really forget your first love, but you did. You had no issue treating me the way you did therefore you did not deserve me in the first place. ”
YAY! Finally she is gone, and done…Not there anymore…Now I can be with him forever. He is mine, and I have yearned for him since high school. I come out of the tree o go up to his house, and knock on the door. I hear him on the other side. The door opens, and it feels like an eternity before I see his face. Surprise. Eyes widen, and he looks like he is about to throw up.
“Now that Dawn is out of the way, and gone no one will be in the way of us my love.” I smile. He recoils like I burned him, and turns angry. Why is he angry I only want to be with him for the rest of my life?
“So it was you that sent the tape I should have known.” This is so not happening the way I planned.
He cuts me off. “No, I told you I do not want or need you in my life, so stay out of my life. It does not matter if she cheated on me. I still wish it would have ended better. You and I are done. The straw that broke the camels back was your selfishness. You cared more about going to prom then taking care of me when I was recovering from being an alcoholic.”
“You were a douchebag to me flirting with other girls while you were away especially after you joined the commandos and bragging about raping girls, and having nine fuck buddies. You did not wear protection for gods sake, and when you get a girl knocked up I will laugh my ass off. You play you pay, and karma will be a bigger bitch then me.”
The spell he had over me broke, and my blood pressure went through the roof. I was obsessing over an asshole. He is not the guy I fell in love with, but a stranger. One who I don’t even know…
He smiles at me like he won the fight. Nope not even close asshole. I spoke to shut him up, “I was wrong. Your not perfect for me at all. You made the decisions, and you ultimately dumped me in a way since you could not handle being in a relationship with me. You could not handle being in a long distance one either, and you were probably going to dump the girl you are seeing for the same reason. You’re a chicken shit, and I would rather have a guy who will fight for me versus one who just walks away. Pussy! Your also an abusive, douchy, prick who could die for all I care.”
I take a deep breath, “The only thing I regret is not breaking up with you before you hurt me. Oh that’s right I did. Then somehow I wound up obsessing over you to the point of obsession.”
His smile changes to one of shock the glare returns making him more ugly then he already is. I really should have hurt him more, and his other personality was way better then the one I was talking to.
Now you see him for who he really is…
“There is just one question I expect you to answer…She is a cheater. How could you love her?” I plead with wide eyes.
“She was not really doing it. She only made it look like she was because I should not have put a spell on you, and for that I’m sorry your not mine. You belong to someone else like a dog to her owner.”
I freeze not really registering how cruel he was to me. This cannot be happening…No….I refuse to believe it surely he cannot be that cruel.
A spell it was all a lie?
Told you now and time to break it you’re a powerful witch, and also you’re supposed to be mine not his. That is what I was trying to tell you all along.
“How could you do that? Do you expect me to believe that when I saw with my own eyes how much of a cheating bitch she is? Really no one goes out of their way to pull an elaborate scheme just to get me off your back.”
“I want you to leave me alone. Move on, and forget me. Leave me to a happy life with my pregnant wife. I don’t want you in my life anymore I used to until I realized you are a selfish person.”
I huff, “I doubt I want an ass like you. I don’t want to be stuck at home when I could be exploring all you wanted to do while we were dating is stay home, and watch movies. The greatest thing I ever did was break up with you, and I don’t care if you knocked her up you will pay, and you will both pay with you lives.” I walk away, and reality hit when I realized he held me back from enjoying my life, and really I am a witch no one crosses me and lives.
Inside me I rage, and I sneak into Jerry’s room when he is out slutting it up with cheating Dawn. I went through his things. Only to find a book of shadows, and turned to journal entry number 21.
I love Jenna so much it hurts. I love her more then anything in the world. She does not love me back which kills me. She might as well stab me, I wanted to spend my life with her. I even killed her lover to prove my love for her. I know I have done horrible things, but I thought it was over the moment I found her.
Entry 22
I went to the shop on Maple. I found a spell that causes Obsession in a person. It makes the person so crazy that they cannot do anything, but think about the person. I want her to feel that so she will want no one except me.
Entry 23
I performed the spell, and it did seem to work. It did work for a few weeks, but I got bored so I broke it off. It got so bad I had to get a restraining order on her.
Entry 24
I found Dawn. Dawn treats me better, and has less mental issues. Plus she puts out more then Jenna did. We were not even together that long anyway.
Entry 25
It worked, but it is more of an annoyance now. I could easily put her down. I threatened her with a restraining order…
I stopped reading. I just could not take it anymore. He put a spell on me, and hindered me.
Suddenly I was not so obsessed anymore with him. The rose colored glasses came off. I feel like I woke up. I did, and that is why instead of killing them I made Jerry go insane with rage to the point where he ended up killing people. It made it so that he had to be put down. And as for Dawn I just gave her to the vampire to be used as a chew toy. You never mess with a witch and live. I winded up going to the Dragon colony with Thorn.
I can move on now, and put the past behind me. I did..I cried red hot tears then left. I moved.. I changed my life…. I broke the spell… A few days later I got a letter in the mail.
Dear Jenna Stevenson,
I know it was you that killed Jerry and Dawn, but you are just what we need in the Agency. I hate men that love to cheat too, and that is why we are contacting you. The Killer Contract Agency is an agency that gets rid of evil exes, bosses, coworkers, and friends. We even get rid of the bullies. I know you fit he bill, so if you want to continue having fun getting rid of people like your evil ex then join the Agency, and you can continue to do that to make it safe for people like you everywhere. We can also use a dragon like your Thorn too, and there is a place for him. We need a witch like you, and that means you can now join the Luxor realm since we have an Agency headquarters there just for witches.
I hope to see you there,
Salina and Carter.
Oh hell yes! I loved being able to join the Luxor realm since it is full of supernaturals versus this realm of humans. I went to the Agency, and got accepted to the Agency passing their tests with flying colors, and that is just one way to get into the Agency.
After the Agency took care of their memories I even got contacted by the head witches about a position n the Luxor realm working for them on revenge against cheating exes and cases for breaking spells on men and women affected by the curse was under. I do that, and help the Agency I have never looked back since either. I found a new guy way better then Jerry, and this time a dragon that loves me, and will fight for me to the death. My dragon is always by my side, and I really will not have it any other way.
The end.

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