#Writer’s Life My Favorite Things Book Review and Updates!

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I found a cool writing prompt book/journal at Barnes and Noble called My Favorite Things by Piccadilly. I’ve had this for a few weeks, but I haven’t cracked it open till last night. I’m glad I did since it’s awesome. It has over 200 prompts to list your favorite things, and it will definitely keep you busy for days at a time. I got a separate notebook to write the prompts down because I need more space then what they give you.


If you love those books I suggest you pick it up since the possibilities are endless. They have prompts like name your favorite restaurants, and you can even put why they are your favorite. Ones like name your favorite greeting cards, and it’s a book of prompts all about you. It can help you get the creative juices flowing again, and it’s going to be fun to work through the entire book. It also gives you something to do when you are bored, and wasting time. It can also come in handy when it comes to getting to know your favorite character. I love those kind of books and I hope to have a ton of fun working on the exercises and writing down my favorite things. It gives me something to look back on, and I plan on doing all of the exercises.

In other news two out of the four ebooks I have will be in audio book form, and they are The Darkside of Human Nature and Being a Vampire in Retail sucks. I will write a blog post about my experiences in making an audio book, and the stuff I used for it.

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