#MREReview Monday Menu 9: Beef Stew….

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Welcome to another MRE Review Monday sorry if it’s a day late, but I was cleaning up my room and I found all my story stuff that I will work on. I have until Sunday off so I hope to do more writing, reading, Youtube and blog posts. I have a lot planned for the future. I just need to get my ass motivated.

On to the contents:
Beef Stew
Pretzel Sticks
Chocolate Hazelnut Cocoa
Multigrain snack bread
Flameless ration heater
Grape Jelly
Nut Raisin mix
Peanut Butter
Pepper Sauce
Toilet Paper

The Beef Stew is pretty good like it came out of a soup can. The pretzels and nut raisin mix are good too. The multigrain wheat snack bread is good when you add the peanut butter and jelly. Overall a good meal for a soldier in the field. I hope you enjoyed my review, and I did a video on it too.

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2 responses to “#MREReview Monday Menu 9: Beef Stew….”

  1. I’ve heard these are good. I’ve actually used MREs in some of my writing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem, and there are more to come. I have a ton of MREs to review.

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