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Ebooks VS Real Books:


I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I love to read both. I love ebooks and real books. They are all forms of reading and they both take you to other places. There are pros and cons to both which is what I’m going to talk about in this post. I might even do a video of it too.

You can carry more of them then real books on an EReader
You can read them on your cell phone, Ipad, iPod, PC or Mac.
They can be read in the dark, and with a real book you can’t unless you had a light.
It does run on batteries though so you have to keep it charged or it could shut down at an important part.
You can highlight notes with your finger.
When you read on your smart phone no one knows what you are doing. You could be checking a text or reading a book. Playing a game and no one has to know you are reading 50 shades of Gray on your phone.
You can take your whole Kindle or Nook library with you, and you don’t have to lug it around,
They can be cheaper then real books too.
You can’t drop them though since it’s your Ereader.
You can’t touch the covers or smell the pages like real books.
Authors can’t sign it unless they use AuthorGraph or a PDF File.
For an avid reader it comes in handy at the beach, but don’t get sand or water on it.
It’s so handy to have when you are easily bored at family meetings or waiting in line.
There is a glare on the screen when you read it in the sun.
You can change the font and size of the text.
You can change it to off white, sepia or black and white.
You can load PDFs to your E-reader.
Delivery for ebooks are immediate on release days. You don’t have to worry about them running out of ebooks like you do paper backs or hard backs. There is no hey your book will be delivered in a few days if you order it online. Ebooks can cause eye strain when looking at a screen for too long. There are pros and cons to both.

You can pick them up. You can feel them as you flip through the pages. They can be hard and soft backs. You can read them in the back or on the beach. Try not to get the pages wet. You can feel their covers and see how stunning they are. You can also smell them and pet them. They are fun to discover at book stores. They never run out of batteries. They can be easy to open and read while sitting down. It’s not hard to sit and read with an Ipad. You can lay down while reading a book or ebook. They can be more expensive then ebooks. They have nice chapter headings. Some are beautifully formatted. When you go to a book store to read books you can get lost reading the titles and picking them up. For real books like textbooks you can highlight the words and write on them. Authors can sign the front of them. You can drop them and they wont break. People do write them.

They are both good options to have, and you can read them everywhere. They both offer an escape from daily life. Whatever the format it’s used to escape into a world the author created. Those are my thought on both.

What is your favorite ebooks or real books? Why?
Until next time,


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