Looking back on 2015….

I know I did a post about my 2016 goals, but I never talked about the events of this year. It’s been a wild ride for me since I broke off a relationship in February to someone who I thought I would last a while with. Not the case since he tried to cheat on me, and lied about everything. I could not trust him at all after it happened because I would be wondering what else he is lying to me about, and who else he is talking to. Not something I want to do, and I started dating someone else since March 7th. It will be a year come March 2016 that we have been dating. Longer then anyone else. I have to say I’m more happier now then I was in the last since I actually see him. It was also the time I went to Disney for Spring Break, and I loved every minute of it. I’ve also had not one but two paperbacks out, and I got my first contract with a publishing house. Not many people have that opportunity, and I’m thankful that I did. It’s been a wild ride, and I hope to publish more in the coming year. I now got my gpa up to a 2.5 which is a great start to the new year. By the end of it I will have most of my classes done, and I will graduate Spring 2017. I hope my life will only get better, and I’ll end up leaving my retail job to write full time. It might not happen, but a girl can dream….

Write on,


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