Let It All Go…..

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I know that once my writing gets going that I’ll have to deal with criticism and negative comments, but I wont let it get to me. The more you get exposed to it the easier it is to let go especially from people who have no right to comment on it since it was not for them. I write for my fans and readers. That’s it, but there will be people trying to put their opinions down your throat about it. None of it matters like a guy commented on one of my Youtube videos that it was horrible, and another person laughed at one of my articles on my blog that said I have no clue. Another said my article is poorly written, whiny, and that there is no point. You know what? Who cares. I don’t write for them. It really should not ruin your day, or stop you from writing and filming because it’s not worth the effort to let it effect you. I’m getting better at letting go of the idiot customers at work get to me because I got so used to it I was just like okay. Whatever. Move on. I can’t control the fact that the guy was mad we don’t sell individual watch pins, and all we sold was the bands. It’s not my fault since I don’t have control of it. Just like I can only try my best, and if people don’t like it. So what. It’s not going to matter, and the last straw was when an hour of my time was wasted trying to please idiots by editing my work and changing the timeline. Working retail is not for everyone, and if you don’t understand the struggle then don’t comment at all. I’m getting to the point where I don’t have time to worry about trolls and people with no lives. I work and go to school. When I write full time I will enjoy it because it allows me to do the things I love to do. If people don’t like it then too bad because I’m not going to stop for anyone. I have to let the negativity go since it’s not good to hold onto it. Never let it get to you because life is worth living, and letting negative things get to you is not living…

I can’t wait till The Killer Contract Agency comes out at the end of the month!

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