Busy November!

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It’s going to be a busy November since I have a lot of stuff going on. Book wise I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month which starts November 1st. I will be working on Redemption is Mine, and I figured it’s time to get it all written down at least the rough draft of it. I love writing, and I have heard somewhere that it will take 8 books before my writing career will take off. Hell it might even be less. I want to make time for it since I love it, and I have so much to talk about too. I can even blog about it, and even do Youtube videos updating everyone on my progress. It will help me stick to a schedule, and it might take a month for me to make it a daily habit. I also have to publish more novels, and finish the ones I start. The characters will definitely be intertwined in different novels. Some might even get their own standalone novels.

It’s also going to be Thanksgiving and Black Friday which is big in retail land. My cover reveal will be on Facebook November 4th, and the book will be officially out November 30th just in time for Christmas. I can’t wait for it to be out. I worked hard on it for years. It’s worth it and I’ve gave some of my paperbacks away to close friends and family and seeing their reactions is priceless. It’s the reason why I write. I never want to give up my dream either. I really hope it sells well because I love just worrying about school and writing. It’s nice, and it causes me less stress. I love being carefree and not worrying about not having enough coverage on the sales floor. I like the fact that I didn’t have to worry about seeing mean customers, and I enjoy sleeping in too. I’ve been cleaning my room with my boyfriend’s help, and organizing everything. He means the world to me at this point, and I love having him in my life. He is better than anyone else I’ve dated. He is also my rock, and reminding me why I need to go after my dreams. I realized I do need to work harder to get out of retail since I can’t stand how bad some of the customers treat me. On my birthday I looked across the table, and a lady was staring at me rather rudely. I realized something she was a rude customer who treated me badly, and I just rolled my eyes. It was a fancy place called Ruth Chris, and it was something I treat myself to on special occasions. I really should not have let it get to me, and that’s why I need to get out of retail. I want to write, and be at a job where I’m treated with respect. I’ve had a hard time in the past, and I’m happy things finally turned around.

#NaNoWriMo starts Sunday, and I can’t wait to write, blog, and film Youtube Videos about it and the process.

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