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I’m working on a few retail related novels because there is so much more to write about on this subject. I work retail too, and it’s not just me talking to people who work it but it’s me experiencing it first hand. I wrote a novella to make fun of it, but after the first one I found more pieces to put in the story. I have a lot of notebooks just full of work notes, and even some of the meaner customer interactions. It is my first job working with the general public, and it was a real eye opener too. It made me see how people treat others on the other side of the counter. Not all of it was good. Some treated you like they are better then you, and some straight up ignored you when you greet them. The hardest part about it though was dealing with people, and solving issues with the registers and customer situations too. Sometimes it can be easy like opening boxes and stocking shelves by the tags, and putting items in the correct spot. It’s great for part time work to help you pay for college, but it’s not for everyone though. It can be stressful, and the people can be so rude that you think about punching them in the face. The customers can get to you since some of them think they are better then you just because you are on the other side. It can be enough to drive someone insane if you let it. I’m trying not to let the mean customers get to me, and it’s hard at times because when they yell at you they yell about things you have no control over. You are their favorite punching bag. No, I don’t control the prices. I don’t control the stock either. We put out stuff that’s it, and we have no idea when a company is getting a certain item in since we CAN’T control it. They don’t tell us when we get stuff in. I’m sorry we don’t have the item you saw last week because people buy stuff. I have notebooks and notebooks filled with customer issues, and mean people situations. I had a customer the other day get mad about the fact that her order was not in when we told her it was 4-5 weeks. Not 1-2 at all it can get there sometimes, but most of the time 4-5 weeks. Once we order it we have no control over it. You see why it’s not for everyone? I get yelled at over things that are not my fault. But you’ll see in the stories to come all the awesome horrible people I’ve had to deal with at my job. I don’t use names though because I don’t want a lawsuit or to get fired. It’s my way of getting things off my chest so to speak. But I’ve learned a lot too. That’s all for now.

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