#MREReviewMondays Menu 22: Asian Style Beef Strips with Vegetables:

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After some time off I’m going to try to do MRE reviews more since I have a lot of them left over. I love asian food, so this is straight up my alley. The MRE contains beverage bag, flameless ration heater, cocoa beverage powder, the entree with fried rice at the side. A spoon, apple jelly, chunky peanut butter, wheat snack bread, chocolate toffee, creamer for coffee, coffee, salt, splenda, gum, moist towelette, and toilet paper too.
Everything you need if you are a soldier out in the field. This is actually one of the more popular menus too. Once I put the apple jelly and chunky peanut butter on the wheat snack bread it tasted like a pb and j. After the entree was heated up I combined it with the rice, and I was surprised about how good it was since it tasted like a stir fry. It has water chestnuts and peas. Even pepper carrots and beef. I loved it, and it’s a good meal for a soldier.


That’s all for now the next MRE Review will be on Menu 19 Sloppy Joe Filling.

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