Updates Again….

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I have been working and going to school which is hard when you have writing along with it. I still don’t have a date for the release of The Killer Contract Agency yet. I’m just as eager as you are too, and I’ll let you know if I hear anything else. I’ll especially tell you when I do the cover reveal, and the blog tour that will happen too. I will even do a giveaway to get the word out about everything. I have the first book typed up, and I’ve been working on AngelWitch and the Second Scarlet book is also what I’m working on. I’m also reading a ton of books on marketing and I’ll do a review on that. I should but with me being so tired after work I get inspiration, and then I loose steam because I’m so tired. I have a lot of books with work notes I can use for my retail related stories. I have not been making Youtube videos either, and I have to do that more. It’s kind of hard finding motivation to do things at times, and it did seem like everything was too much. It’s not though, and I want to do more book reviews on the writing books I have and my favorite fiction series too.  I love reading in my spare time when I can. I’ve just been spending too much time on Facebook and not enough time writing and reading like I should. I do have fun writing more, and I can’t wait to show people my worlds. The paperback is more popular then the ebooks too. I noticed that people love paperbacks especially since I can sign them.

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