Chapters 11-18 of Blood Fire and Moon Watch (Complete)

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Chapter 11
I took my time getting ready for talking with the leader. So much has happened since yesterday. I went out for a run after I drove Serena home. I caught a few mice and a rabbit as a snack. I have never had much time to just enjoy my surroundings. My mansion that I share with Tolfin is in the woods. The least I could do is change and run. Daydreaming about being a wolf when it is not time to change is a past time I enjoy.
Tolfin spoke waking me out of my memory, “Dude are you ready to meet the leader?” I stopped fooling around, and I went with Tolfin to see the leader.
We drove to the leaders house. He has a nice neighborhood set in Somalia drive named after the goddess of wolves. The leader lives in a mansion as usual.
We pull up to his driveway and park the car. I get out and walk to his door. I knock it opens and we go in. We met in the living room it was all blue and green the way the female alpha decorated it. Nice scheme, but not to my taste. I sit down in one of the chairs. The leader in a bad moody already not good. Tolfin sits next to me, and the leader spoke, “So I hear you guys have found the girls we have been looking for.” I nod and proceeded to tell him what happened. After telling him the tale he gets silent for a moment. “You now realize what this means don’t you? Being tied to a vampire and a Skylon or Waterlon would make the pack stronger. It would make werewolves in other packs fear us. I think that would be a good idea.” He looked at the chair or throne that werewolves over the ages sat in. He continued, “I am ordering you to bond with them. They are becoming part of the pack.” He gave us a smile, “I know you know what this means. They will be able to defeat the werewolf hunter no problem.” I agree and we got to the vault with the rituals. We get out the ritual to make a few humans a part of the pack. Except they are not humans so we might have to make a few changes. Everything set for this weekend. We return home and I go to bed and fall asleep easily.
Waking up was not an easy task today. I get ready for school. I am still thinking about the events that have happened so far.
I rub my eyes being up later last night. I saw Jason who told me some interesting facts. The ice cold babe trio is the werewolves play things that kind of explains it. They are sluts though I was shocked. If I ever go to the leaders house I have a chance of running into them Joy!
I am fully dressed with my backpack ready so I go downstairs to join my adopted mom for breakfast.
After making a plateful I sit down and begin eating. Only to hear the dreaded question I did not want her to ask, “Where were you last night?” She asks she wore a red shirt, blue jeans, and a blue jacket with an insistent tone in her voice. I reply coolly with, “I was with Crystal and we were studying. She nods and says, “Okay just tell me the next time you go out.” She left it at that and I breathed a sigh of relief. After all what am I supposed to tell her?
Mom the reason why I was so late is because I was caught sneaking or trying to break in a house. I did that to find out information about a few new guys at school. They caught me, but the reason why they did not call the cops is because they need me to help them stop a werewolf hunter. I am a Skylon my best friend is a Waterlon, and we have to bond ourselves to a werewolf and a vampire to kick some ass. Oh and a ritual so I can come into my full power. Yeah once I utter a supernatural thing she will call then men in white coats faster then you can say oh shit!
Breakfast done I go back to the bus stop. Crystal is there ahead of time to talk about the ritual. She said, “We still need to go over today. I know we are suppose to do a ritual that enables you to come into your power. One that enables you to come into your power. One that would change your life permanently or temporarily binds you to a werewolf.” When she repeats it the consequence finally hit I am like why.
The time to act like a kid vanishes though. I have to help them though I wonder how deadly the guy is anyway. “So lets go over the ritual again.” She went over it, and it requires vampire and werewolf blood. Then I have to give them mine then the elements are called in.
The ritual seems easy to do. As we were discussing it Sonya Sanrio came up to us, “What happened to Dante?” She replied coolly,”We broke up because he is a dick to me. He even cheated on me with another girl that is not all though. The next day he ended up in an insane asylum for thinking he was a werewolf.” I laughed, “At least he got what he deserved.” I rolled my eyes. “Wow he must be seriously deluding himself if he believes that.” She nod, “I am at another high school now, but I just wanted to tell you bye because you warned me about him ahead of time and I thank you for that.” Then she walked away leaving me relieved, and I now have one less asshole to deal with now. The bus came, and we both go on sitting at our usual seat. Silence ensured as the bus made its way to school. We get there and make our way inside.
I get to my locker only to run into the trio bitches. Just a great way to start the morning with the bitches.
The sluts as usual dressed in their finest slut gear complete with nipple poking out shirts, slutty mini skirts that show their asses and come fuck me heels. Terry, Amberlynn, and Sarah lee Robinson just great. Terry comes up and says, “Oh, look it’s the trash twins. I thought they took you guys out a few hours ago.” Here is me, I really do not care what you have to say. You suck at comebacks. You think the world revolves around you, and you have to be the center of attention. You tell people mean stuff about me when they really do not care, and they do not remember you afterward. Who is pathetic now? I have more important matter on my mind then your childish high school bullshit. You say I am stuck on the past, and you try to compete with everyone. You break friendships apart and cheat on boyfriends. You complain all the time. You’re an ugly drama starter and I do not care whether you live or die. You can’t even think of a good name to call me. Bitch is that the best you can do? If so I feel sorry for you. You’re a waste of time talking to.”
I turned my back on her not really caring about talking to her or dealing with her. She just wants attention anyway, and I have far more important things to deal with then a piece of trash like her.
She has other plans though, “Why you little bitch I ought to have my lover Voldy kick your ass.” I reply with a whatever tone since I was over her horse shit, “He needs me, and I am far more useful then you bitch. I bet you he thinks you’re a palytoy that is it he probably does not care whether you live or die you dirty whore so fuck off you slut. Do not even think about replying because I can sleep peacefully knowing you are going to get what is coming to you if you keep being such a horrible person.” She cries and runs away I doubt I will have to see her in class because she is a weak bitch. She skips school so much I doubt she will make it to graduation. I am just laughing at her I stopped caring about her bullshit because I really do not let it get to me. She goes out with certain people just to piss of her dad, and she is in the hospital a whole lot because the doctors keep thinking she has terminal illnesses when they do not understand she is that way because it is all in her head. I laugh at people like her. The people so obsessed with drama that they have to be mean to people to think they gain power when in reality they mean nothing.
I am not worried people like them always get what is coming to them.
I go to my first period class and the announcements come on it seems like hours before they stop. Class begins and ends. The day goes on and on until finally we go to the bus loop.
Oliver catches up to us, “you guys were supposed to come with us to our car. I forgot to tell you that and we were supposed to pick you guys up this morning, but we forgot because we were running late. Sorry about that.”
We followed him back and got into a red jeep! Yay!
“How was your day today?” I asked Oliver.
“Good not as boring as I thought it would be. The only part I did not like was the bitch Terry in my class. She was my partner in theater.”
I got jealous my mortal enemy spending time with him and not me? Ahhhh.. Stupid feelings for him, and I am beginning to like Jason as well. I had nothing to say I kept silent.
Crystal spoke, ”Well Tolfin looks like we are the only ones that had a good day.” He smiles at her, “True I guess I am occupied about what is going to happen. Not to mention Tony is joining the bond.”
It hits me that I am going to be tied to a vampire and a girl that is a Skylon. Wow. My life is going to change then after today it will no longer be the normal werewolf day. I will have two other souls to deal with now. I actually hate that I do not have a choice, but I would rather it be me then any other.
A week ago I would never have known Skylons existed I would never have thought I would be in this position. I think I am falling for her. Not good Shit!
A human girl is not worth all the trouble I went through with Sarah. All those calls I had to make just so we could hang out. It was a hassle really.
I have to be tied temporarily to an assholish bloodsucker trying to move on her. Fucking Italians and their bullshit. I bet you he is just trying to get into her pants and suck her dry.
I wonder what Skylon blood tastes like. Does it taste salty and metttalic or sweet like the finest champagne?
The ritual was pretty cool too. The time was coming soon, and all three of us would get power beyond our control.
All of these thoughts going through my head like busy bees. They all stop when I realize we are there.
We all get in my house to prepare for the rituals. I make sure everyone is in the room when I make this announcement. Everyone ssits down so I say, “I did more on the ritual and the bond is not permanent it is temporary. I do not think we have to worry about it being permanent.” Everyone breathes a sigh of relief because that seems like it is too close to marriage for my liking. I am not ready for that at all.
We had to wait for a certain time for it to begin. Now it was only a matter of seconds.

Chapter 12
A crash got our attention it was so sudden that we just stood there until something knocked Tolfin down. That is when all hell broke loose, and before I knew it I was running away with Crystal trying to get away from whatever was chasing us.
Vanta Sandy was the one chasing us. I could tell by the fact I heard him say, “Die you werewolf abominations! Die!”
Oliver runs ahead of us and opens an awesome secret passage way. Cool! Aww.. the asshole had to interrupt my ceremony. Adrenaline ran through me, and my heart is racing from the running.
I laugh to break the tension, “So Crystal that was fun. I guess the guy is still terrorizing the people upstairs.”
“maybe,” She looked down at the floor,
“I am worried about Tolfin though, and the vampires too. I hope Tony will make it.”
I got worried I did not see Jason anywhere. Thankfully they appeared a few minutes later. They were fine, but they had a few scratches here and there. Yay! The question was though what the hell happened?
I turned to Jason, “What happened?”
“Well, Vanta Sandy broke something. Then a few of his cohorts attacked us from behind.”
“We won that is the important part. They had a whole lot maybe 6 guys, but we could take them. They were weak humans after all.”
I sighed in relief that no one was hurt. We go out of the vault which was an empty room with a bed, and a few other pieces of furniture. It was like a bomb shelter.
I was going to get out of the hall when someone put something over my mouth. I could not breathe it felt like something was smothering me. I blacked out.
I thought Serena came back with us. I am pretty sure she was right behind us. A sick feeling began twisting in my gut, and I began searching for her. Tolfin was searching for Crystal too. It looks like they both disappeared. I got Jason, “Any luck finding either of them? I sniffed everywhere and after a while their scent just disappears. The funny thing is it is in a spot that is not near anywhere.”

Chapter 13
God, do I have such shitty luck. Why do these stupid things keep happening to me? Not only did I get kidnapped, but I was stupid enough to think I was safe. I should have been suspicious, and thought something was up.
Apparently when I get knocked out not only do I not go to sleep, but I get kicked out of my body as well. I also get captured by the asshole trying to kill us.
I am in a cell and crystal is across from me. The walls are white, and I am in a metal barred cage with a bad paint job. There are still clumps of paint on the walls. Kind of like a jail cell or a murderers dungeon.
Instead of freaking out though it is now time for me to assess the situation. Crystal is here right across from me.
I am asleep or my body is. I have no idea about what happened though. I am guessing Vanta Sandy knocked me out, and he put me in a cell so the ritual is not complete, and so we will not be in his way so he can carry out his evil plan. That is what I heard from him at least. Wow.. this astral projection thing is awesome. I am sitting actually standing in front of him. He looks like a dork.
Greasy black hair, beady black eyes, short and very nerdy. White shirt and jeans with dorky glasses thick framed, and he has a voice that sounds like he smokes too much. This is the guy the werewolves are afraid of? A guy who looks like he is more comfortable in a computer store chain smoking then planning a plot to kill werewolves. Seriously is this some kind of joke?
I hope I am on a tv show with cameras. Someone should come out and just say just kidding. Now here is the real guy. No? Oh well.
I look around the captors place to get a better view. Or a better sight of the layout. Key cards are required. Cameras are everywhere thankfully not in the bathroom. Hand scans are everywhere and guards up the ass. Joy this looks like a covert operation. This thing must not have been easy to build. I forgot to mention the loads of computer terminals.
I am not freaking out because I know someone will come and get us. I hope to keep calm because it will be no good if I panic. So, I explore the place, and try to stay calm. It looks as if there is no hope. I spot a weapon lab and a chemical one. I see training rooms, and a big library. There are even places where they sleep looking at the place, and exploring was very helpful especially because I never got caught.
I thought about my body, and went back in. I sat up still groggy from the drugs, and I looked over at Crystal who was pacing around in the cell across from mine. She looked over at me, “Hey I was not sure if you were up. I did not want to wake you in case you were sleeping off the effects of the drugs he gave us.”
“Okay well I am alright. The drugs are out of my system.”
She nodded, “Good to know the question now is how do we get out of here.’
I looked over at the guards who had a blank face, and acted very guardlike by scanning everything in sight. They are big and muscled and looked to be ex-military. Great! I guess they would not pay attention to me even if I flashed them. Stuck here I have no idea where I am either. I wonder if Oliver is looking for me yet. I put my head down, and lay on my bed thinking Oliver where are you? God, I am so lonely right now.
She got kidnapped by Vanta Sandy. We reviewed the camera tapes, and sure enough it is him drugging them, and disappearing through a trap door. Our tech guy Jordan is working on their location. The moments are going by very slow, and I am getting more worried every moment we do not find her.
Finally, we get a hit that takes place in underground Star Street. We have finally pin pointed their location. Volderius in nowhere to be seen though. He is probably with the alpha female leaving me in charge of the operation. Tolfin was with me along with Jason and Tony. We gathered some weapons and headed out. Now it was only a matter of getting a map of the layout, and soon we were on our way there.
After the pity party I talked with Crystal. Since I know it would be stupid to talk about escaping in front of the guards. I looked around to find something to knock them out with. A pipe was conveniently laying around, so I looked at the pipe, and it moved I lifted it up, and smacked the guards in the head with it good enough to knock them out. Once that was done I saw the key lying on a hook next to the door. I moved the key and it went to my hand. I unlocked the cells and told crystal about the layout.
We came up with a plan. We would go out the door and she would freeze anyone in our way. Any terminals we come across would be hacked into. We made our way into the core of the facility. Freezing anyone in our path. Adrenaline running through me driving me to keep running, and I tried to keep up with Crystal. Things were going good until an alarm blared sending me into panic mode.
The room we entered immediately closed off, and Vanta Sandy caught up with us. Again you asshole I wanted to say. I kept my mouth shut, kept a blank face, and prepared for what would come next.
We were going through the place dodging guards and kicking ass. I took a hold of one guy snapped his neck and I kept on moving. The vampires are right along with Tolfin and me doing their share of carnage as well. Going past rooms with guards trying to get in our way I am desperately trying to find my love to make sure she is okay, and keeping her safe is my priority ever since I have found my soul mate and going past more rooms searching for the two girls one who I am friends with the other I love.
Then we get to a closed door. No sign of Vanta Sandy or the girls anywhere else. I break down the door, and I find Vanta Sandy in front of him stood Crystal and Serena. I don’t think I react especially when the girl is mine, and has been mine since I first laid my eyes on her.
I attack Vanta Sandy bringing him to the ground. I don’t let him speak at all. He can’t speak anyway because I am choking him. Turning blue from it, and I want to finish him off, but Tolfin pulls me off him and says, ”Volderius wants him alive not dead. We both saw this facility and this is not the only one either.” I look up at him and say, “If it would me you would already be dead by now.” He scowls at me and the backup werewolves take him away. I look at Crystal and Serena with frightened looks on their faces, “I am not sorry for doing that,” I look at both of them, “I should have killed the guy after what he did to you guys. I am a wolf. Iprotect what is mine, and I will kill when necessary without mercy of remorse especially if certain people are in danger.” I looked at Serena, “I do not think like you at all. When someone like him tries to hurt the people I care about. I really do not want them to live I want them to die so they will no longer be a threat to their safety.”
After that I turn my head and walk back. Tolfin puts Vanta Sandy in cuffs. Then in a black tuck that had a cell in the back, and I went in the front to make our way to the leaders house.
Chapter 14
It is a good thing Oliver was there, but after what happened with Vanta Sandy I am not sure I want him around me. Not right now. Before Oliver arrived when Vanta Sandy cornered us I thought we would not make it out alive. My mind flashed back to all the things I would miss, and the people I never got to say goodbye to.
If I died that day I would have never graduated at all. It would break my moms heart for a policeman to come to her house, and inform her that her one and only daughter is dead. I thank my lucky stars I only got scratched up, and that no real major damage was done. I am sitting in a limo with leather seats. Jason is sitting next to me holding me, comforting me I melt in his arms because he makes me feel that good. Dressed in all black with his Italian accent. His blondish-brownished red hair and hazel eyes.
A real looked in my eyes his accent not as deep as some Italian ones. Just a light accent that makes me feel safe. I could have lost him, and never have seen him again. I hate admitting this, but there are things I could like about Jason or Oliver. Crystal was sitting in the seat across from me her head buried in Tony’s chest.
I could tell she liked him. I could tell she had more then friendship feelings for him. Holding his hand like he was her food, water, air like if she let go she would fall into despair. She loved being with him she said as much when we were in the cell, and she thought that I could not hear her. Her eyes were closed enjoying his company.
I admit to enjoying Jason I grabbed his hand, and put my head on his shoulder his body was warm for a vampire. I asked for sheer curiosity sake, “So, how did you guys find us?”
“The werewolves tech guy did. They notified us when they found your location.” I yawned and rubbed my eyes that were starting to go bleary.
We go to my house, and I said goodbye to Jason who said, “Sweet dreams I was happy we got to you in time. I do not want to loose you.” Then he kissed me, and the whole world narrowed to just us. I saw lights and stars and fireworks, everything you could think of or imagine just in that one kiss.
After a few minutes he reluctantly pulled away and left. Leaving me in shock. A hot vampire kissed me, and it was amazing. I slowed myself down. I got ready for bed and was fast asleep.
I went to the leaders house with Vanta Sandy in tow. It’s a good thing we tied him up. Now it was time for an interrogation. We needed to find out all about his facility. The leader wanted to know everything about his operation. I was standing with Tolfin in a little room that we used for interrogating. He was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. His hands and feet were chained as well so he could not get away. A defiant expression was on his face, “So did you really think I can’t get out you stupid wolf?” I laugh, “Your hands and feet are tied. That material is pure steel are you stupid enough to think you can?”
“My henchman are finding a way to get me out when I do you will be sorry.”
“Was that before or after I killed their sorry asses?”
I gave him a sadistic smile, “I especially had fun tearing the throat of Nina. I am sure you remember her blonde, big-boobed, stupid blue eyes that looked at me with a worshipful gaze.”
That pissed him off, “Why I ought to kill you for getting rid of my nina.”
The leader came in making me smile at him one more time before the questioning began.
“How did you get those girls and why are they so important to you?”
“As if I am going to tell you. You’re a fucking freak.”
“Maybe but you’re the asshole that is trying to kill us and failing horribly I might add.”
“It’s a damn shame I did not kill those two bitches it would serve you right too.”
“Enough with this horseshit. I will ask you a few questions and you will answer them.”
Then he used his mind to cause pain to him. I knew that feeling. His power sends a knock to your nervous system which feels like being shocked from the inside out. Vanta Sandy screamed breathing hard when it was done.
“What did you do to me you freak?”
“Sent a volt of electricity through you that will happen again and again if you do not answer my question.”
He even got scared a little which made me happy, but it must have hurt him if he is now willing to cooperate.
“Fine I will answer your questions you stupid dickhead.”
Now the leader smiled, “Why did your guys try to eliminate the girls what are they to you?”
“I do not really care for them it is the sorcerer that does. He is paying me to capture them not kill them. I was not trying to kill them just knock them out. The sorcerer wants their gifts, and he cannot steal them if they do the ritual.”
Oh good to know that means we need to do the ritual, so he cannot steal their powers.
We got all the important stuff out of him like his facility. He was training more people like him. The thing we should do next is get the girls into their powers. After that destroy the facility. Vanta Sandy also wound up telling us that there are various relics of power throughout the region. The only way to destroy them is use the Skylon and Waterlon to locate and use or destroy the relics.
These are great relics of power if the sorcerer gets his hands on them who knows what kind of chaos he will cause.
That is another thing we have to do. We have a whole lot of stuff to do, now we have to have their help first.
Interrogation done I went back to my mansion to rest. I think we have a whole lot to do, so much it feels like there is a weight on my shoulders.
I turned on the tv realizing the world knows about creatures also, but we still hide.
The whole point ion giving us our own region is so that we can live in peace, and not hurt humans. I see news about a club called Spydeco apparently a few vampires were biting illegally on a patron.
A civil rights bill passed making it illegal to bite people with out their permission.
Werewolves have a no changing on public property law. Laws written to protect werewolf citizens. There is still some decrimination around. I do not care though. The humans really do not matter to me. I see them as prey that is all. The whole lot of them could die and I would not care. The humans are a stupid species that deserved to be wiped out. I turned off the tv pissed yet again because of the news. I go to sleep anxious about tomorrow.

Chapter 15
Bleary and not ready to go to school I get up to face school anyway. I get dressed in my usual ensemble after I shower and then brush my teeth.
My mind was far away in the clouds stuck on what happened yesterday. The ceremony got interrupted and I got captured by the big bad. It took 4 hours to find me and then get out unbelievable stuff. I thought that only happens in movies and not real life boy was I wrong.
Another day and another chance to finally do the ceremony. Oliver called and told me that it was planned for today. I sat through first period and second was good except for these two obnoxious bitches. I saw my friend, and I waved to her. I sat at my usual seat and nothing pisses me off more then eavesdroppers. After I talk they continue their conversations how pathetic. Its like they have nothing better to do then get in other peoples business it is funny. I really do not take that stuff seriously.
The rest of the day went by in a blur, and before I knew it the time to do the ritual was near. I got ready and prepared to change my life forever.
My nerves were catching up to me realizing what was coming up next. It was the ritual all of us were gathered in a circle. Dressed in nice clothes that looked like we were going to the prom instead of a ritual. There was tension in the room. I was not surprised though about that we were at the leaders house in a sacred room. The resident shaman named Salina led the ceremony. There was an alter set up with the book in the middle on top of the altar was a knife and a chalice with red, blue, yellow and green candles. I guess nothing that looked satanic or witchcrafty. There were salts and water bowls. A bowl of earth, and sage which was used in cleansing the air of negativity. The time to do the ritual is in a few minutes which built and built until finally it was time to start.
We held up our hands as the witch took salt and walked around the room in a circle. While she was doing it she lit the sage and walked around the room with it. She lit all the candles in the room, and the smell of sage was blowing through the room. All the negativity was wiped out. It cleansed every inch of the room. After that was done she went back to the altar and opened the book. Everyone had their eyes on her because she had a commanding gaze and presence. White hair like snow and electric blue eyes dressed in a white robe that is roman or geek style. She was really a sight to gaze at. She spoke in a honeyed commanding voice, “We are gathered here to bring a Waterlon and Skylon into their power. Two beings who will be tied temporarily to a werewolf and a vampire, while they are bonded they will absorb some of their abilities. Four lives will be changed forever after this, and now let the ceremony commence.” She took a knife off the table. “Oliver and Jason step forward.” They both went to the center where the altar was she grabbed their arms, and made a cut on each of their wrists. Their expressions did not give anything away though as the knife bit into their skin. Blood welled from their cuts making a steady drip which was flowing into the goblet. “Step forward Serena.” I stepped forward, and shuddered I held back a scream as the knife bit into my skin. The wound bled into a separate cup. She put the cups on the altar, and then two more cups materialized on a second separate altar. That effect was cool like something out of a Disney World ride like the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney magic kingdom. There is a table that materializes out of nowhere. Invisible strings anyone?
She got Tony and Tolfin to step forward, and made cuts on them which went into the cup followed by Crystal. It surprised me when she had an expression on her face like she enjoyed it.
I think she likes pain, and that is one fact that I did not know about her. After all that was done the magic started going like a force through the room. A circle surrounded us. “From this day forward you all are bound by blood, drink from all the cups to finish the ceremony, so this part is complete.”
I took a sip of Oliver and Jason’s cup grossed out they did the same to mine, and Crystal along with Tony and Tolfin did as well. Then I drank from Crystals and she drank from mine. They tasted interesting not coppery at all instead it tasted of the forest, and the elements it had a primal feel to it. It was syrupy and sweet and Crystal tasted like the beach and ocean. There was a kick to it like a spicy after taste.
I wanted to say eww gross, but I could not do it because it tasted good. It made me wonder if I lost my mind as well then I remember the ritual. The liquid all gone, and we wait to see what happens next.
There were four candles not lit, and she lights them on the altar saying a few words I did not recognize. The room was filling up with more pressure waiting for something building.
Suddenly the earth shakes and a blinding light binds all of us together. A force so powerful it feels like a warm safe blanket is enfolding us. Any tension I had melted away, and the world shifted. In that moment I was no longer ordinary Serena Starfire. I became a true Skylon that had come into her power.
Crystal was glowing as well her hair turned pure gold. Her eyes were now an electric powerful blue. She had blue streaks on her face like the marking of a warrior. The elements came to the ceremony also. A blue, green, red and yellow play of living breathing energetically colors. A pretty sight to see. It faded though and the ceremony was over. Now time to get dressed, and discuss the next plan.

Chapter 16
Skylon blood still lingered in my mouth a little. It tasted like sea water and the forest. My arm stung from where I got cut. The ceremony was a beautiful sight. I can now feel serena in my head like a bright light. Jason feels like a dark dream. I am bonded to them now. I know where they are, what they feel, and some of their thoughts.
The vampire was hungry that power must have been strong for him to need blood now.
Great just what I needed to know the thoughts of a blood sucker. Uhh.. The jerk is after Serena too. On the other hand it is good to know the heads up now. I can be one step ahead of him and beat him to his own game. May the best vamp or were win. I got dressed in my usual clothes. The ceremony was over, so now it was time to deal with the other issue. We had to go back to the base kill all the were hunters in training and blow up the facility.
I am at my house now with the rest of the gang in the living room. I set up a fire to get some warmth inside the cold place. I lit the logs on fire, and waited until the embers kicked up making a red glow in the room.
I sat down on the couch tired because the ritual took a whole lot of energy out of me. I looked around the room noticing everything, and that everyone was just as tired as I was. Weary and ready to go to bed I just said, “Lets do the planning tomorrow because we are all tired, and I doubt we would get anything done in this state anyway.”
Everyone agreed and left leaving me with my thoughts buzzing like bees at a beehive. I went to bed certain why I wanted everyone to go. I’ll be damned if I deal with Jason now. I slept..
I woke up glad it was Friday. I just had to suffer the rest of the day through school. Mom was at the table and we were eating breakfast. She was silent like maybe she was thinking of something, “ I know you spend long hours at a friend’s house studying for tests, but there seems to be a test every day. You’re not on drugs are you?” She asks intently. I laugh, “No why would I be when I see what it does to people? I watched grandma go into shock, and have a stroke with it.” She says, “Okay I just want you to have a good education, and get into college. I do not want to see you fail, and drop out like some kids your age do.”
“I am not going to end up like them I am way too smart for that.”
Breakfast done I said good bye and left.
Crystal was already there a bit earlier than usual. I ask, “What is up?”
“ I got here earlier so we could discuss a few things before we go to school. My powers are awesome also. We are both immune to bullets and knives. We can levitate and I have super strength. The coolest part is that I can control it.” Sweet ass kicking here I come. They would be so cool to practice. Wow… I never noticed how bright it is outside.
“Hey Crystal how long does it take for our bodies to adjust?”
“A few days I have to warn you there are other effects besides these. You get enhanced hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. You might have a taste for blood because of the vampire bonding. You will also be able to be turned into a wolf.”
Awesome.. Though the vampire part might cause some issues. The people start coming to the bus stop, so crystal and I shut up for now. The bus arrives we get on and head out to the school.
It was a pretty day as Tolfin and I head to school. The effects are pretty neat. I can feel Serena who is on the bus with Crystal. Jason is on his way as well. Today after school we are meeting back at my house to discuss the plans next. We are going to do it on the weekend. The reason is so it will not interfere with school it is a three day weekend which is cool.
I had realized the bond caused some issues when I moved a spoon just by thinking about it. I am also came to the conclusion that I am invulnerable to knives. I cut something up the knife slipped, but it did not cut me. The way the knife was positioned I would have thought it would do a little damage, but the skin is smooth to the touch. Hmm.. I even have a desire for blood that goes beyond being a werewolf. There will probably be other effects I just have to see what happens. We arrive at school, and park the car in the school parking lot. We get out of the car and head to the building. My vision gets weird for a split second. Everything turns black except for the people who have blue and green lights surrounding their body. I can even smell their blood pumping through their veins. Interesting yet annoying. I will have a little chat later with Jason in fact the three of us will have to discuss the repercussions of the bond.
“Tolfin how long are these effects going to last?”
“I have no idea dude.” I told him about all the effects that were happening. He was silent, “oh wow the same effects are happening to me bro.”
God dammit stupid bitch Skylon. I am stuck with a bond thing. We have Vanta Sandy at least. I got to execute him this morning.
I took care of his body so no one will ever find out. After a few days the leader wanted nothing to do with him. He sent me to execute him and dispose his remains. It is a good thing to. After what he did to Serena he deserved it. I think about the feel of her. The way she acts how incredibly sexy she is. It grows on you though. Bonded to her I could tell she was in the building. While I was day dreaming about her I realized I was in school. The hallway was crowded with people. The smells of the students jammed into the hall was enough for me to wish for nose plugs. Everyone was loud with noise I was following the crowd that had gathered around to see what was going on. Jason was facing off with Terry the resident bitch, “No for the 100th time I am not interested in you. You are an ugly whore.”
“You would choose that stupid brunette who is a total piece of trash instead of a cutie like me?”
She looked at him with wide eyes. I almost threw up in my mouth a little she is an ugly bitch not cute at all with an ugly interior.
“Maybe you should shut the fuck up, and stop making fun of her you blonde slut. She does not stab people in the back, or spread rumors like you. She is better then you in every way.” I got up in the middle of it, and walked up to her. “Maybe you should keep your legs closed at least she has not fucked half the football team.” I argued. I am honestly getting tired of her bullshit. She is a pain in everyone’s side. The two of us ganging up on her made her back off, but I said, “That is right run away you cowardly bitch. Say that again and you will be sorry.” Jason held me back from running after her. I was greatful for that because there was no telling what would happen if the worst went down. I saw Serena with a greatful look in her eyes. She hugged me and said, “Thank you I was really tempted to beat her ass.”
“Glad I could save you the trouble,” I replied glad she hugged me.
‘Honestly if it was not for Jason that stupid bitch would have regretted it by now. I fucking hate her.” That is my feisty girl. Not a whore or a drama filled whore. A girl who has standards and morals. I like her more and more. Geeze that bitch terry causes trouble. It almost made me think about telling the boss to kill her. Oh well that problem done I go to my first class after saying bye to Serena.
God these humans are fucking annoying pieces of gossipy shit. Lieing to each other, backstabbing, stealing each other’s boyfriends, and spreading rumors about each other.
Don’t they realize it would bite them in the ass later down the line? No, because they are stupid idiots that have to always be the center of attention. I heard one girl say to another girl, “Don’t waste your breath it is not worth it.” God how pathetic she also had the nerve to eaves drop in her conversation like a pathetic child and said, “Don’t let me hear my name come out of her mouth.” The girl was crying after that. I took note of it. I found the girl was named Peggy sue.She will be fun to mess with. If she wants to be mean I know just the person to talk to. Scarlet Nightshade a notorious vampire around our world who has killed as many as 17 high school bullies, so if anyone can kill without being found out it is her. She will only do it if the case is really mean and nasty, and this is one of those cases.
I kept that in mind while I wrote what happened down on paper. I sent a text message to her cell during lunch. She replied with an ok. That bitch will die making me happy inside. No one should do that to a person because it is rude, mean, and immature. Stephan Silorn is her boyfriend and a very good friend of mine. He was the one who turned her. The day went by in a blur fast again. I met Serena and Crystal in the parking lot. We headed to my house Jason and Tony were meeting us there. We get there and head in.

Chapter 17
The whole situation with Terry forgotten I put my thoughts on more important matters. That bitch does need to shut up though. I sit down exhausted from hearing the teachers and kids talking. The smell of the fire was peaceful with the burnt log smell. Then we all gather in the entertainment room instead because a board is set up discussing the layout. Crystal and I give them an overview of what we saw all the rooms and security stuff. We ate dinner after a couple of hours of planning. We would get them tonight so we can be done with it quickly. I called mom and told her me and Crystal would be staying at a friends. She said, “Okay hun see you tomorrow.” She hung up.
We gathered at olivers car to discuss last minute plans, and headed out. On the way there I got nervous because we were heading to a place that was dangerous, and for all we knew they could have changed security measures. I was determined though to be brave.
I reminded myself that we had to take care of this. There was no way we could avoid destroying this.
We went past hills and the sky was blue with endless clouds. A pretty sight with flowers sprouting up. That no way reflects what is about to take place. I was expecting rain, thunder, and lightning guess not. Oh well. It was a few minutes more before we got there everyone was silent. Oliver contemplating, Jason was excited, and he told me it was a long time since he did this. Tolfin was revved up and crystal was thoughtful I asked, “Are you scared at all?” She shook her head, “No the bad guy is dead, so this should be an easy clean up. Just destroy the guys and the base right?”
‘I hope so.” With that we left. I hoped that is all we had to do, but things are never that easy.
This should be an easy clean up. I would do the neck snapping along with Tolfin and the vampires. Hopefully everything will go as planned. If not well someone will have to pay. I am happy about the carnage though. Crystal and Serena made us all invulnerable so we do not have to worry about getting injured or killed. It was time to invade the basterds who captured them, and time for them to go down. We get to the front which is closed because of a security card.
“okay going in the front is stupid. Do you think that would be smart? They could be waiting with guns trained at the door.”
“I know,” I reply, “but we are immune to bullets.”
“So, we still do not have to go in guns blazing they might not even be waiting there.” Okay he made a good point. We went to the back instead. Strangely it was easy for Crystal to get it open.
We got in and walked to the door. After Crystal unlocked it we were making our way to the security room. Nothing changed at all. There were a few guards we had to kill, but that was easy enough. We made our way to the security room and killed the guard in there. Crystal got in the security system and turned off all the locked doors. The ones with ID card required are now open.
I see all the rooms empty until I came across a room with the three bitches there. My eyes widen in shock, “Tolfin come here. Jason, Serena come see this.” They look.
“Holy shit.”
“is that who I think it is?”
“No it can’t be.”
“But it is,” I reply, “Now I guess we have no choice but to kill them.”
Stupid bitches.
“Who will do the honors?”
“I get Terru.” Serena said matter of factly.
“You sure one of us could do it instead?”
“Yes, I am sure after all she did the most to me, so it would be only fair if I give her the proper send off.”
“Okay if you are sure.”
‘I am someone needed to kill her anyway. Its only fair if I do it.”
We turned off the cameras. That part done the only thing we had to do now was face off with the bitches, and blow up the place.
I get to kill the one bitch I hate in the world. Yeah. As my all time favorite hero says, “Its time to kick ass, and chew some bubblegum and I am all out of gum.” Said by Duke Nukem. I love his style and Serious Sam as well.
Now, we made our way to the bitch room. I am oing to have fun with this. A girl appeared out of nowhere long dark brown hair. Chocolate colored eyes and tan. Not to mention petite looking dressed in an all black ninja suit.
“Scarlet Nightshade what are you doing here?”
“Some bullies need to be killed.”
“I know who you are talking about, but I have it under control.” She points to me. “Who is she?”
“Serena Starfire like I said we have it under control. Serena got bullied by them.”
“I see I would not want to take away that satisfaction for you. If you are sure then I will leave.”
“We are.” She nods then disappears.
We keep moving I get to the doorway. I take a deep breath, and open the door.
Only to hear a chick-chick sound. Realizing she has guards aiming all sorts of guns at our head. I faked wide eyes and act like I am afraid. Terry has a nasty smile aimed my way.
“And just what do you think you are doing here?”
“Ju-Just passing through.”
“Well we can’t have you all running around now can we.” She snaps her fingers. The guards obey like trained monkeys.
“Tie all of them up please. I am so going to enjoy tourturing them before killing them.”
Oliver says in my head.
“Play along everyone.”
I think to myself stupid bitch.
“Why are you doing this?”
She sighs and says in a bored voice, “I suppose I could tell you the whole story before I torture and kill you guys.” She looks at oliver, “You should have joined me all of you.” Amberlynn and Sarah lee were there as well snickering and whispering something laughing at us being tied up.
“Crystal takes Amberlynn I get Sarah lee.” Jason says. Terry kept rambling on about how cute Oliver, Tolfin, and Tony, and Jason were, and how much she wanted to fuck them, “But now for my story of how I am here.” Get on with it you stupid bitch. She gave a dramatic pause,” I have been loyal to Volderius for a month now. Everything was going great until he kept talking about his other pet Kristy Stanley. That bitch took my place, and he tossed me aside like I was nothing to him. I loved him, and he treated me like shit. He also kept going on and on about how good of an asset you are. That made me jealous, and he way Oliver and Jason ignored me for you pissed me off even more.”
“Is that why you treated me badly because you are hurt?” She looked at me shocked, and after the way she treated me before I was surprised she even let me speak. She continued, “ Yes, because you get treated by him like you are special, and he tosses me aside like I was a pet he no longer wanted. “
“That is not a reason to treat me the way you did I know you are nicer then that deep down.” She gets more shocked I am on a roll realizing how wrong we both treated each other, so I went ahead continuing. “I know we have not exactly been friends. We were in the past though. What happened to you? Sleeping around with guys you do not even love? Hurting others by making fun of them, and talking about them behind their backs? Is this what you want to be known as?” She blinked realizing I was asking her a question.” I did not realize I was that bad. I am so sorry Serena. I did not realize how much I had hurt people.” She kept going letting the bad stuff go away, and it took years off her. Years of bullying, hurt, anger, all those horrible things she did now being taken back. She was just as hate filled as I was. I realized then that I could never kill her, and not regret it. I will do whatever I have to in order for her to be safe from Vanta Sandy who is somewhere after escaping. She continued, “I took it out on people because I was hurt. I know I did awful things, but I can change. I will stop talking about you behind your back, and spreading rumors about people. I will apologize to everyone I hurt. I will never steal anyone’s boyfriend. I will never think the whole world is about me. I will listen to other people instead of letting my problems be more important then them. I will try not to compete with friends anymore, or break up friendships. Some of them were my friends, and I should have treated them better. I got sick I thought I was going to die, so I gave up and took it out on my friends and others.” The twins were silent thinking about what she said. It was Sarah /lee who spoke, “We are sorry too, and we will try to be nicer.”
“So much for killing them.” A rude voice interrupted of course it was Vanta Sandy who was looking at Terry and spoke, “ You joined me because I knew how badly that stupid dog was treating you. I was hoping Volderius was going to be killed by me or you. You told me everything you knew about Volderius you even tried to poison him. When that did not work you tried other things.” She was crying which made me mad at him. I said, “I do not care what he did to you. You’re a stupid ugly dick using a girl for your own ends. I ought to kill you it would serve you right.” I stood up and teleported out of my bindings. The guards were stupid enough to start firing at me. I waited until all the guns were out of ammo. The smoke evaporated from all the guns there was a gun powder taste in the room. It revealed me standing there unscathed. The dick gave me wide eyes and I just laughed, ”I am so getting tired of your stupid ass. Waah Poor me the leader hurt my family, and now I want my revenge like a moron. Waah I am not getting attention.” I noticed the guards trying to hurt me. I was not worried the rest of the group got free of their bindings, and they began tearing down the guards leaving Amber Lynne and Sarah Lee alone. They left me to deal with Vanta Sandy.
“So dick it is just you and me may the best person win.”
Vanta Sandy had a gun in his hand. I let him load it knowing they could not hurt me. “You know those will not effect me, and they will just bounce off me right?” He laughed, “I am not shooting you.” I realized he was aiming at Terry and her gang who were huddled in a corner. I tried to prevent it, but I started running Vanta Sandy shot all of them down before I could do anything. That made me realize he had lightning fast reflexes. I hit him and tossed his gun across the room. “Let’s do it without guns ok.” He nodded
I jumped on him and toppled him to the ground. I ground his face into the floor he bucked sending me crashing into the wall. I got up and punched him in the face which made him mad enough to charge at me. I stepped out of the way. Smiling that made him mad as well. He jumped at me again. I got bored I grabbed his neck, and snapped his head off.
That was fun I finally got my revenge on him, but why do I feel horrible now? I guess because three people died today that should not have. I thought I could save her, but I was too late in the end. Everyone was done with the violence, and we headed out.

Chapter 18

We won, killed the guards, and Serena ended Vanta Sandy once and for all. The school will be more bearable now that the Ice Cold Babe Trio is gone. We won like I knew we would, and because I am just that good. We planted bombs throughout the facility everyone was dead anyway. A loud bang sounded as the place exploded into a whole lot of pieces.
Updates: Scarlet Nightshade joined the vamps and went back to her boyfriend. They are now a part of Tony and Jason’s clan.
We stayed away from the explosion so we would not get hit by the shrapnel. After that everyone was exhausted, so we went to our houses. I told the leader what happened with the betrayal. He said, “Not surprising girls like her could not be trusted. She deserved what she got in the end. She dug her own grave, and she deserved to lay by it.”
Deep down I knew he was right. If you be like that the world does not look at you in a good way.
A funeral was held for the girls that died. Everyone attended except the six of us. Their bodies were burned, so they never were found. The girls just have a tombstone with their names on it.
School was opened after a week of mourning. I had no regrets about all the killings. I talked to Serena who admitted she was falling for me. I was falling for her as well. She also loved Jason too which was reasonable given that we are all bonded. I am still dealing with being connected to him, and blocking him sometimes when I don’t want him in my head.
I still have Allesha and Rockie to deal with now that she has become a shell. The sorcerer was identified, and Devlin escaped the facility before we blew it up. Serena does not care to start things with me. She does not want anything to do with me. The school year is not over, so Jason, Serena, and I will have to come to an agreement. The bond is still there. I am just figuring it out though. Our resident witch told us the bond will last for a few years then gradually fade away, but there might be a way to make it permanent. I hope not I do not want to be stuck with someone like her.
I thought I was an ordinary human with psychic abilities, but it turned out I am something else altogether. Instead I am a Skylon, and they are beings with powers that can only be activated with vampire, and Werewolf blood. It all started when four new guys showed up at our school leading me into an investigation that made me realize my full potential, and ended with me finding the loves of my life.
My problems with certain people went away. I am still figuring out Jason. I love Jason so much since we met. Everything we have been through brought us closer. It made me a better person also. I did not regret killing Vanta Sandy. I should though. I should feel like shit for taking his life. I don’t because if you have been through what I did with him, and as for Terry yes we made up. She did betray the leader, and joined the other side. Things should get interesting though. I have not seen the sorcerer yet. There could be a chance that we might meet him soon. I do not think he is happy about us killing his assassin, but I have been working on my powers more. If he wants a fight, he had better bring it on. I am ready for it. Go on sorcerer give me your best shot….

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