5-10 of Blood Fire and Moon Watch

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Chapter 5:


I  saw Crystal in the hallway,  and met her at the bus loop. An idea popped into my head, “Hey Crystal those four new guys at Solarcosmo transferred in at the last year. Why? Why now?  I was thinking about breaking into the main office and copying their school records.I know you have not done this before, so if you do not want to do this I understand.”

“I know what you are thinking,” She smiled at me, “the answer is yes. I do not mind breaking in, and finding out information about the four guys.”

Yes, plan on! I was thinking ahead  so I said, “Meet at my house.”

After that we got on the yellow bus to go home.   The bus ride gave me time to think. I remember the layout of the school pretty decent, so I am not going to get lost at all. I had a feeling that  one day I would need to know how to break into things what good is having abilities if you’re not going to use them anyway. I had no idea that this would be the time to do it, and I figured out how to lock pick from a friend. I had a bad streak then, but I knew that would come in handy. Getting past the locks is easy enough. It would be the cameras and there could be a chance I could get caught. It sounds fun to try it without getting caught. It can be done luckily I do not want her to break in to change our grades. All we are going to do is get four files on the new guys, and photo copy them. I am going to make sure to put them back. The bus stopped jarring me out of my thoughts. We went to my house, and sat in my room to discuss the plans.

We had to plan ahead because it could be dangerous. Actually it seemed pretty easy not hard at all. Just one lousy security guards and some cameras pretty easy peasy. After planning everything we could think of we walked to the school. Time for the break in.

It was night by the time we got to the empty school. Solorcosmo looked like a tomb with no students or teachers running around. It now looked like it was abandoned, but I know better.  It has been closed since 5 the last of the teachers left for home an hour ago. No guards were there watching the cameras. All we had to do was cut of the cameras which was not a problem. Crystal said she could take over the cameras. My job is to just copy the files in the main office then get out of there. The school did not have any alarms, so we did not have to worry about that. We dressed in all black for the purpose of not being able to be seen. The school had nicely cut yards, and pretty flowers which seemed not right with what we are supposed to do. We went to the back of the building, and picked up a key they kept hidden from students. Crystal hacked into the system with a program to get all the codes. She found a code that unlocked where to get a master key to the school.

We went inside the halls until we saw the office. After opening the door I saw the security room holding the cameras. Crystal went in to turn them off. Luckily there were no cameras where we went though.

I powered up the main desktop, and searched for the files that had the list of the admissions of the students. I logged on with the password crystal gave me. I knew it was them when I saw their pictures Oliver,Tolfin, Tony and Jason. Once I was in I copied all four files to the jump drive listing their addresses and schedules for class, and it also has the records of the schools they have attended all the way until now. Copying was nothing though it was when I was done that the guards came walking. I heard a tapping of shoes, and that is when I saw the guards. I quickly run to find Crystal happy I wore shoes that are quiet instead of loud. Oh Shit! Three of them were there patrolling the halls. Crystal went to one side of the hall. I went on the other.

Crystal and I are trying to head them off there were two of them, and the other left to go check out the back. “Who is there? Where did the intruders go? I think I am going to have a good feast, and so are you if we find them.” Guard one said to Guard two. Crystal hid in the closet with me after seeing the guards, so the guards will not find us. There was a hole in the door, so I was able to look through. I could not see their faces only their silhouettes. “Where did they go?” one asked. “I have no idea. I get one side and you get the other side of the school.”

The guards split up one went down one side and one on the other. I sighed when the coast was clear, and the idiots left to find someone else to bust. Luckily we were right in front of a window that leads to Crystal’s car and better then going out the front I give it a tug. Locked! It is not an issue for someone with powers like myself. I focused on the lock which turned to the right. The window was unlocked all I did was levitate crystal through telling her it was a magic trick I have learned online, and then  I float myself out the window, and land on the ground gently not hurting myself or breaking a nail. Crystal took my hand, and we ran as fast as we could to Crystal’s car. Finally out of danger Crystal drove me to her house. I was happy we were not detected at all, and no one was hurt. After we did our jobs we got out as quietly as when we got in, and we successfully evaded the guards.

Crystal and I made it safely to her room. We turned on crystals computer which was a black Stryker made especially for hackers like her. I put the usb drive into the slot, and it was time to find out information on Tony, Jason, and the two mystery boys.

She clicks on the hot guys file the first one who is Tolfin’s friend his name is Oliver Scott. Only 18 years old got kicked out of Valley Fall honors? And I find that really odd an honor roll dork like him would transfer to a place like here. The transcript said the reason was because Sarah Wiley a local student also going there said he stalked her for days, and tried to harm her. Nice, the basterd. Stuff about Jason Sullivan is different story no known date of birth dropped out of high school his last year. I could understand why he wants to go now. I did ignore the fact that he got in some fights at school. It was over petty stuff though. I got my information about both boys that is all I need now.

I have their addresses to so I could do snooping if I wanted to. I will go by myself he lives at 1462 Deer Wolf Street. The old Scott manor. Said to be owned by the infamous James Scott died in the late 18th century. Supposedly killed because they thought he was a werewolf. Wow..He does have a certain wolfness.

Jason Sullivan 1897 Blood fire Court. Another questionable place because that is not a house here yet again a mansion. Each of them on other sides of the county. The mansions abandoned by society because of its strange and medieval past.

Regardless of which of them is first I have to sneak in and find out why. I am going to their houses to find out answers as to why now all of a sudden. I want to search his house to find out why and see if I can dig up anything else. As for Jason his record left out things like where he went to school in the past besides his high school. Also I have a weird feeling that something is not right with him. What will happen? Crystal and I talked we both are going to sneak into the boys houses tomorrow or the next day. She is checking out Tony and Tolfin’s house I get Oliver and Jason’s which is crazy really. I lost my mind I still want to look though. No harm in doing that I have my powers if trouble happens. Crystal left and that is when I decided to do research.

The old James Scott mansion was first. I got on my laptop to look up anything I could find about it.

The mansion built in the 1700s belonged to Riley Scott the first of the werewolf clan to live there. They built it to keep away the wolves or so it said. The woods near the area were attacking the locals so they built a 20 foot fence around the area to keep them out. Joy I have to climb a fence.

Okay that was informative I wonder what house Jason lives in. Blood Fire Court house number 1897 built in the 1800s owner unknown. House is said to have supernatural occurrences there. Many claim to hear noises at night.

Two mansions with supernatural dealings just my cup of tea. So, I have to investigate maybe I can find something useful the houses are going to be difficult to get into. The one with the fence, and I have to bring a hammer or saw to get through it said fence it might mean metal pliers.

I went to bed at 10:00 to get ready for school the next day.

Chapter 6


I heard a cell ring realized it was my leaders who answered it.  I could not pay attention to who he is talking to just that he got frustrated. He hung up, “We have a problem.” He continued in a serious tone, “Someone went to the school to break in. Funny thing is they broke into the main office. Not before my guards caught them on film though. One of them literally froze and malfunctioned the cameras. They stole your files and the two vamps. Not males though females. We are going to my house to bring the tapes. I put guards at the school on you and the vamps to make sure if any situation arises the problem would be taken care of.” Fuck I think I know who would do that. “Does that mean they have our addressed now?” I asked. He nodded, “Exactly lets get in the car and go.” We got in and headed off. Tofin had been quiet the entire time. I wonder why. Was he thinking the same thing I was? Anticipation ran through me. She was smarter then I thought. Another thought struck me.

“Sir have the vampires been warned?”

“I am informing them as we speak. We have no idea if these girls are humans or vamp or were they could be working for the enemy.” I actually should be fighting this. I do not want this at all. No, No, No! I can’t believe it. I promised not to get involved with a human girl again. No! I guess I am screwed.

We went to the house the leader lived in Synan Square Manor. It was one of the richest houses on the street. The leader was a thief in the late 19th century. He robbed banks, jewelry stores, and he even took precious heirlooms from museums. He kept the money he sold from everything and built his house from the ground up. The outside was painted red a very dark blood red. The inside was all black from the walls to every piece of furniture inside except for some silver colored appliances.

We parked the car unlocked our seatbelts and got out. After opening the door and going inside we went to the living room with leather couches it has a lacquer table in the middle and a fireplace. It was very plush and elegant the way the leader likes it. We sat on the black couch in front of the big screen, and watch the tape. One of his werewolf guards opens the DVD player to put the DVD in and then hits the play button. “This is the office they broke into including the main office and the security area.” The screen turns blue and the movie plays. It shows the security and the offices. The movie gets boring until a familiar blonde and blue haired girl arrives. Yep, that is the girl’s friend the girl sits down and starts typing on the console. She gives a look of frustration after several minutes. Then puts up her hand, and literally freezes the cameras in ice. Wow…… She turns her head realizes she missed one and it gets burned up. Double Damn! It turns to the office where a familiar brown and red haired girl is. A girl I know all too well. The one that drives my instincts crazy to protect. She takes a few files and photo copies them puts them back. She looked at the camera, and it blows up. My eyes widen. The screen goes black then turns to white noise signaling the end. The leader was silent. Tolfin eyes wide as he realized what happened. I think we found the evidence we need. They are the lons we are trying to find. I am crushing on a supernatural creature? At least that is what I think. Volderius speaks, “You guys are in the same classes with these girls right?” We both nod, “Track them down and bring them to me.” We agree then head back to the Scott mansion. On the way there I have all these thoughts going through my head. What is she doing checking on us? Does she like Jason? Do I have a chance with her? And a whole lot of others. I wonder if she even knows what she is.

I get there Tolfin already in the driveway goes in. I get out unbuckle and go in myself. Tolfin lies down on the couch. “So here is the goal: I get the blonde and you get the brunette.” I nod in agreement we had our marks now it was only a matter of about where to get them first. Follow or waiting.

Chapter 7:


I thought I was asleep, but I woke up.  I got dressed and went to the bus stop. Crystal came over immediately.  She found out stuff that I did about Tolfin and Tony’s house. Tony lives with Jason in the same house. I guess that means they are roomies the same as Tolfin and Oliver which means we both know the same story. I guess we are going together, and we have to get past the fence.

The bus came I did not see any sign of my ex and his slut of a girlfriend. We got on the bus to go to the torture chamber again.  I can’t wait until graduation. I will not have to deal with those jerks again.

The day went by faster than I could blink. Before I knew it school was over, and I was going home which means time to break in Oliver’s house.

We found a way in through the fence. It was a hole big enough for me and crystal to fit through. I took note of the mansion painted black and red a pretty sight also.

I tip toed on the lawn to the door. I got the lock pick and was trying to get the damn thing unlocked. It did but not because of me the person we were trying to spy on was standing in front of us. And the other guy popped out behind us trapping us I looked so shocked I blacked out.

Chapter 8:


The girl who we were looking for interrupted my tv show. I heard them trying to break in the front door of all places. Tolfin did to so he snuck in the back. I opened the door the brunette faints.

I pick her up and put her on a couch. The blonde crystal follows. “ I am oliver and that blonde guy is Tolfin. How did you guys get past the gate.” I ask I sit on a chair and beckon her to sit down. She sits and replies, “Through a hole in a fence. I only followed you guys so my friend or   Guarded one stays out of trouble.” The door opens I look to see who it is. Tolfin with the crystal glowing a red.

“Yep its them now we need to notify the leader.” He replies in a matter of fact voice.

“Why are you telling that guy? I thought you were going to the police because we trespassed isn’t that against the law?” I laugh so does Tolfin.

“No, we need your help not to mention a crazed werewolf hunter is after us.”

She laughs, “Yeah right those do not exist. They are made up fairy tales.”  I laugh again. Tolfin said, “No, you know they exist you’re a Waterlon for fucks sake. I thought we never would find you. Here you are in the wolfs den.” Tolfin goes up to her, and a look passes between them. She glares then says, “Fine asshole what do you want to know?” Then he begins asking  questions and she is replying back like:

“Does she know she is a skylon?”

“No not a clue her parents thought it safer if she does not know who she is.”

“When are you going to tell her?”

“When she is ready.”

“How long have you know about us?”

“Since I first saw you.”

“You realize supernatural creatures might want to hurt her?”

“Yeah I was hoping not. I guess it is inevitable now. I have to tell her.”


I faint and hear all what is going on. I somehow manage to leave my body. I am hearing all of crystals and tolfins conversation disbelief radiating through me. How could she  know and not tell me what I am? I think back to the conversation. The answers she says make sense. I guess I do not need to tell her about my gifts anymore. She knew everything all along. And she did not tell me which hurt the most. Oliver and Tolfin are werewolves, and Jason and tony are vampires. I guess that makes sense. However they are in sunlight.  I thought they were supposed to burst in sunlight.

I was hurt though when I heard what she said. A sick feeling in my gut. Just when exactly was she going to tell me? I thought about my body then I was immediately whooshed into it. It felt as if a vacuum grabbed me and stuffed me back in.

I gasped and opened my eyes. I was in my body alright. A glare was pointed at Crystal who gave a hurt look.

“I heard everything you said when were you going to tell me?”

“I was going to tell you when you were ready.”

I yelled. “When I want an answer now you betraying bitch. Just when. Answer me.”

Oliver put up his hands and spoke in a calm voice. “Calm down and stop screaming. I am guessing she could not tell you because she was sworn not to.”

I was holding my fury back but calmed down when I realized it was not her fault. If she was sworn into it, then it was not her fault. My heart which was racing with fury calmed down as well.

I turned to Oliver, “Why did you glare at me?”

“I think it is ok to tell you now. The reason is because I do not want to get involved with humans. Since you are not normal I guess that is okay with me since I need your help.”

“ I can move objects and go out of my body.”

“Skylons are supposed to have more powers. There is a ritual done between a Guardian or Waterlon and a Skylon that gives you guys a strong bond. It even helps skylons come into their power.”

“I guess we should do the ritual then.”

Crystal nodded. “I was given a book at the age of 16 to give to you with the ritual of coming into your power.”

I was taking this all in, and I got tired of standing so I sat in one of Olivers comfy leather black couches.

I was not shocked about vampires and werewolves existing though. I honestly knew there was some explanation for my powers, but I thought my parents might be normal and not weird.

My parents are still out there somewhere. One day I will try to find them. That is another story one that involves me not being in high school.

Enough of that thought I am just trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened. So much has happened in the past few days that make me want to sleep.

“When are we doing the ritual?” I asked.

“Well, when do you want to do it?”

“I do not know the day, but is it necessary now?”

“No it is not and we do not have to worry about it right now.” Oliver insisted. Why am I noticing how cute his hair curls sitting there. Why?  He is a fucking werewolf. Mayb he turns into a wolf? I shook from my thoughts because Tolfin came in the room.

“The vampires have been notified, and they are here now. Shall I let them in?”

Oliver nods. Crystal sitting there on the couch says, “I will come with you.” And follows him. Which makes me think great she left me alone with him. The sexy hot guy that makes me want to melt into a puddle right before his eyes.

“So are you a wolf or can you turn into one? How does that work?”

“I am one. I change into one whenever the moons have some effect on us. Like during full moons we are more active. A light lights up from inside of us and the wolf pops out. It is not painful or hurting us at all. It feels good like..” he gazes out the window trying to explain. He smiles, “Like being able to stretch your legs after spending the day in bed. Like a burden has been lifted off you.”

“And silver does that hurt you?”

“ It does not just hurt me it burns. Think of having a scalding hot poker on your skin.”

I am having fun asking him questions. Talking to him about things. It is more like finding out about werewolves, and wanting to know things about him.

“What makes you different from a normal human?”

“Enhanced senses like touch, taste, smell, sight. Hearing things from 10 yards away.”

Sweet that must be fun to have as a child. A thought just struck me.

“So did someone turn you into one or were you born one?”

“Born one.”

Hmmm… Interesting

“I hope I am not interrupting anything important.”

Oh goody the vampires are here.

Chapter 9:


That talk was going well until that asshole interrupted. I had my doubts about getting involved with her. Yes, I fought it very hard.

I fought the urge to be with her because I thought it would end in disaster. Once I heard she was not exactly normal my attitude changed.

Until jackass interrupted I was considering kissing her. Serena instead answered saving me from making a smartass remark

“Yeah actually you were interrupting me or us. I wanted to know about his kind. I was curious..” He smiled at her.

“I suppose it is my turn to answer your questions. I will save you the trouble, and just tell you a little about my kind.” I got kind of mad when he sat down next to her, and kissed her hand. It made me feel very jealous inside that I did not think of it first. I just tried to play it off like it was no big deal. Jason then proceeded to tell her what I already know. “I am guessing you already know I am a vampire. That is confirmed when Tolfin told the leader you were here. You know who you are now. I am guessing no one told you that skylons smell very good to vampires and weres.” She shook her head, “No one told me that I guess I am in the dark about what I am.”  He thought for a moment. I felt like telling him do not hurt yourself thinking too hard. I held back mainly because it would seem like I am acting like a jealous jerk.

I was trying to take it easily honestly. I also have to deal with Vanta Sandy. He sort of went on the back burner when we were first searching for the two girls.

Tolfin is still with Crystal and Tony is with them. The vampires and Tolfin and I have agreed that the two girls have to have one vampire and one were with them at all times. They are too valuable for us to loose because of our carelessness.

We need their help. Jason said, “ I was wondering who was supposed to tell you originally. I am guessing it was crystal. You realize you are a myth to us. We thought you guys were a made up legend. It will be very interesting to see what else happens.” She was silent no doubt taking his questions to heart. I wonder if she would be afraid or not.

These thoughts kept going through my head I kind of wish they would shut up. Too bad I can’t get her away from all this.


I heard what he was saying. It was hard for me to take it all in. I am a supernatural creatures version of an addicting drug like crack or cocaine? Wow…..Interesting Crystal should have told me this. I think she was waiting for the right time.

I was curious about vampires though. The oliver werewolf questions were very informative. I am going to learn more about their culture though.

So I asked Jason, “Do vampires drink blood?” He nodded and replied, “Yes, they do need it. They crave it like a meth addict. Their bite is orgasmic when they feed on another. They do not kill people or hurt them at all. They have fast reflexes and are super strong. They have a strong sense of smell and blood tastes different which depends upon the human.”  He continued. “Let me go down the list. Only really old vampires sleep in coffins. Yes, we can drink animal blood, but only when we do we turn into the animal we drink from. We can stay in the sunlight until we are 1,000 years old. We can’t have garlic myth. That we can’t walk over running water myth that you can’t see our reflection myth.”

“I guess Hollywood made up that stuff like they usually do.”

“Yep, fire and stake through the heart will kill us.”

“So some of them make sense?”

“Yep, I once read on the internet all the stuff out there it is pretty funny to say the least. A lot of it is total bullshit.”

“I have read stuff on werewolves as well. The silver they got right, but a lot of them want to make me laugh my ass off.”

I laughed with them I do research as well, and some of the stuff they come up with is really funny.

“Anything else I need to know about vampires?”

“ Well, if a vampire wants to he can form a blood bond. This is how it works: A vampire gives a human his blood then the vampire gets the humans. After that happened the vampire and human knows how the other is feeling. So, I have never done it. I heard from others that makes things interesting.” I turn to Oliver, “What about you?”

He smiles, “there are rituals that an alpha can do to bind a human to a member of the pack. There is also a ritual to bind two people together..”

Hmm…Cool.. I wondered what was taking Crystal so long. Not that I did not enjoy their company, but I wanted to know what was going on.

Chapter 10


Luckily Crystal, Tolfin, and Tony came in. Crystal sat by me and tony followed by Tolfin sat on another chair. Tolfin spoke, “The leaders both spoke to each other. They need to have you guys help us out. They fear you both. You guys could end our lives easily. I know you will not hurt us. We need to do the ritual tomorrow. The pack sorcerer will get everything you guys need for it.” I looked at Crystal, “Can I see the book?” She nods, “I have it here with me that is why it took so long.”

She takes out a mini book out with the words Skylon and Waterlon handbook. It was red and black with jewels on the cover. It looked to be a whole bunch of years old. I take it from her and open it. It has all kinds of goodies in it the history of my kind and job descriptions. It has the powers I might possess all kind of goodies and rituals.

I flipped to the ritual which called for a vampire and werewolves help. One for each of us. We had to have one on one side and one on the other.

It ends with a binding of all the group. This could be temporary or permanent it depends on the Waterlon or Skylon.

Great another situation that looks unavoidable. Another bad thing is powers can be transferred as well. It also says that since I am bound to a vampire and a werewolf I get some of their abilities as well. It even requires their blood. EWW!

“Crystal you do realize the consequences of this ritual right?”

“I am fully aware of what it does. We don’t have a choice though. I kinda forgot to tell you about another threat,” she pauses dramatically, “A sorcerer is on the loose.”

“A sorcerer when were you going to tell me that?” I squeak.

“When something like this has happened.”

Great. You see kids I have a whole lot of fun stuff to deal with.

So much for this being a normal senior year. I am only 17, and I have to deal with a psycho ex boyfriend and a clique of rich bitches. Also a werewolf hunter and a sorcerer.

“I might as well order a tombstone for my birthday. Here lies Serena who died because of too much stuff to deal with.”

I get up and go outside to scream as loud as I can.  I scream about my not normal life. I scream about the situations, and about the fact that I can’t escape tying myself to a vampire and a werewolf. For the first time I wish I had a normal life and a normal family, but I know that is not going to  happen.

I go back into the room determined to see things through. I have decided to make the best of things no matter what. If I was going to be tied to anyone I would want it to be Jason and Oliver. Things might not be too bad once things are done.

I moved a tissue box and lifted it up. Noticing there was nothing underneath it. Everyone looking at me with wide and amazed eyes except for Crystal. I double dog dare Vanta Sandy to mess with me now. I will give him a fight if he messes with anyone I know.


I never realized how amazing it was to see her use her gifts. What will it be like to see her use her other ones? I wonder. Then crystal gets up and demonstrates hers she creates a water ball then turns it to ice. She burns it in flames and makes electricity come out of her hands.

“I can’t turn into my true form until you come into your power Serena.”

That is an interesting tidbit I did not know. Crystal then explained the ritual we had to do to get Serena into her powers. After she was done explaining I was in shock. The ritual made it so that the three of us can share powers. In turn Serena could get werewolf and vampire abilities. Interesting I guess I would have to be her mentor on the werewolf side of things. She turned to me and said, “I am scared Oliver would you help me with the wolf things?”

“Yes I just wonder what it would be like for you.”

“The change is different with every werewolf and there are many different colors and breeds to go along with it.”

“And different powers too?”

I nod, “It is very cool once you get used to it.”

I was being honest with her. I think people are missing out on not being able to be anything other then human.

So, we are all here, and we have united to take out Vanta Sandy first.

I am tired it is now 11:00pm. Since she tried to sneak here I had better take her home. Crystal borrowed her mom’s car so she left. Leaving me alone to take Serena home.


I am sitting in the car with Oliver at the wheel. Silence resounded. I wondered why. I can’t wait to go home though. I snuck in Oliver’s house to find information about him, but I was caught like a trespasser trying to sneak in quietly.

I found out more then I bargained for like who I am, and who Crystal is. I know a whole lot about vampires and werewolves now.

“How do you find your mate? I heard wolves try to find a mate sometime in their lives what is that about?”

I asked curious about the answer.

He sighed, “Werewolves know about it the first time they see that person. There is a connection between the two like a love at first sight thing.”

Then he ended the subject and got quiet again. He acted like he did not want to talk about it again. He was quiet the rest of the way there. He dropped me off said bye and that was that. Nothing else. I still wondered about what happened to him to make him like that.  I think there is more to him than meets the eye. I do not think it is any of my business though. I shower and get dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank. I got into bed, and was trying to fall asleep.

I stopped when I heard a knock at the window. I went over and opened it only to find it was Jason there.

“Hey what brings you here?”

“Oh I thought I would drop by, and get to know you a little bit without the stupid dog watching.”

“Vampires and werewolves do not get along I guess.”

“No we hate each other. I came to give you information as well about werewolves. Did you know they use humans as play things? I saw those bitch trio girls, and thought I would give you a heads up.”

I was shocked again. My sworn enemy and her two evil cohorts are werewolves playthings?

I laugh, “Serves those bitches right.”

He laughed, “Yeah, they are kind of slutty they threw themselves at me like a couple of junkies desperate for a fix.”

His Italian accent making me as giddy as a school girl. I love a guy with an accent like that.

“Where are you from?”

“Italy, a town called Belatzi. Where she who made me lives. I moved to the US of A to get away from the psycho of a maker. It worked thank god. I ran because I caught her in bed with another male vampire.” Oh talk about serious trust issues. I wanted to get to sleep so I just said, “Could I get to sleep now? Too much has happened I need to get rest for tomorrow.” He nodded, and I got under the covers. I was anxious to get to sleep finally. My eyes closed and I entered Dreamland everything else forgotten.

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