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I’ve had this idea for a while now, and I have also asked other writers if they have had any experience with it too. They have and I plan on publishing a few of my novels on my blog. I think it would be a fun thing to do since the story can work like that. I have already decided that the stories I’m going to use are :#Furandfangoflove and #NightwatchSupernaturalStore. I will label which one is which, and try to publish them once a week labeling which part or chapter it is. I hope it will draw new readers, and that it will be a successful series. If I like it I may write more novels this way. A lot of writers are doing this, and experimenting with it so I figured why not. It seems like a fun thing to try anyway. It will help me keep to writing more too. It’s been a wild ride writing novels too. I think these projects will be fun to use to experiment with blogging a book. One of the stories has a lot of possibilities to it. The other is something that I hope people will tune into every week so they can see what will happen to the characters. I enjoy writing, and I write for the entertainment factor versus the money. It will introduce different characters story lines from the Luxor realm. It will make the world of Luxor more full, and it will be just like ours. I hope you enjoy the story just like I will enjoy writing it and working on it a little at a time.

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