MRE Review Monday Menu 20 Spaghetti with Beef and Sauce:

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For this review this week I’m just going to type it up instead of film it. I’ve just been tired lately since I have a lot going on. I’m waiting on something important today, and I hope it works out. I will film next weeks though, and it takes getting used to. I also plan on making videos on my favorite books, and reviewing them.

And here is the review…
Ripping into the hard plastic bag is so tough you almost need a knife for it. Reelable seal my ass more like hard to get into struggle like hell seal. That’s actually the hardest part, and eating it is the easy one. Then you get to the plastic, and it’s easy from there. You have a multigrain snack bread, Hot beverage bag, flameless ration heater, Wild Berry skittles, spoon, cranberries, cheese spread, orange flavored juice, pepper sauce, pretzel sticks, the entree spaghetti with beef and sauce, creamer, coffee, salt, sugar, gum, moist towelette, matches, and toilet paper.

While I heated up the entree I tried the snacks in the meantime. The pretzel sticks taste like they came straight from the factory, and I loved the taste. Once the entree finished cooking it looked like a real spaghetti dish, and just add seasonings and it tasted like a real one too. You don’t even need the pepper sauce either. The meat is tender just like the noodles. The skittles in the pack taste good too like you just bought them at the store. The cranberries tasted fresh too like they just came out of the factory. I didn’t care for the multigrain snack bread since it had a gritty texture, but it might taste better with the cheese spread. It’s a good meal for a soldier in the field since you have a lot of snacks to choose from.

Until the next MRE,

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