The Reasons Why I want to Write Full-time:

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This idea came to me a few minutes ago after I thought about my goals with writing. I want to make this a life long career because I have so many projects in store that I want to get them all out. I love time off because it’s usually when my brain is active the most.
These are the reasons why I want to write full-time:
1. I don’t have to wear normal clothes. It’s not like the office where I will have to dress up, and I can wear pajama pants if I want to.
2. I don’t want a normal 9-5 job. I love sleeping in so I want a job that allows me to do it whatever time I want it to be done. I don’t like the going out in traffic either since I hate driving because of all the dumbasses on the road. It’s like stay in the left lane if your fast, and the right lane is slow too. The commute just sucks. Not to mention you have to go in the rain, snow, fiery pits of hell when it’s warm outside. You have to dress for the weather too, and it requires a bra.
I love the fact that I have enough work to keep busy. It’s a 60-80 hour work week max, and I love that cause I never run out of stuff to do. I work retail so it gets boring on the weekdays especially if I don’t have freight.
3. Short of going to reader events and book signings you really don’t have to interact with the general public as much. Seriously, I love a job where you can do it at the desk, and yes there are the negative reviews which is an interaction but it’s online. You don’t have to deal with people in a certain way like selling them things unless it’s at a book store. The people giving you book reviews you don’t have to see them in person unless they come to an event. The majority of the time you are alone. The only people you really have to talk to are the beta readers, editors, illustrators and publishers that’s it. Not anyone else, and the interactions with readers happen online mostly.
4. You can take your work anywhere. It’s a good thing especially when you need to go on a long trip and edits are due. You can print them off, and put them in on the go. It’s handy too and you always want to have a pen and paper with you at all times too. You don’t have to go to the same place day after day. You can do it in a library one day, or a coffee shop in the other. You don’t have to worry about changing your location since you can do it anywhere even when you move.
It will allow you to get more done if you write full time versus part time.
5.It’s not a set schedule so as long as you make the daily word count goals it will be fine. You can write sitting on a bed or sitting at a desk. It allows you to do different things, and you can take a vacation from it too at times. It gives you freedom, and yes there are no sick days but you can get some pages done on those days.
You don’t have to deal with co workers that get on your nerves, and it means you don’t have to rely on them either. It’s all up to you to get the work done. You don’t have to deal with the extra shit in between like a coworker backstabbing you and going to your boss about something you said even if it was a joke.
6. You don’t have to worry about getting fired over the dumbest shit ever, and it’s means you don’t have to deal with crowds or idiots wanting something you have no control over. You don’t have to worry about customers telling corporate on you like they do in retail. I hate it when they want to tell on us, and it’s not our fault. We don’t control what they do and they think we can.
For me there are more pros then cons to writing full time, and it’s going to be awesome when I do it full-time. I’ve already decided I’ll write Monday-Friday, and have off the weekends and holidays. If I’m on a deadline then I’ll write way more even working through the weekend. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do though, and it’s a goal I will achieve.

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