MRE Review Monday Menu 16 Pork Rib

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This time I did a review on Menu 16 Pork Rib for my MRE review Mondays. And it has:Pork Rib, Potato cheddar soup, Ranger bar
Cheese spread, Wheat snack bread (2),Reese’s Pieces candies,Orange flavored carbo drink,BBQ Sauce, Lemon Tea, Salt, Chewing Gum, Toilet Tissue, Towelette, Spoon,Flameless ration heater, Hot beverage bag. After heating it up and trying the soup it tasted pretty good like it came out of a can. The actual entree pork rib when I added barbecue sauce tasted like a tv dinner one. It wasn’t too bad. I loved the caramel apple bar since it tasted good. The wheat snack bread isn’t bad too since it doesn’t taste bad when you add something to it never eat it plain. Overall it was a good MRE. Good for something when it’s a cold day, and you want something hot to eat. That’s it for today. And I did a video review of it too and here is the link:

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Update: Some of the updated versions have cool mints with caffeine, tortillas, beef snack, apple jelly, and peanut butter instead of the other items.

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