Novel Writing is a long process…

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I’ve heard it so many times after someone finds out that I write that they can write a book too. They say they have ideas, but very few actually finish writing them out on paper. I’m one of the few that can actually finish one, and it’s a long process.It all starts off with an idea. An idea so good that it has your entire attention. One that makes the characters scream at you to write it. Next comes the character creation, and taking notes about the characters in your story.Then the actual story planning will take place, and planning where the story will go and take shape. The real magic of writing a novel is the actual process since you might end up chucking the outline and just writing. You never know what will happen during the process. That’s also the hard part since doubts and fears begin to creep in. Some spend a day just getting a sentences right others can zip through it no problem. Chapter upon chapter is written on a good day, and on a bad day just a sentence or maybe none. If that happens then just do a writing exercise or two and plan more out. Then once you are done with the story the time comes to revise it and cut down sentences. Then you give it to a beta reader once you edit it a few times. Revise a few more times depending on their suggestions, and then an editor once it’s almost ready to be published. Then get the cover to put on and it’s done. After that comes the drink since you had the guts to put your work out there. That’s how a novel is written it can be longer or shorter depending on the story and how much work it needs. Then celebrate after the entire process is done since you are crazy enough to write a book and finish it. Most people give up since it’s too hard, they don’t have enough time, or they don’t have the drive to finish. Not you since you’re one of the people crazy enough to finish a master piece from start to finish just like me.

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