Jurassic World Review

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Today, I saw the Jurassic World movie, and I enjoyed it. I’ve seen the movies before, and when I heard it was getting redone I knew I had to see it. I did notice they included a few features in the story that they did not have in the original like the Indominus Rex. I thought it was interesting how they created their own dinosaur, and I loved the role Chris Pratt played as the dinosaur it made it seem like the dinosaurs are more human. It was a good story, and at times I found myself on the edge of my seat hoping certain characters survive. At times I found myself wanting the dinosaurs to eat the bad guys, and I loved the ending too. It is a movie worth seeing again, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for it. I know there will be a sequel since it did so well in theaters. I loved seeing the dinosaurs and what it would be like, and I loved the Gyroscopes added to the story.I loved the role of technology in it too. The story line is good, and it reminds me why I was meant to be a writer. I even loved how some characters changed from bad to good. I loved how the ending involved a last stand, and it was a good movie. It even threw in items from the old Jurassic Park. The ending left me wanting more dinosaurs, and I loved the possibilities that can come of it.

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