MRE Research or Meals Ready to Eat:

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For my writing research it led me to find out as much as I can about the military. When doing research you have to observe take notes and even do what they do. The research led me to research MREs which are military rations they give troops going into battle. It’s hard to get your hands on them unless you use Ebay or know someone in the military. They can last for a while too. This one is menu 6 Beef Roast with Vegetables. They come with an entrée and a side dish this one is called Cherry Blueberry Cobbler with the Beef and Roast Vegetables as the entrée. It comes with a cocoa beverage powder bag. A spoon, wheat snack bread, chocolate chip cookie, hot beverage bag, flameless ration heater (just add water for the reaction), Salt, Splenda, coffee, creamer, moist towlette and toilet paper. And lastly is the chewing gum which is a mild laxative. It even comes with the chocolate peanut spread to put on the wheat cracker. After heating the main course by following the instructions using the heater. I tasted the entrée which is not too bad, but it did taste like it came out of a can. When I added the seasonings it tasted better, and not too bad. The Cherry Blueberry cobbler did not taste that bad either, and even the cat loved the roast and begged for more. The wheat snack bread just tastes like bread and when the spread is added it tastes like a piece of bread with chocolate and peanut butter. Overall not too bad of a meal for being on the field, and definitely nothing fancy. Just one of the fun facts to use in research for my stories.
If you have had an mre tell me about your experiences with them and which ones you’ve tried?
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