Review of Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi

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I got this because I’ve read other books by Mancusi and I love her writing style. I jumped at the chance to pick it up when I found it at a library to buy. It’s about a high school girl named Maddy who writes manga to escape reality. Then she receives a game called Fields of Fantasy for her birthday. She turns into Allora a strong elfin princess and everything she wants to be in the gaming world. It shows how immersive video games can be, and how they can take over and collide with real life. They can be used to escape reality just like books, and drawing manga which allows her to escape the real world and live in a fantasy world. I loved how it included online chatting in the book too. I enjoyed seeing her get lost in the gaming world. The book realistically portrays what it’s like going through a divorce when the relationships between parents don’t work out. It showed the harsh reality of going to a new school and making friends. It shows the struggle of how a bad first day can make a lasting impression and the struggle of fitting in. I love how Maddy calls the gang of bullies Haters since it reminded me of when I went to high school. I like how it turns around for her after she forms her own manga club, and then finds a group of friends with common interest. It showed how a crush not turning out the way she wanted to was the end of the world. It is a young adult book, and the writing is simple which is good for a book like this. I loved the twist and turns the story took. It showed the consequences of bullying . It was a good read and I kept turning the pages to see what happened next. It showed what friendships and relationships are all about since it made me laugh and cry at times when she went through certain experiences in the book. It made the story relatable. I loved the mix of manga and video games in the story. I definitely recommend this to friends since it is a good story to get into. I enjoyed reading it, and it’s definitely a reread for me.

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