Beta Reader Notes/Editor Notes for The Killer Contract Agency:

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After you write a novel there comes the editing phase, and several rough drafts to go before it is polished. I have very good feedback from the people I gave The Killer Contract Agency too. It doesn’t need any major rewrites just grammar issues, and expanding parts of the story to make it longer and more filling. I figured I would write a blog post about this phase to let people see what it is like to work on a novel, novella, or short story. Everything needs to be edited before publication since you want the best possible book out there. There is no such thing as getting it perfect because you are not going to catch everything. As I go through it I check to make sure it makes sense, and to fact check the issues that don’t. I had to change the first scene from tar to mud because it made more sense for it. I have to make the hospital scene more realistic as well.  The ending needs to be longer and I have to fix the switching from past to present issue better. I need to make sure the customer stays a certain form in the story, and make sure Salina’s dad is named Steve through the entire story. I also need to put in more of Carter’s back story since he is a part of the story in a big way. You will definitely see Salina and Carter in Retribution is Mine which is the second Scarlet book. I’m halfway through it too. It might take less time for me to edit The Killer Contract Agency and then after I get the cover I’ll have it republished. I’m also working more since school is over, but I hope to have it republished by the end of summer.

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  1. You’re exactly right about the importance of editing. A lot of writiers who are submitting their work to traditional publishers or preparing to self-publish end up forgoing this step.

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