Syndal Haun co-creator of #GirlsArentFunny Interview

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For Journalism class I had to create a personality profile, and I’m glad I did since I got to interview Syndal Haun. It was a fun piece to write since she co stars with her best friend Caroline Phipps in the comedy series Girls Aren’t Funny.  Here is the end result of the piece:

RICHMOND, Va.(4/15/15) –Syndal Haun, 20 is a  5’6 hazel eyed, blonde and brown haired, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) college sorority girl, but you would never guess she has a web series called Girls Aren’t Funny on Youtube, along with her best friend Caroline Phipps. The whole interview she was relaxed and answered the questions with ease. She is a positive person and is especially strong since she went back to school after her brain injury that happened in September after two severe concussions while part of the VCU club soccer games.

Syndal is a junior studying public relations, and she is a member of the sorority Tri Sigma. Why public relations for a major? She loved to write, and she received validation when she continued taking public relation classes. The comedy show she created on Youtube is called Girls Aren’t Funny and it is a recent show which was created in January inspired by Saturday Night Live Skits. It is comprised of random sketches and random things they create, and things they think VCU student might like. She uses it to, “Take my mind off things.”

In a phone interview her mom Marcy Klar, 43, said when asked about her showing an interest in it before, “that she was more into comedy once her teenage years hit, and that is when she started to show interest.” Her mom couldn’t be more proud of her for putting herself out there for the comedy show, and loved the idea since she is a natural at it. Klar was not sure about her joining a sorority at first, but after meeting the members she was proud because of how supportive they are toward Syndal. Klar was the most proud of her when Syndal pushed herself to go back to VCU after her brain injury and wanted to better herself. Some words Klar used to describe Syndal are, “Independent, funny, charismatic, family oriented, she has a passion to help others, and unselfish.”

Caroline Phipps, 21, one of her best friends is also a member of her sorority and a public relation major at VCU. She also is the co star of Girls Aren’t Funny too. Syndal met Caroline during the fall of 2012 during their freshman year at VCU. They met sometime during their new New Member process in Sigma and joined at the same time. Caroline said in an email interview.   “I remember the first time I really wanted to be her friend was at a party, on her birthday (which is in Sept). We talked in the bathroom about how we were nervous and didn’t know many people. She also did the dance move ‘the worm’ that night and I knew she had to be my best friend.” She works with Syndal and it’s great because, “she is open to any weird and crazy ideas. We have compatible personalities and are respectful of each other. We’ve only had a few creative differences so far.” They worked on a series together because they have a love of comedy and Saturday Night live.

The next step for Girls Aren’t Funny is doing more live shows and gaining more publicity in the future. She plans to stay in Richmond after she graduates college and find a good job in the area.  The last thing she wants to add is, “People need to be more aware of the effects and long term issues that come from a traumatic brain injury.”

Here are the extra questions and answers I never put in the story:

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Read a lot. Reading inspirational stories and positive readings. I enjoy helping people out of bad funks.

Mac or PC?

Mac for sure

Favorite drink?

Berry Propel


Dog named Bella who is a black lab. Adopted a lab and pointer mix named Mosby who is only 7 months old.

Favorite time of day?

Morning time. I like to get up early, get coffee then go to the gym.

Favorite memory?

Kevin and I went to Sunday Park to reconcile, and I saw two shooting stars in a span of ten minutes. I’ve never seen one it was cool. It was a good validation that it was meant to be.

Favorite places to shop?

TJ Max Home Goods, Francescas

If you could have a super power what would it be?

To fly duh. I’ve always wanted to fly.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

People should strive more to obtain internal happiness.

There you have it my first interview for journalism class, and it was fun too. You can find the link to her Youtube Channel here:

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