Unfortunate News….

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I have learned that my ex-fiancée of 4 ½ years died in a head on collision Friday morning. I didn’t find out about that till that night since I was seeing Dale and then going to work. I thought it was a joke at first, but then during break I read a text from a friend: Jason’s dead. Not a joke after all, and I broke down right then and there. I was going to marry him after all. I imagined a future with him but it didn’t work out because of various reasons. It killed me a little because I at least wanted him to marry someone and have children. I wanted him to live the life he wanted even if it was with someone else. I was happy to hear he was going to a Japan mission trip, and I expected it. I didn’t expect this to happen since it was way too young. He was only 27 years old never married and no kids. He had a job, car, and a bright future. It was shocking that he didn’t get to experience life because it was cut so short thanks to a freak accident. It taught me that death has no age. If I was still with him that could have been me too. Jason put himself out there because he believed people should know about the right to open carry which was his calling. I’ll miss him since he was my first love. It was sad, and he will always be a part of my heart. It was a horrible week and I went to the wake it didn’t even look like the guy I fell in love with just a shell…I did love seeing the family again and they embraced me like time had never passed. Moving forward is not easy especially since he won’t be around. It did teach me a few things: Live life to the fullest, go after what you want no matter how hard it is, and the last thing is do what makes you happy even if people don’t agree with it. I can’t wait to go after my goal of writing full time, and it’s something I want to do the rest of my life.

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