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Every story I write came about thanks to something happening to me, and it allows me to come up with ideas really quickly. Following through on it from start to finish is another story altogether, but I will finish it. This story I do need to finish if only for my sanity, and the people who the characters are based off of. If someone has helped me in a major way I will make them a character in one of my stories, and immortalize them forever. I had a long summer getting over my broken engagement, and that is not easy especially when the kept trying to get me to go back to him. I didn’t want that add in friends being involved where they are not supposed to be, and it’s one hell of a mess leaving you in a depressed emotional state.

It also made me realize who is actually there for me. I lost a lot of friends because of it, but I no longer care since if they were there for me and not my ex then they wouldn’t have done the things or said the things they did. It okay thought I don’t need them in my life anyway. I’m perfectly fine now, and I’m no longer depressed because of it and now things are looking up since I’m doing better in school and working.

I watched a lot of reality television too in my spare time, and it hit me that I can make a book where a girl  who is a witch named Midnight competes on a show in Luxor to win the heart of Zephyr an uber hot werewolf alpha or Hyperion the sexy leader of the vampire clan who is in charge of the powerful vampires in the land. It will have technology, and she will have to beat 20 other girls also competing for their love. The winner will help rule the werewolf pack, or the vampire clan. There will be drama and swear words, and fights. It is a fun story that I hope to finish soon. I don’t have dates because I don’t want to pin myself down and then have readers be disappointed in it. The shows I watched are Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, Rock of love all three seasons. Flavor of love and I love New York, For the Love of Ray J, and Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair. All in an effort to get ideas about what to use for the story. I have a rough draft of all 20 girls, and I plan on giving them nicknames. I do have the guys give a vampire fang for Hyperion’s girls and a paw print for Zephyr’s. It will have all kinds of creatures competing for their hearts, and Midnight has to go on the show to get out of a bad marriage too. I enjoy writing it when I can cause like I said I have work and school on top of that. I’ll have more time when break comes along, and I hope people love the story because it is my first standalone paranormal romance set in the same story worlds.

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